Google Pixel XL 32GB Black £309.99 if bought with a £30 sim only 40GB contract 12months = £625.69 @carphone warehouse

Google Pixel XL 32GB Black £309.99 if bought with a £30 sim only 40GB contract 12months = £625.69 @carphone warehouse

Found 4th Oct 2017
If you are after a Google Pixel XL and a contract with lots of data then here it is:

Google Pixel XL 32GB sim free £309.99
12 month 40GB Unlimited Unlimited contract £30 per month
includes Vodafone entertainment for 12 months

QUIDCO sim only contract: -£25
QUIDCO sim free handset-£10
AMEX 3% cashback offer -£9.30

TOTAL for a year: £625.69

Other phone price/contract combinations available.

PS: Order online for delivery or local pick up and you can return it within 14 days if the price drops further after today's Pixel 2 announcement.
No returns if bought in-store
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£90 saving on handset cost if you take a £300+ contract for 12 months? Unless I'm missing something it doesn't seem like a great deal
Not for everyone I understand. I need a massive data contract and try to avoid three.

I was after a large data contract anyway.
Actually bought one yesterday at from vodafone there is a quarterly cashback deal that saves you £99 over the course of 12 months.

Saw this deal today and decided to go for it:

40GB instead of 25GB
no hassle of sending invoices every 3 months too. would be:
phone 399.99
12x16.75 (after cashback) = 201
total: 600.99

For £25.69 over the course of 12 month I don't have to send invoices and have 40GB not 25GB of data.
Also need to pay £90 less today although bigger DD every month.
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Pixel XL 2 was just announced carphone warehouse got that for £799
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According to CPW website this phone is only available in 64 & 128 GB. 64GB is £629 so I can't see where the price of £309.99 is coming from
Additionally if the 32GB version is only sold with the Voda deal then should the posted price not be £625.69 rather than £309.99?
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