Google Play Black Friday vouchers

Google Play Black Friday vouchers

LocalFound 23rd Nov 2017
Check your Google Play account for Black Friday vouchers in the revolving offers. '50% off any movie to own' and '£3 credit on any book over £3' for me (handy for comics that have been reduced because they are on offer at Comixology). Had a root around and also found '25% off any TV season'
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None for me
Got 50% off movie
Thanks, only saw the carousel when I clicked "Get Deal"

The 50% off Movie is valid on a movie purchase under £15. There are also some box sets on offer, and the voucher is valid on any below £15:…I6U

Planet of the Apes Trilogy £4.99
Wonder Woman / BvS £7.50
Pirates of the Caribean 5-film collection £7.50
Hotel Transelvania 1&2 £3.99
Ice Age 1-5 £4.49
Rio 1&2 £1.99
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Thanks OP - had 50% off any Movie to own. Heat added.
mega heat. Apes trilogy for £4.99 BARGAIN!
Thanks. Mine - 50% discount against a movie download.
25% off a tv series for me
Thanks, 50% off a movie
Thanks OP! Got 50% off a movie to own, going to have a good browse to see what interests me
Also 80% off some games, none that took my fancy, heat added for flicks..
None for me grrr
Thanks OP
50% off movie is great, only slight niggle was it doesn't apply to any of their UHD movies, just HD and SD, still can't complain.
Thank you, just ordered a book for £3.09 and used my £3.00 Google Play book credit.
Got all 3 offers,book and tv series
SD only?
gstewart7934 m ago

SD only?

nope mine are full HD
I think it's because they slyly set the pirates of the Carribbean 5 movie box set at £15.99 in HD, so only SD version is 50% off. Who even watches content in SD these days!
Ty op
cheers OP! grabbed a few vouchers.... snagged the planet of the apes trilogy for a fiver as I have been planning on watching those for a while!
Annoyed that they restricted POTC in HD. Dammit!
Thanks. I was planning to rent the new planet of the apes film but just bought the trilogy for roughly the same price.
And also picked up world war hulk for 13p.
how can you tell what resolution they are in?
looking at eg lord of the rings trilogy @9.99 see 'buy hd' so obviously hd of some sort
but if you click the included titles there i no mention of sd/hd that i can see
same with other random films - there doesn't seem to be both sd/hd versions?

edit: seeing as people are going on about pirates...
Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge 'buy hd' for 3.49 'also included in' the 14.99 set which is supposed to be sd?
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Thanks OP- it worked on my normal a/c (highfive), so not just for new accounts, yay
Sophiasky23rd Nov

Thank you, just ordered a book for £3.09 and used my £3.00 Google Play b …Thank you, just ordered a book for £3.09 and used my £3.00 Google Play book credit.

Which book was it?
Cumbrian.Hammer23rd Nov

Got all 3 offers,book and tv series

How did u get tv and film?
lukaes201141 m ago

Which book was it?

Tressa - The 12-Year-Old Mum: My True Story.
Found all in banner of Google play app.

Fyi, the movie discount works for bundles
Ice Age 1 to 5 a good price at £4.49 heat OP
So far,I've had 50% off a Movie to own, a 99p Movie Rental (Rented one listed at £4.49), Books for 99p, 25% of a TV Series and £3 off Books. Bargains!
Cumbrian.Hammer23rd Nov

Got all 3 offers,book and tv series

Check your Account again - there should be an Any Movie Rental for 99p. Got mine this morning.
Cheers. Got Bruce Dickinson's book for £4.
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