Google Play offers on TV box sets: Grey's Anatomy S1-12 £38.99

Google Play offers on TV box sets: Grey's Anatomy S1-12 £38.99

Found 2nd Sep 2017Edited by:"missionary"
All 12 seasons of Grey's Anatomy on Google Play in HD for 38.99

This is part of the offer on full box sets, including

Friends and Vampire Diaries at £46.99 each
Justified and Community at £23.99 each
Tudors at £15.99
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It's less commitment to become a doctor than to watch all 12 seasons.
I enjoyed the first 5 or so but like most series it starts repeating itself down the line.
Was only really good for season 1 and the earlier part of season 2 when it was a more 'kooky' show...around the code black episode it morphed into a high concept primetime show (patient stuck holding a hand grenade inside another patients body while meredith tries to defuse the grenade)

Ive had to watch every episode of every season as my wife loves it...but they have dropped into a pattern of really only having decent episodes in the run up to the mid season hiatus and the season finale. Occasional great episodes along the timeline but a really annoying self absorbed group of characters.
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