Google Whole Home Wi-Fi System, 4GB eMMC Flash Storage, 512MB RAM, Twin Pack £174 @ John Lewis

Google Whole Home Wi-Fi System, 4GB eMMC Flash Storage, 512MB RAM, Twin Pack £174 @ John Lewis

Found 21st Mar
Cracking deal and cheaper than Argos with usual 2 year JL Guarantee

Product information

Google Whole Home Wi-Fi System allows you to enjoy consistent Wi-Fi coverage in your home – on all your devices. It's a home Wi-Fi enhancer that works with your modem and Internet Provider to bring you reliable coverage.

Handily, Google’s Whole Home Wi-Fi router points can connect effortlessly to each other, giving your devices a fast signal as you move throughout your home. Being a scalable solution, you can add as many Google Whole Home Wi-Fi router points as required, to ensure you receive great coverage as you move from room to room.

Key features:

  • Google Whole Home Wi-Fi is a router point that connects to your modem for coverage in your home
  • An easy app on your compatible devices lets you see what's connected to Wi-Fi, pause Wi-Fi and more
  • The Google Whole Home Wi-Fi companion app takes you step-by-step to get you up and running in just a few minutes
  • All communication between devices on your network is encrypted
  • Sophisticated hardware and cloud-based security that automatically updates itself to try and keep you protected
  • Manage your child's screen time by pausing Wi-Fi to their devices during bedtime, dinnertime, or whenever appropriate
  • Prioritise your device for effortless streaming or video calls
  • Google Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with 24/7 support through text or phone
  • One Google Whole Home Wi-Fi point is for homes up to 85 square metres
  • Two Google Whole Home Wi-Fi points are for homes up to 85-170 square metres
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I have this and it has been absolutely flawless. One unit downstairs (plugged into router) and one upstairs providing good coverage in a regular sized detached house. The App is very slick and allows setting family permissions, reports your average speeds, traffic prioritisation and port forwarding. I'm not sure it is the fastest of the Mesh systems, like Ubiquiti or Orb, but it has given rock solid connectivity. Highly recommended if you have flaky wifi.
As you said it is not the fastest of the mesh systems and is now considered 'old' compared to the new orbi

But does the job for most peoples requirements and you probably have to pay an extra £100 for a 'better' one.

Installed these yesterday from the Argos deal (free delivery to local sainsburys, next day having ordered at 8pm). Very happy, was starting to get more and more issues with VM Superhub2ac and regularly rebooting twice to resolve, often either all Wifi or all wired LAN devices would loose connection.

Make sure to stick existing router into Modem only mode to avoid double Nat, which unfortunately means you loose switch ports on VM hub, except one for the Google Wifi primary. Had to buy an extra switch (the 8-port metal Netgear is £15.99 currently on amazon:…PKO
recommend it), so where I had just the Superhub before, I now have 3 devices (Google, VM and Switch), something that may be a problem for some locations so bare that in mind, but no issues for me as all mounted to the rear of highriser bed in kids room.

Very happy, very robust, happy to see they added subnet options, as would have been a nightmare if I has to change my IP addresses on some devices (hardcoded SQL library), one thing still lacking is more advanced options for routing and firewalls, but there are so features I'm not fussed. Parental controls are excellent, pausing devices, guest network with allocated device connection, remotely connecting and seeing usage, including speed testing (handy for support call to VM just now from work!).

I planned on ethernetting the 2nd unit too, however tried placing without as no great place to run the ethernet to and back to the FireTV I had in mind without being on display. Was surpised how well it worked and as the Wifi down that end isn't for high performance, works brilliantly as is.

TLDR - Would recommend thoroughly
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Cracking deal! Thanks! Ordered!
Are these cheaper in US
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