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Google maps free speed camera alerts
Found 9 h, 39 m agoFound 9 h, 39 m ago
I was dropping my daughter of last night in Liverpool I was running google maps on apple CarPlay ,strange thing happened I received verbal notifications of upcoming speed cameras w… Read more
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How do people get on with using their phones as sat-navs? I've tried once or twice, and even with a decent, big phone (Samsung S8+), it's difficult to hear the voice guidance when travelling above about 50mph. I use a Garmin I was given for work, it's a pain to have to keep plugging it in to the laptop to update (it came with free map and speed camera updates for life) so it doesn't get updated as often as it should, but at least I can hear it properly. I did prefer my old TomTom One back in about 2006 though. Picked up the signal more quickly, re-routed more quickly after taking a wrong turn or something...the Garmin seems to take an age to do this.


That's the point of waze. It will send you on the quickest route by default, which just doesn't work so well in the UK. In the USA and Canada, where there's a lot of square blocks, it makes way more sense.


Tried it, plenty of cams don't show around here


Tom Tom speed camera is free app, shows you current speed and fixed camera


I'm sorry but there's no logic in this post. A speed sign provides information on how fast you're permitted to travel on that stretch of road. They are everywhere. If you follow the signs, you aren't breaking the law. I have no objection to Google telling users the speed limit. This system instead specifically warns users when there will be concequences for breaking the speed limit, which is exactly the same as telling users when they can get away with speeding.

London Heathrow to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi with Etihad for £615 FEB-MAR. £517 with China Southern. @ Google Flights
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
The dates in the link are from the 25th of Feb till 6th of March just as an example but prices are similar on other nearby dates. Even cheaper with KLM/China Southern with a stop… Read more

Had a long stopover in abu dhabi, 8 hrs, thought we just pop out just to say we visited, couldn't get back in as onward flight passes were not issued yet, chap at ethihad desk booked us a taxi and hotel with restaurant food foc for the family. Wouldn't say everyone will get the same service or even the same bad service as you had.


You must be kidding! Worst airline?? There's many others more deserving of that title. (ahem....Ryanair....)


IMO the worst airline, I've ever experienced. Neighbouring Airlines like Emirates and Qatar are much better. I may have had a bad flight from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow but haven't given a second chance since.


I do not want to sound harsh but this is not a deal. Only flights sub £500 to OZ would be worth attention - otheriwse it's just standard prices.


Great price, nice airlines.

Google Pay Visa Prizes when you use your Visa card
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
"You’ll have the chance to win a £1, £2, £5, £10, or £50 Google Play credit when you use your Visa with Google Pay in shops. (You can win up to 5 times a day for 30 days once you s… Read more

It was definitely the first time I have installed Google Pay and the first time assigning that Visa card. Strangely it knew about my other Mastercard details, probably remembered that when I used online shopping in Chrome browser. Anyway, might send Google an email....... but thanks again....


yeah I think it has to be your first time adding that card to Google pay


Oh, nothing shows for me. I must not be qualified or have not done something right. Thank you for your reply


Unfortunately im with a little unknown bank called Barclays and its not supported XD


should be on main home page with the visa Google play offer, below that offer it should say check for prizes.

All Boardman cycling clothes half price in Halfords - free c&c / £3.99 del
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Boardman appear to be good quality cycling clothes which my hubby seems to like and all are currently half price in Halfords, starting at £12 for T-shirt to £29.50 for a coat. Thes… Read more
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Thanks OP, Boardman clothing is also available at Cycle republic (part of Halfords) and they offer free delivery over £10 which is what I went for. Might be useful for those that can't collect


Google deals?

Free/or £1.59 for £4 credit on Google Play @ Google One
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
You can claim £4 for free (if purchased Google Storage) or for £1.59. Follow the guides below: If you purchased Google Storage in the past: If you have brought any storage … Read more
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Heat added, worked for me pay £1.59 get £4 for a game i would buy anyway so how can it not be heat haha. Great deal. Thanks OP. 😁


Heat ;)


Worked for me. Free £2.41. Thanks. :/ 8) 😃💷


Thank you very much!!!


Hi Tom, to cancel follow this guide: 1) Go to GooglePlay 2) Click subscriptions 3) Find GoogleOne, and select ‘Cancel’

Free digital skills courses from Google @ Google Digital Garage
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Discover a range of free learning content designed to help grow your business or jump-start your career. You can learn by selecting individual modules, or dive right in and take an… Read more

Looks good, thanks for posting OP


No one made a statue of a critic. Good courses...obviously all pitched at pushing you towards Google products, but no bad thing really since they're basically industry standard for most of the relevant areas.


Thanks OP; this could be useful for me. Heated


Add: learning to spell cources (or spot your typos)

4 lamb grills scanning at £1 Tesco Fareham
LocalLocalFound 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Deleted. Not nice comments.
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Who knows. I was answering a different question though.


i have of course but try not to self inflict things.


So the people who eat these types of foods don't pay taxes? Lol


I take it you have NEVER used the NHS (skeptical)


Used to get something similar when I was a kid in the late 80s early 90s. Think they were called Ross's lamb steak's 6 pack and when you grilled them they used to bloat with oil juices, pierce and the juices ran free. Voted hot, was the closes I got to kebab back in the days as couldn't afford take out much. Stuffed in a pita with salad and a squirt of mayo, vola!

X-Men; The Beginnings Trilogy (3 Movies) Full HD @ GooglePlay Store - £4.99
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
X-Men; The Beginnings Trilogy (3 Movies) Full HD @ GooglePlay Store - £4.99!! Discounted From £15.99!! The Three Movies: X-Men; First Class, X-Men; Days Of Future Past & X-Men… Read more
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I disagree. I watched it in cinema loved it, watched at home and saw a film that wasn’t blinkered by my comic book movie love. The Rogue Cut does make it better but the theatrical release is just ok in my eyes.

Eh? Days of future past is the best xmen movie they've made to date. Tempted to get this as wanted to rewatch Apocalypse but I dont recall first watch being a positive experience.


Already posted and went cold. Good strategy to re-post at a time that maximises the drunken vote.


First Class was good the other two are meh.


Aldi 12 Gins of Christmas - £13.99 in store at Aldi Merton
LocalLocalFound 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Quite a few boxes left of Aldi's Gin Advent Calendar left in store at Aldi, Merton. 13.99 for 12x 50ml premium Gins and a selection of Tonics.

£17.99 in Chertsey - stock left.


£14.99 in ours


Haha 12 gins...


Same price in the Swansea store.. Carmarthen Road..


I think the national price is currently 19.99 on these. Looks like store has added an extra store specific reduction on top of that.

Free Santa games and tracker from Google
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
Google have released lots of Christmassy games and a Santa tracker which will go live on 24th, plus you can track him from google maps location sharing too

Now Santa doesn't have any privacy, just like the rest of us. Thanks Google XD


For those that aren't aware, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense) also do a Santa Tracker each year. You can get to the page here: Thank you, clarkee22, for the heads up. (y)


Good for parents to entertain kids on the build up to christmas. My kids are always going ' can we have our presents now' and i say wait for santa!


Remember that last year (highfive) (y)



The Washington Post 6 months of free access  @ Google Pay (maybe account specific)
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Just received the email from Google Pay for the following promotion. Check your emails before signing up for this to avoid any surpises. Here's a special offer just for using Goo… Read more

Thanks for noticing, I added directions below on how to get it. :)



This is a US offer, to get it: 1. Use VPN and connect to a US server 2. Click the HUKD link Otherwise you will get the international deal page.


Clicking the link I get offered only 4 weeks -:(

FREE Christmas dinners for the lonely and the homeless various locations (Unilad Article)
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Every year, Crisis opens its doors at Christmas to thousands across the country, providing them with companionship, shelter, food and vital services. Reassuringly, this isn’t the o… Read more
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Amazing thanks so much <3 <3 <3


Worth mentioning that Crisis are asking for £28.18 for a homeless person to spend the night and day on one of their shelters with hot food and a shower. Peanuts really considering much we all spend on cr4p this year at Christmas.


Well, don’t turn up with all your mates for starters!




That's so thoughtful of you the world needs more of what you have. Thank you so much I'm sure that it will mean so much to those whose live you touch xx

Speak to Santa @ Google
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Just ask Google Assistant for Santa's Workshop and chat and sing with the big guy yourself. Edit... I didn't add the link Admin did. But if you go on your Google Assistant and sa… Read more

Can’t get this to work anymore anyone else having problems?


Shame the receptionist doesn't speak the Queens English....


Great fun.... kids loved it, heat added


Totally read that as spank (excited) (excited) (excited) spank to Santa (lol) (lol) (lol)


(skeptical) (lol)

Blu Ray  Prof. Brian Cox: A Collection of Wonders (Wonders of the Solar System / Wonders of the Universe / Wonders of Life)
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Over 13 hours of high quality series seems like a great deal

I 've just put a link blocker on it, but it was off. I also have something which blocks certain sites similar to adblock but it wasn't active at the time. I got taken to a 'page' which said The previous page is sending you to If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to the previous page. Neither link did anything (though they may do now (^ ^) )


Have you got an adblocker on FF? i think the adblockers on there have very good 'do not track' features, indeed FF itself has very good do-not-track built in I certainly have no problem with HUKD adding affiliate links, it's a fairly non-invasive way to monetize a site, but as tracking technology across sites becomes more pernicious its certainly something i will look to increasing.


But it doesn't work (at least in Firefox) and anyway all the links you put in hotukdeals are redirected through somewhere whether they are to buys or not (AFAICT)


When you post a link, for example to Amazon, the HUKD site, parses the URL, and rebuilds it so that it contains the referral id for HUKD, that's one of the revenue stream the site has. If the user does not put in an Amazon url, but rather a Google redirect, HUKD does not pick it up as an Amazon deal (see the tag? Google deals) and the link eventually redirects including googles identifiers rather than HUKD's. I mention it as 'interesting' rather than insinuating it was a deliberate attempt to obfuscate a url



£4 Google Play credit for free! Account Specific
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
I just logged in to the newly upgraded Google One account and got a free £4 credit. "To welcome you to Google One, enjoy a £4 credit for movies, games, and more on Google Play.*" … Read more

Heat! Cheers OP!


Excellent, cheers


And again.... And again..... And again.....


As are sky, virgin and mobile phone retention deals yet hukd is full of them


Already posted, but worth mentioning again.

google home mini
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Google home mini instores and online

how do you know about this offer then?


Cannot find anything online about a bogof offer, how do you know this will happen?


And I bought two for £58, three days ago, black friday deal... :( I could return them but just the hassle of sending them back, pay for postage, it's not going to be worth it to save £9. Cracking price, heat.


So if the price is £29, from tomorrow it's "Buy 1.689655172413793, Get 0.3103448275862069 Free". (y)

How much data does Google hold on you? Google Takeout
08/11/2019Expires on 08/11/2019Found 8th Nov 2018Found 8th Nov 2018
Following on from the various threads about Amazon, this prompted me to contact Google for a data download. They offer this as a free service online and you can download all of th… Read more

I'm aware of this whole leftist and rightist thing but what do they both typically mean? Find it odd how opinions can be on 2 ideolligys, like do people in american never agree with the opposition view even if it makes sense?


@Creatishh That is true, i have realised Google often tries to push leftist ideals at us


It doesn’t however understanding the concepts allows me to dive deeper before believing in a subject based on there articles ranked as most relevant by any search engine... by reading articles from both sides is best way for form your own opinion :)


Okay but how does using adblockers prevent that? Maybe you should use bing (y)


I'll give you an example of what happens if nobody cares, google will make more money if X country stays in EU, so when anybody from X country is looking online at finding information google can slide in articles that are for google motives and burry any against.

Free Google Familylink app monitor your kids Android devices. remote lock/location/installed app notifications/screentime
Found 31st Oct 2018Found 31st Oct 2018
Really good free service from google. Link your kids Google accounts then can get notifications when they install apps, see where they are and limit screen time, lock device etc V… Read more
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You are so naive to today’s generation if that’s your thoughts. Technology today grants a mask of anonymity to people who have an interest in children. What that does is takes away any fear they have of repercussions in messaging that child or sending photos. Yes you are correct that your child is more likely to be physically abused by someone known to them, however your child is far more likely to be groomed / blackmailed / coerced over the Internet into doing something you as a parent should be very concerned about.


There isn't a pedo lurking behind every keyboard, but I wouldn't be so naive as to think there are none out there at all.


of course, because there's a pedo lurking behind every keyboard and behind every hedge amIright, how did we who grew up in the internet age ever survive without our neurotic parents tracking us 24/7. now be a good parent and keep your child by your side 24/7, don't let them go off alone now, that pedo behind your gate post may jump out and nab them. in reality they are more likely to be taken or abused by a close friend or family member that you invite and welcome in to your home


Pretty good app. I wrote a blurb about it earlier this week when a neighbour said his daughter was too exhausted to go to school as she'd been on her phone till the early hours... Kids have even less self control than adults so what hope? This is a must. Will post what I wrote (for anyone who is slightly interested) in a separate comment...


The challenges of modern parenthood -- Smartphone Hell I’m not sure how I got to this point, but somehow I did. The place I’m talking about is mobile phone purdah. It didn’t seem like all that big of a deal when, just a few years ago, I gave my oldest, then in Primary 6, his first mobile phone. But then, of course, his 18 months younger sister had to have something too… and so the rot set in! It’s not that the concept of kids having a smartphone is fundamentally wrong. It’s a tool like any other. The problem is, in the hands of a child/teenager, it quickly becomes abundantly apparent that not all kids (I suspect the vast majority) are able to ration their use of such devices. They lack (as do quite a few adults) the ability to reign in their impulses and to take control of their time as they compulsively search out the next dopamine hit from a like, a photo, a funny YouTube clip. That’s because the companies behind social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and so many more, are actively looking to keep their users engaged and staying on their platforms for as long as possible. The longer their users are on these platforms the greater the chances they will view ads, clicks ads and ultimately buy stuff. Perhaps only a tiny fraction of a percentage actually do so, but it’s a numbers game and with sufficient of those you can become a multi-billion dollar corporation. Swap the word ‘engaged’ for ‘addicted’ and I think you have a fairer description of the reality for many parents with kids and their smartphones today. So what are parents to do? Should we ban phones entirely until the day they turn 16? That’s really not an easy answer as such drastic steps may lead to all sorts of peer group issues at school. I can imagine the arguments now if my kids were effectively decoupled from the constant stream of communication between friends and even between teachers and their classes. So how can you teach good habits? Just like we don’t want our kids to overdose on junk food and fizzy drinks, neither do we want them to spend a disproportionate time glued to their devices. But there's no doubt in my mind that these phones have become just as addictive as when Russian scientist Pavlov taught dogs to drool in the expectation of food whenever he rang a bell. The rewards may be very different, the effect is just the same And it does have real-world consequences. On more than one occasion I’ve caught my own kids under the covers in the dead of night, their faces lit up by their glowing screens. Then trying to fight with a fatigued kid about getting to school on time becomes an inevitable consequence. This will not be a novel scenario to parents with kids in our always-connected world we inhabit. We have a generation of children who were born into and grew up with this. These days even small kids seem to intuitively expect that glass panels with pictures on them can be swiped with fingers and seem a bit befuddled if it doesn’t work! In my case, early attempts at controlling my children’s smartphone habit centred around taking their devices away. It did not end well, with constant arguments and endless requests for their return. It was driving me up the wall! A slightly better approach was an app I downloaded to their phones (they both use Xiaomi Mi A1 phones that come with the latest version of Android) called Safe Kids. It was not great but worked for a time. Then it was Screen Time. It was better but my eldest quickly found some way to circumvent more than one of the controls limiting his time on the device. But, for the last month now I’ve started again with the official solution recently released by Google for its Android OS. Called Family Link [ ], it’s two apps -- the parent app on your phone, with the kid’s app on theirs. This then lets you take as much or as little control over how they use their devices. In my case, I have given both kids the same parameters. They can use it for up to 4 hours per day but it is automatically disabled at 8.30pm every school night and does not unlock until 7am. There are much more granular controls but I’ve tried to take as hands-off an approach as possible, other than setting time limits and when it goes off for the night. At its simplest, Family Link has significantly reduced the arguments every night as kids should be getting ready to rest their growing brains & bodies. It hasn't stopped my older kid from constantly harping on about how terrible and deeply unfair this all is and that I ‘should trust him’. I did try that many times and it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll try again in the future when he’s older and possibly a bit wiser... maybe... #smartphone #kids #children #devices #health #wellbeing #teenagers#android #FamilyLink #instagram #youtube #whatsapp #mobiles#SocialMedia #addiction