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How much data does Google hold on you? Google Takeout
08/11/2019Expires on 08/11/2019Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Following on from the various threads about Amazon, this prompted me to contact Google for a data download. They offer this as a free service online and you can download all of th… Read more

I'm aware of this whole leftist and rightist thing but what do they both typically mean? Find it odd how opinions can be on 2 ideolligys, like do people in american never agree with the opposition view even if it makes sense?


@Creatishh That is true, i have realised Google often tries to push leftist ideals at us


It doesn’t however understanding the concepts allows me to dive deeper before believing in a subject based on there articles ranked as most relevant by any search engine... by reading articles from both sides is best way for form your own opinion :)


Okay but how does using adblockers prevent that? Maybe you should use bing (y)


I'll give you an example of what happens if nobody cares, google will make more money if X country stays in EU, so when anybody from X country is looking online at finding information google can slide in articles that are for google motives and burry any against.

Free Google Familylink app monitor your kids Android devices. remote lock/location/installed app notifications/screentime
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
Really good free service from google. Link your kids Google accounts then can get notifications when they install apps, see where they are and limit screen time, lock device etc V… Read more
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You are so naive to today’s generation if that’s your thoughts. Technology today grants a mask of anonymity to people who have an interest in children. What that does is takes away any fear they have of repercussions in messaging that child or sending photos. Yes you are correct that your child is more likely to be physically abused by someone known to them, however your child is far more likely to be groomed / blackmailed / coerced over the Internet into doing something you as a parent should be very concerned about.


There isn't a pedo lurking behind every keyboard, but I wouldn't be so naive as to think there are none out there at all.


of course, because there's a pedo lurking behind every keyboard and behind every hedge amIright, how did we who grew up in the internet age ever survive without our neurotic parents tracking us 24/7. now be a good parent and keep your child by your side 24/7, don't let them go off alone now, that pedo behind your gate post may jump out and nab them. in reality they are more likely to be taken or abused by a close friend or family member that you invite and welcome in to your home


Pretty good app. I wrote a blurb about it earlier this week when a neighbour said his daughter was too exhausted to go to school as she'd been on her phone till the early hours... Kids have even less self control than adults so what hope? This is a must. Will post what I wrote (for anyone who is slightly interested) in a separate comment...


The challenges of modern parenthood -- Smartphone Hell I’m not sure how I got to this point, but somehow I did. The place I’m talking about is mobile phone purdah. It didn’t seem like all that big of a deal when, just a few years ago, I gave my oldest, then in Primary 6, his first mobile phone. But then, of course, his 18 months younger sister had to have something too… and so the rot set in! It’s not that the concept of kids having a smartphone is fundamentally wrong. It’s a tool like any other. The problem is, in the hands of a child/teenager, it quickly becomes abundantly apparent that not all kids (I suspect the vast majority) are able to ration their use of such devices. They lack (as do quite a few adults) the ability to reign in their impulses and to take control of their time as they compulsively search out the next dopamine hit from a like, a photo, a funny YouTube clip. That’s because the companies behind social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and so many more, are actively looking to keep their users engaged and staying on their platforms for as long as possible. The longer their users are on these platforms the greater the chances they will view ads, clicks ads and ultimately buy stuff. Perhaps only a tiny fraction of a percentage actually do so, but it’s a numbers game and with sufficient of those you can become a multi-billion dollar corporation. Swap the word ‘engaged’ for ‘addicted’ and I think you have a fairer description of the reality for many parents with kids and their smartphones today. So what are parents to do? Should we ban phones entirely until the day they turn 16? That’s really not an easy answer as such drastic steps may lead to all sorts of peer group issues at school. I can imagine the arguments now if my kids were effectively decoupled from the constant stream of communication between friends and even between teachers and their classes. So how can you teach good habits? Just like we don’t want our kids to overdose on junk food and fizzy drinks, neither do we want them to spend a disproportionate time glued to their devices. But there's no doubt in my mind that these phones have become just as addictive as when Russian scientist Pavlov taught dogs to drool in the expectation of food whenever he rang a bell. The rewards may be very different, the effect is just the same And it does have real-world consequences. On more than one occasion I’ve caught my own kids under the covers in the dead of night, their faces lit up by their glowing screens. Then trying to fight with a fatigued kid about getting to school on time becomes an inevitable consequence. This will not be a novel scenario to parents with kids in our always-connected world we inhabit. We have a generation of children who were born into and grew up with this. These days even small kids seem to intuitively expect that glass panels with pictures on them can be swiped with fingers and seem a bit befuddled if it doesn’t work! In my case, early attempts at controlling my children’s smartphone habit centred around taking their devices away. It did not end well, with constant arguments and endless requests for their return. It was driving me up the wall! A slightly better approach was an app I downloaded to their phones (they both use Xiaomi Mi A1 phones that come with the latest version of Android) called Safe Kids. It was not great but worked for a time. Then it was Screen Time. It was better but my eldest quickly found some way to circumvent more than one of the controls limiting his time on the device. But, for the last month now I’ve started again with the official solution recently released by Google for its Android OS. Called Family Link [ ], it’s two apps -- the parent app on your phone, with the kid’s app on theirs. This then lets you take as much or as little control over how they use their devices. In my case, I have given both kids the same parameters. They can use it for up to 4 hours per day but it is automatically disabled at 8.30pm every school night and does not unlock until 7am. There are much more granular controls but I’ve tried to take as hands-off an approach as possible, other than setting time limits and when it goes off for the night. At its simplest, Family Link has significantly reduced the arguments every night as kids should be getting ready to rest their growing brains & bodies. It hasn't stopped my older kid from constantly harping on about how terrible and deeply unfair this all is and that I ‘should trust him’. I did try that many times and it didn’t work. Maybe I’ll try again in the future when he’s older and possibly a bit wiser... maybe... #smartphone #kids #children #devices #health #wellbeing #teenagers#android #FamilyLink #instagram #youtube #whatsapp #mobiles#SocialMedia #addiction

Free Ghost game on Google for Halloween
Found 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Little ghost themed Halloween game from google. Help you team win. You can play against others or host your own game with your friends
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It’s working on my mobile ios


Mine didn't work on mobile earlier. Maybe it's working now.


Alright mate. Just thought it was a bit of fun for Halloween that’s all. No need to get your knickers in a twist.


What a deal! Give me a minute and I post all my favourite and games on individual deals for the love of... (mad) (mad) (mad)

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Benefit Brows on lash out £20 at Boots
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
Get bigger brows & badder lashes with this lash & brow trio! Volumise your lashes with NEW BADgal BANG! 36 HOUR* FULL-BLAST volumising mascara, then fill brows with Fool… Read more
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Thanks, OP. Not a bad deal, if you want the other products as well as the mascara. I got the BADgal Bang mascara 3.0g when it was free to swap any used mascara for one 3.0 mascara with Benefit a couple of months ago. Great product, but the 3.0g ran out really quickly, so I only buy the 8.5g now, which seems to last for ages.


Voted Hot, although Ive never used it. (lipstick)

10 Days 9 Nights 3 Cities (Rome / New York / Barcelona) - £328pp - 18th to 28th Jan 2019 via Google Flights - Flights Only / Accomodation Required
18/01/2019Starts at 18/01/201928/01/2019Expires on 28/01/2019Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
10 Days 3 Stunning Cities Friday January 18th Manchester to Rome Monday January 21st Rome to New York Thursday January 24th New York to Barcelona Monday January 28th Barcelona… Read more
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Do you get Google Flying Taxis? Google Room service? I'm expecting Goolgle Homes in every portion of the room. Easy for google.


Sounds good. I’ve been to all 3 cities and love them. What a great way to spend two weeks off work. premium economy would be ok for the long haul flights. Im Silver with BA so ideally one world carriers to get TPs and then can use lounge access at airport. excellent deal


At the moment around the same dates as i have posted the cheapest i am getting business class is £1956 per person will do plenty of more research over the next couple of days


I'll do some research for you


Is there a business class option. I’d love to do this in business for say 4 times as much money

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Return - Los Angeles from London Heathrow £308 - Oct thru Mar via Google Flights
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Just booked in for October for 2 of us with Air New Zealand Includes checked bag and meal search via google flights for the good prices , then booked elsewhere as you can get it c… Read more
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We looked at Virgin in November, similar price but they didn't include checked bags like Air New Zealand.


i ordered 15 of these.... woops wrong deal comment


This is normal. Found flights with Virgin Atlantic yesterday to LA for £301 return during the end of September crossing into the start of October


Just had a look myself, looks like price gone up and no longer includes luggage.


I booked 13 november to 30. This was 2 weeks ago though.

100GB of Google Drive Storage for 73p pm / 'Unlimited' for £6.60 / 1TB for £3.66 pm & More Plans @ Google Drive (Via Turkish VPN)
Found 9th JulFound 9th Jul
I saw this post over on Mydealz and, given the heat for previous Netflix, Deezer, and Spotify VPN deals, I figured this would be pretty handy for us in the UK! Full credit to Aloha… Read more
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I've unexpired this again. As you say, nobody has commented at all saying it doesn't work.


@andywedge sure this isn't a bug?


Nobody has reported it not working, so I'm pretty confident it still does. Usually lots of people use deals that they don't comment on if it works, only if they have issues.


You 100% sure this still works? Normally I would check, but as this requires going via a Turkish VPN it isn't possible for me to test.


@andywedge hate to bother you like this but it's happened again! (fierce)

RØDE VideoMic GO microphone £48 @ Amazon
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Transform Your Video With VideoMic GO The RØDE VideoMic GO is the simple, affordable way to improve the sound of your DSLR video. There are no switches to learn or batteries requi… Read more

I've been reading lots of reviews including the newer 698 Takstar, just difficult to know which is better for my needs :). Thinking the stereo may be better for the motor sport stuff I'll probably be mainly using it for, but getting results from a Google search is proving hard ;)


I was looking at this too, I've been intrigued by the cheaper takstar. Any other recommendations, I'd be interested to know, thank


I got the Comica CVM-V30 which has the option to add +10db. I googled sound and you need to change audio to manual . Sound is nice and with an extended lead i can place it anywhere (on a cheap tripod). £35 amazon and good reviews.


The one you posted ships from China - here's one that's shipped from the UK, and it's even cheaper here:


Mine has also been very bad with my Canon 750D. Get this constant buzzing noise in all audio. Was hoping would find a fix for it, but no luck in the 15 months I’ve had it.

Keepa - Free Amazon price tracker for Chrome
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
I take no credit for this, and don't know why the post from October 2017 was expired. It has proved so useful and just wanted to remind everyone. I ditched camelcamelcamel in Febru… Read more

Can you elaborate on the difference please? Your post actually looks more dodgy with a "visit [here] and click install"


Why not just download the amazon app? and then add the item on your wishlist? I always get notifications if the item price drops or goes on lightning, but of course you'll still need to check the price history via third party.. but not too hard right? :P


Is that chart a profile of Thomas the Tank Engine or some other locomotive?


Avoid this potentially dodgy extension that harvests god knows what data, instead; 1) Install either [Greasemonkey] if you're using Firefox or [Tampermonkey] if you're using Chrome. 2) Once the above is installed visit [here] and click install.


Nice, thanks. Does this track lightning deals?

Mind Games PRO was £2.69 now Free @ GooglePlay
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Exercise Your Brain! Get the unlimited version of the hit brain training app. Unlike other popular brain training apps, this one does not charge a recurring fee. Buy it once and … Read more

It's no more free :(


spot on...thanks op (y)


It's obviously a naked brain! :o


thanks for sharing.


I’d love to know that too! How is this NSFW?

Half Price Family Ticket to Flamingo land theme park & zoo (heads up go live Fri) Pulse 1 radio
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Heard on the radio this morning pulse 1 are doing Half Price Family Tickets to Flamingo land tomorrow. Voucher for a family day pass for 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3… Read more
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if you go on the pulse website it said sold out!


You know it says 2 adults and 2 children. Does that mean any children under 3 are not counted in the 2 children? So my 1 year old and 2 year old can go in free and my 5 year old will count as 1 of the 2 children?


What time do they go on sale? Been looking since 8


Kids apparently aged 4-16. Similar offer on wish fm website.


You could ring them and ask 0800 40 888 40 Adults & Children tickets are the same price

500 bonus Nectar points when you download and transact with BPMe app
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Possibly account specific 500 points are worth £2.50 How to get this offer: Click 'Load to card' to activate this offer Download BPMe app Create BPMe account Link your Nectar ca… Read more
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The offer was visible prior to 7th on my Offers page. I activated it before 7th April. Nectar deals and offers vary per account.


Deal didn't start until 7th April maybe that's why!


Hi, I know. I used it on 3rd April (500 points for registering and using BP Me app) when it appeared in my offers section. It's past 28 days and no bonus points, so Nectar need a screenshot of the offer as evidence to credit them. Do you have a larger screenshot at all please?


That was from the screen shot, the deal has expired now.


Hi there, do you have the screenshot of the offer (like in deal pic) I can show Nectar - as they are not honouring my points. Thanks

Where's Wally free on Google maps PC/mobile
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Waste the Easter Sunday with trying to find Wally. On PC , IOS and Android.
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I can't believe I just clicked the link and by complete chance saw Wally within perhaps 1 second... LOL


You're right it worked lol got it now thanks!!


I can't get either and i just updated he app




I had to delete the Maps data from my phone before the game appeared.

Get £10 Play voucher for 5 Google Pay transactions **Pls DO NOT offer or request referrals**
Refreshed 25th AprRefreshed 25th Apr
Simply pay for 5 items on different days of any amount and get a £10 Google Play voucher free. Do your normal shopping on it and get paid £10. If you refer a friend who pays using… Read more
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Looks like the promotion has been extended until 8th Sep 2018. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but topping up the Revolut VISA card via Google Pay in GBP counts as an eligible transaction towards receiving the £10 voucher. The Revolut balance can then be transferred to a bank account for free. So no need to spend any money to receive the £10 voucher


No, you can't gift apps. But if you are in family library, you can share most of them (movies too). However you'll need a shared payment method with your family.


Does the voucher have an expiry date?


Yeah nothing at all for me :( Never have, probably never will :(


No when you open the Google pay app it shows on the home screen and you got to click yes I'm in. I did this last time the deal was on. Just checked my Google pay app again and its let me join in again.

Possible Free Google Home Mini. Google Pop up stores in London - No guaranteed. You place an order and get either a doughnut or a Google home mini.
LocalLocalFound 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
The pop-ups are happening in two locations for a very limited time. You can either head to Westfield Stratford City from Thursday 22nd – 25th March or the Angel Central Shopping C… Read more
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In Angel yesterday (Friday) at 12, the queue was just too long, all the way to the street, I came back at 4pm and was in the queue for about 30-40minutes (in the rain, they have umbrellas). They said 1 in 3 is a Google Home Mini and that it's completely random, the boxes look identical so I tend to believe them. They handed out hot chocolate and mini donuts twice when I was in the queue, so even if you don't get a Home Mini, it's not too bad. Good luck!


Thanks OP. I went to Westfield Stratford this morning and got a Home Mini. I did get there at 10am when the doughnut truck opened, it only took about 15 minutes to get to the front of the queue.


Cheers for the heads up - dates in the original post confused me. Too hungover to head out anyway!!! ;)


NO!!!!! See the dates, this weekend is Westfield only. Smart-activated donut trucks - Westfield Stratford City (Westfield Ave, London E20 1GL): Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd March: 11am - 7pm Saturday 24th March: 10am - 6pm Sunday 25th March: 12pm - 6pm Angel Central Shopping Centre (21 Parkfield St, London N1 0PS): Thursday 29th March: 8am - 6pm Friday 30th March: 10am - 6pm Saturday 31st March: 10am - 6pm Sunday 1st April: 12pm - 6pm Mini pop-up bike tour - John Lewis, Oxford Street (300 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1C 1DX): Friday 30th March 2018: 10am - 6pm Saturday 31st March 10am - 6pm John Lewis, Westfield London, White City (Ariel Way, London W12 7GF): Friday 30th March 2018: 10am - 6pm Saturday 31st March 2018: 10am - 6pm


Thanks for the info m_b_m... Might pop down to John Lewis early tomorrow, put on my best smile and have a go...

FREE face-to-face courses that Google Digital Garage is offering in Birmingham
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
How to write a CV, coding, marketing and starting your own business are among the many free face-to-face sessions you can sign up for at the Google Digital Garage on New Street in … Read more

Im in London :( but heat added great for those interested in Birmingham


March 22nd sorry.


I believe it’s till March 23rd. However if you check their website they may be further dates in the future.


I saw this earlier, hmmmmmmmm, it's a shame Google aren't doing any of these things anywhere near London ... :-( Hopefully later though. :-)


Heat from me

Enjoy Mario Day with Mario on Google Maps
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Google is celebrating Mario Day (March 10th, MAR10) in style this year. Nintendo and Google have partnered up to bring Mario to Google Maps on iOS or Android. Mario Time, as Google… Read more
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I'd be more worried about EA and Activision than Nintendo.


And? so bloody what. People crying over this thread are a joke

Get £10 free Google play credit by using Google Pay (GPay - previously Android Pay) - New Users + 5 Purchases Required (limit 1 per day)
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
**Update. New users only** From now until June 12, you’ll get a £10 Google Play credit when you make 5 purchases with Google Pay on different days. Once you get started in the Goo… Read more
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New PROMO Code for UK users: GF12NGT3 Will give us both £10 after your first transaction in Google Pay!


Thank you so much! We will soon be £10 reacher! (y)


Just used your code, thanks! (y)


Use this code so we can both get £10 GF9SQW6R Thanks!


Use this code and we BOTH get £10, best of all you only need to use it once! GFETHPTZ