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Goonya Fighter - Nintendo Switch 89p @ Nintendo eShop
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Goonya Fighter - Nintendo Switch 89p @ Nintendo eShop

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Posted 24th Apr

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great game at a great price. Well worth 89p.
Walk too far and you flop over; punch the wrong way and be sent flying!
And get back up again just as easily!
For beginners and pros alike, welcome to a different kind of fighting game.
  • Via internet or local communication get into the squidgy world of Goonya Fighter.
    Fight with other "Goonya Fighters" around the world.
    Increase your ranks and winnings and get access to more characters.
  • One console, two Joy-Con, double the fun!
    Internet battles can also be fought in teams, one team sharing one Joy-Con.
    Take on the challenge with a sibling, a best friend, a family member, your lover, your dog.
  • There are only 4 buttons to use!
    Punch with (A), Kick with (B), Jump with (X), Guard with (Y). That's it!
    Be warned though: you'll still be getting into very heated matches.
  • 3 game modes, 90 battlefields, one hell of a game!
    The 3 game mode are as follows:
    The "battle" mode.
    The "coin pick-up" mode.
    The "race" mode.
    Each mode can be played with up to 4 people.
  • Master the various stages to beat your enemies
    Kick bombs toward them; force them onto crumbling floors;
    Utilise the surrounding magma and water and gorge on the resulting chaos!
  • Polish your technique in Story Mode
    Enjoy solo play in story mode and become a strong fighter.
    As Nyack, plunge into battle against the interfering Amoebas with your companion Mash.
Fend off the enemies and their numerous traps and be the best! Using one console (two Joy-Con), you can team up and have even more fun in story mode!
No doubt a few pence cheaper via some VPN on some non UK based Nintendo eShop if you can be bothered will all that faffing but hey ho
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Worth a punt at 89p
This looks like drunk fights outside pubs but more colourful . The character movement was making me seasick the way they're wobbling all over the place.
Can you play this on switch lite?? X
Can I buy this now in anticipation of getting a switch later this year?
Hmmm game is absolutely chock full of microtransactions and always almost seems to be on sale. Anyone played this one yet?
Kinda fun as a local multiplayer game for half an hour before going back to Smash Bros
Played it last night. Was fun. Tried today and it’s all jammed. Can’t move the analogue stick - so no movement. What do I do - send email to Nintendo?
KongDonkey25/04/2020 10:04

Can I buy this now in anticipation of getting a switch later this year?

Sadly you need to have a switch console linked to your nintendo account in order to purchase online.
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