GoPro Battery BacPac £6.67 @

GoPro Battery BacPac £6.67 @

Found 30th Dec 2016Made hot 30th Dec 2016
Looking for a extra battery for my GoPro Hero 4 Black edition, and came across this on

It's says on the website that it is the hero 3 version battery, but knowing it fits the hero 4 anyway I still purchased.

Got home and unwrapped it and it is actually the hero 4 battery with the longer battery life and hero 4 compatible bacpac back doors.


39.99 on


Great find thanks OP

Good price as generic cheapo batteries are usually more but who the hell would pay £39.99 for one?

Will it fit 1st gopro

Thanks op, excellent find.


This will come in useful, Cheers OP!

Thanks, ordered

Excellent find - will be interested to see exactly what gets delivered.

Got 2 for my upcoming trip to South Africa - thanks OP (free delivery for tomorrow as well!)

cheers op, will do nicely for my next hol...


Any chance it will work on the lcd +session gopro?

Gutted, none near me.

None near me neither


Any chance it will work on the lcd +session gopro?

​Would like to know also!!!!

will.this fit the hero+ LCD??


will.this fit the hero+ LCD??

Nope. I have that one. Can't really attach anything to it!

Would this fit my GoPro Hero 4 Silver?
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Would this fit my GoPro Hero 4 Silver?

Yes they do, they fit over the LCD

nothing within 50 miles of Southampton, shame great deal

Managed to grab the last two of these from the Stirling store!
Great find - thanks so much for that!
Defo Heat added!!!

Today I get two from Swindon branch and apparently they have 3 left.

I received mine today - free delivery - it says on the side of the box that it is compatible with all Hero 3 and 4 cameras.
Thanks OP.
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