GoPro Hero 4 Rechargable Battery - £10 @Halfords

GoPro Hero 4 Rechargable Battery - £10 @Halfords

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1160mAh lithium-ion battery.

Use it as a spare or replacement battery for your GoPro to stay charged on the go.


good deal if you were looking to get one anyways as they are about 12/15 quid elsewy

Good price for genuine GoPro battery, but I went for these for mine. Charged many times no problem and been skiing/diving with them so temperature and pressure is fine. They may be a higher capacity from what I remember when first looking…JMU

I went for the Smatree 3-pack too. They've worked well and were good value. If you'd prefer the proper go pro version tho, this is great value. Heat given ☝


That's got to be one of the most disappointing things with GP Heros (including the 5). Battery life is shockingly poor. I've gone out for the day and have had to take 3 or 4 extra batteries with me and swap them as they run out throughout the day.
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In terms of performance can't find any difference between these and the pattern ones. I live in Vietnam and the heat destroys the batteries very quickly as it is on the top of my helmet in the sun they get really hot really fast and I have to let them cool before recharging them. I get about 2 months out of a battery whether it is original or pattern one. So far I have done 10 on my Hero 4, 2 genuine, 2 Duracell and 6 Wasabi. Wasabi are good, as are Duracell, I am currently using Top Max and while the cells are good the pins don't like my Wasabi charger.
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