Gopro Hero 5 £228.91 at eGlobal Central

Gopro Hero 5 £228.91 at eGlobal Central

Found 27th Dec 2017
Guys has anyone use eglobal before? How does this offer compare to the official GoPro website with the free handle and battery
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I’ve bought a dslr from eglobal no problems at all
Search for any other "deal" posted for this retailer and read the comments

In short, many of us wouldn't ever risk spending money with them - they are a grey market importer with a poor reputation for customer service and delivery. I would never risk my cash with them and also have a moral objection to the way they do business - the only way they can offer things so cheap is to essentially avoid paying their fair share of tax & duty somewhere along the supply chain. Someone else is losing out somewhere!

There are however a number of people who have ordered from them with success and who use them so you can make your mind up and take the chance if you want (as well as supporting unethical business practices).

edit: you can read up on grey market here - don't get me wrong its all 100% legal, but still wrong imo…ket
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