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GoPro Hero Black 9 Action Camera - £199.98 @ GoPro

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Halifax and Lloyds bank have 10% rewards cashback for purchases from Go Pro.

Use voucher code "enduro" for a free battery.

Legendary Performance

HERO9 Black delivers stunning 5K video and 20MP photos. Add HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization, powerful features and a durable, waterproof design, and you get more of everything you love.

Product Details

  • Includes HERO9 Black camera, carrying case, rechargeable battery, curved adhesive mount, mounting buckle + thumb screw, and USB-C cable.
  • Stunning 5K video + 20 megapixel photos
  • Advanced video stabilization from HyperSmooth 3.0
  • Waterproof to 33ft + built tough
  • Detachable lens + mod compatibility to customize + get creative
  • 2 screens—dazzling front display for selfies, rear touch display for intuitive control
  • TimeWarp 3.0, 8X Slo-Mo + tons of other features to nail any shot
  • Compatible with Quik app
  • Compatible with over 30 mounts + accessories
  • A microSD card is required, but not included.*
GoPro More details at GoPro
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add code "enduro" and it will add a free battery...

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    Halifax bank have 10% rewards cashback for purchases from Go Pro! (edited)
    Wonderful tip, @fnorbika it would be worth adding this to the deal post too
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    This is a great price, even with the compromises of the hero 9, I think the saving over the 10 or pricey 11 could be worth it.

    For context, I looked after 36 GoPros on a recent tv show for 9 weeks solid. Half were hero 9s and half were 10s. In my use case, picture quality difference was zero. The 9s were much less reliable in my useage though. 3 of the 18 had to be replaced for various faults in that time period. None of the 10s broke down.

    I was maybe running them extreme (each a few hours per day) but they were always recording only in 1080p 25fps. None in this mode ever over heated and shut down early that I know of. The hero10 could eek out about 10% more battery life lasting approx 2hrs 29mins until dead from a full charge. (edited)
    Trying to think what program would need them - Taskmaster?
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    I believe the code 'ENDURO' bags you a free additional Enduro battery (which these take). Enter the code in the basket and then refresh and it should appear. (edited)
    Seemed to add the battery to my basket fine. So tempted to get bite the bullet on this. Been wanting one for a while. I need to go check the difference between the 9,10 and 11 now.
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    A warning to all who may purchase. Set a reminder or calendar event to cancel the go pro subscription before the 1yr period is up. I forgot to on the go pro I bought as a christmas gift last year and just got a nice £50 charge.
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    Deliberated too long "Temporarily out of stock."
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    Just ordered. New to GoPro so please share any tips/tricks or best accessories 😁
    Same just picked one up any tips etc would be great are 3rd party accessories any good as official ones seen hefty on the wallet and i will also do some testing with latest firm warm to see if indoor overheating is a problem also does anyone know the max memory support and what what class works best thanks
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    Its came with
    1-Year GoPro Subscription
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    Thanks OP, I am still kicking myself for not buying the black when Hafords were selling them off cheap and they we're the same as the newer version when you did a software hack.
    Why should anyone buy this over a version 10 or 11?
    And why should you buy this over a chinese knock off?
    You'd think that the Chinese copies would have caught up by now, but I've done a lot of research and the only ones to come close to competing have also been close to this price. Even then, I'd rather go with the mainstream brand for resale if nothing else.

    Regarding the 10 and 11 - I think the reason the 9 is good value is because it's a lot cheaper and still does 4K with good stabilisation and a good image. The 10 and 11 have only slightly improved each time. They are definitely better, but not twice the price better.

    It's probably best that you do a little research around what you want it for - to see if the 9 does everything you need.
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    So I could have got a free battery and 30£ cash back via curve? I think I’m going to have to cancel my order and redo
    Did you find the offer in the Cruve app?
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    Why the delivery is not free do u know guys? Thx
    it is at checkout
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    you need to add code "enduro" and it will add a free battery...

    I have just reordered!
    Does it give you free delivery?
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    Cashback on Lloyds too at moment , need to activate in app
    just realised this, I've activated it now and the payment is still pending, but doubt I'll get cashback
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    Ordered yesterday around 16:00 with the free battery, still cannot track the order on their website and no further emails received. Can everyone track their orders? Thansk
    Still nothing for me either, ordered mine in the morning yesterday, looks like the second payment has gone through for me, first payment was for the device and second for the subscription, so hopefully they should post it out now, don't think it will arrive by next week, think it will be next year, again just my thoughts.
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    Anyone else's order been cancelled?
    Mine has been shipped today, after couple of days total silence in the emails and order was not showing on their website.

    Approx delivery date is the 19th December
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    Crumbs, this will get hot
    And that’s just the GoPro overheating 
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    10% off sing up code doesn't work with this offer
    Maybe they don't like your singing
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    Love mine, pack it every day out/holiday. Image stabilisation is incredible and footage you just otherwise wouldn’t really get is well worth this money (imo) if you like your photos/video.
    What accessories do you use with it? Bought an older one for this exact reason but unsure what accessories to purchase.
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    Ordered, my first GoPro. Will see how it’s works when you on motorbike. Thanks for deal.
    Works fine on bikes, even racing around the Isle of Man. Just don't think you'll get 6 hours recording out of one charge 😁
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    gone for it
    looking at the reviews the 9 isn't too different from the 10/11.
    Am I the only one not getting free delivery? Or is everyone else getting a £12 delivery charge?
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    You can get it £195.48 with Student discount
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    great price

    I dont need it, I have to repeat that to my self
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    Thank you. Ive been looking for a go pro for about a year but take issue with the £450 price point so this is great.
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    Concerned about the brexit tax that might be thrown at me upon delivery...
    That's my concern, looks like you have to pay it buying the 9 but it's included if you buy the 10 or 11.
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    49033071-2dhJF.jpgOnce you add the ENDURO code the battery is added and the shipping is discounted. (edited)
    seems good with the 10% off
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    Back in stock but enduro code not working now 
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    Dats cheap. Offering me 10% off for mailing list sign up too.
    Doesn't work though I don't reckon
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    Very good deal in my opinion. The Hero 9 is still a very capable unit indeed.
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    10% back with Curve too. Max cashback £30
    You must activate.
    I bought the 11 with the extra battery.
    49027759-miili.jpg (edited)
    Just going to sing up which plan do I need for this?
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    Hero 9, protective housing for diving, adventure kit, free battery and 1 year gopro subscription for £271
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    The enduro code for free battery does not work any more but the deal is still live, I just ordered one.
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    Is the enduro code working for anyone?
    It seems like the voucher is not available anymore.
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    I just went to buy this and got lured into buying the Hero 11 Black with Accessories bundle instead!

    Used the ENDURO code for the free extra battery, and also used my Halifax card to get £30 cashback as well.

    So even though I didn't end up buying the Hero 9, heat added as it's still a stonking deal!
    The enduro code isn't working anymore, how did you manage that?
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    Just got my tracking number with the Enduro battery included. Delivery by UPS expected tomorrow so that was quick
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    Expecting on Friday as per the tracking. Halifax cash back is messed due to subscription charges confirmed and gopro charges still pending.
    Same here, it’s a shame that it wasn’t 1 payment of £199.98 taken because Halifax will only pay the 10% cash back on the first purchase that shows on your account. So I reckon we’ll only get £4.99 cash back based on the £49.99 subscription charge
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    Out of stock now.
  36. Avatar
    Ordered, but code didn't work for the free extra battery. Order isn't processed yet though - fingers crossed. (edited)
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    Sadly 'enduro' offer looks to have run out but still seems a decent deal - plus although nothing on Halifax/Lloyds/Santander I did have 10% off on MBNA!
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    Pretty sure these still overheat worth checking reviews.
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    Up looks like these still overheat and shutdown go pro 7 to 10 have this issue. I found out as my 7 even underwater kept shutting down due to overheating! I will be replacing with DJI camera as they don't overheat. Dont believe me just google it or check youtube made when they cost so much!
    Overheating seems to indoors unless im mistaken
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    Yes I like tips too I accept cash or card