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GoPro HERO11 Black Mini + 1-Year GoPro Subscription £199.98 @ GoPro

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

HERO11 Black Mini

FLASH SALE! Deal Ends 1/26

Save £250 with 1-Year GoPro Subscription
GoPro Subscription Benefits:

Unlimited cloud backup + auto uploads

Unlimited use of the Quik app

Up to 50% off at GoPro.com²

No-questions-asked camera replacement³

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Subscription Details

GoPro Subscription offers the most premium GoPro experience including unlimited cloud storage, camera replacement, and more.

Your Subscription will renew automatically and you will be charged a yearly fee until cancelled. You may cancel your Subscription at any time. £49.99/yr

Sign up to score a special discount code for your next purchase and stay in-the-know on all our latest offers and updates.

Smaller. Simpler. Full performance.

Get incredible HERO11 Black video performance in a smaller, lighter, simpler design. HERO11 Black Mini’s smaller size makes it more comfortable to wear when capturing point-of-view footage, and dual mounting fingers boost your body and helmet mounting options. A tough outer shell takes legendary GoPro durability to a whole new level. It features the same larger image sensor that lets you share vertical shots to social media with ease, and you’ll get incredible highlight videos sent to your phone automatically.
Product Details

  • Includes HERO11 Black Mini camera, carrying case, curved adhesive mount, short mounting buckle + short thumb screw, USB-C cable
  • Automatically upload footage to the cloud + get a highlight video when charging
  • Shoot in our best video settings with the push of a button—just point and shoot
  • Dual sets of mounting fingers for a more low-profile mounting setup
  • Larger new image sensor delivers an immersive, extra-large field of view
  • Cinematic 5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video with 24.7 megapixel stills from video
  • Weighs 133g
  • Emmy® Award-winning HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization with Horizon Lock built-in
  • Next-level durability + waterproof to 33ft
  • HERO11 Black Mini captures video only
  • A microSD card is required, but not included.*


1) Shutter Button
2) Microphone
3) Status/Pair Button
4) Bottom Folding Fingers
5) Removable Lens Cover

1) Door
2) USB-C Port
(Behind Door)
3) Door Latch
4) SD Card Slot (Behind Door)

1) Speaker
(Behind Folding Fingers)
2) Heat Sink
3) Back Folding Fingers

1) Status Light
2) Status Screen
3) Shutter Button

Product Specifications

Design + Dimensions
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
52.4 W x 51.2 H x 38 D (mm)
Weight (Camera w/mounting fingers + Embedded Battery)
Embedded 1500mAh w/Enduro Battery Technology
Rugged + Waterproof
10m (33ft)
Image Quality / Hardware Spec
System Processor
Image Sensor
1/1.9" CMOS

Max Video Res
5.3K: 8:7 (5312x4648)
5.3K: 4:3 (5312x3984)
5.3K: 16:9 (5312x2988)

HERO11 Black Mini captures video only

Time Lapse
Includes TimeWarp, Star Trails, Light Painting and more.

Audio Features
3-mics | RAW Audio Capture (.wav Format)

Hardware Features
Built-In Mounting with 2 sets of Folding Fingers
Rear Display Size
0.55" Status Only Display

Connected Features
Uploads Automatically to the Cloud + Get a Highlight Video Automatically with GoPro Subscription | Wi-Fi + Bluetooth®

User Interface
Voice Control
14 Commands
11 Languages with 6 accents

Key Accessories
Volta, The Remote, Quik App, and over 40 other accessories

In the Box
HERO11 Black Mini Camera | Curved Adhesive Mount | Mounting Buckle | USB-C Cable | Thumb Screw | Camera Case

Compatible with Over 40 Accessories

Customer Reviews

Useful Links

GoPro More details at GoPro
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  1. Avatar
    For anyone wondering, the subscription is £49.99 per year. I like this deal
  2. Avatar
    Really nice deal for those who want one of these. Very tempting.

    But decided that I will wait for a deal on the "normal" version instead, which is Hero 11 Black. The two cameras are almost identical in specs and size - this really isn't as "mini" as the name suggests - and the normal version has swappable batteries, two screens and can take photos. All features that are missing from the mini.
    Love how GoPro markets the Mini's ability to take stills from your videos to keep as photos

    Come on guys... just give us the opportunity to control the camera like all the others, even my old GoPro Session had these options. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Thinking of this as a bike cam to film inconsiderate people performing close passes and other dangerous manoeuvres. Anyone got any views of product suitability?

    Depends how long you are on the bike for and how much you like charging.

    The only way to do what you want and to actually use it is to hardwire the camera. Easy enough if you are on a motorbike, probably not if on a bicycle.

    Experience : own many GoPros - and many many batteries.
  4. Avatar
    if i was to hardwire this to my car, would this be suitable to film for say hrs? not really as a looping dashcam, although it would be good to know if it could? but more to record some journeys?
    If you think about the quality of the recording... I guess you can always install there active cooling. It will definitely get hot, I used gopro5 with hdmi output in a house and it was on for an hour till it finished battery and switched off. it was hot. With a fan switched on it will be only warm.49387000-p5Uc3.jpg
  5. Avatar
    Says you will be liable for customs charges if not in Europe, these are not shipped from Uk
    Never had any charges, what I recall mine came from Holland.
  6. Avatar
    Whats the odds on the standard hero 11 getting a decent offer? Would hate to buy this only for the standard one to go on offer a week later. Non removable battery is a deal breaker
  7. Avatar
    good deal, just wish the mini had a swappable battery
    Wow, really? I got a DJI action cam. Bought a bunch of mini SD cards thinking I'd full em up easy. Turns out it's the batteries I need! Bought it off HUKD and it came with a +2 battery bundle. It takes tremendous videos and is super high quality, much like I'm certain this is, but gosh, I never realised they don't half chew through batteries.
  8. Avatar
    If only this was the hero11
  9. Avatar
    Not sure there's much of a market for the mini now that the wings make the whole package of the full fat camera much smaller.
    Good deal if you need this, but holding off for a better deal on the 11 Pro.

    Not sure there's much of a market for the mini now that the wings make the whole package of the full fat camera much smaller.
    Good deal if you need this, but holding off for a better deal on the 11 Pro. (edited)
    I heard you the first time
  10. Avatar
    Welcome and we'll spotted
  11. Avatar
    Great price if you're after a Mini.
  12. Avatar
    Amazing deal 👌
  13. Avatar
    Anybody have a student code for me please. You get 15% off if you subscribe to GoPro. (edited)
    I tried this and it only took another £4.50 off.
  14. Avatar
    Thanks for posting. Is it possible to connect an external USB mic without the rather expensive GoPro adapter?
  15. Avatar
    The gopro 11 + accessory bundle with an additional 15= discount comes to £389.98 on GoPro official website. It surely can't get better than that, can it?
  16. Avatar
    This seems a great deal.
  17. Avatar
    I got this before Christmas, do I need to cancel my subscription? Forgot about it !
    I cancelled my sub before it ran out as they do auto renew, they then off you a sub at discount over and over lol
  18. Avatar
    I was in the market for 360 action cam but this will do for starters.
  19. Avatar
    Why on earth would a camera need a subscription?
    Welcome to GoPro.
  20. Avatar
    I discovered the KonradIT hack for the older gen GoPro, upto gen 5, it's worth an explore for things like long exposure shot and time lapse.
  21. Avatar
    Good deal and would buy one but already have a GoPro.
  22. Avatar
    I ordered on the 24th but have not had any dispatch email and when trying to track it doesn't find the order, anyone else have this or has your been sent?
  23. Avatar
    Coming up as £262.48 with 15mins left ☹️ deal must have ended early