Gordons Cucumber Gin 70cl £9.89 @ Tesco

Gordons Cucumber Gin 70cl £9.89 @ Tesco

Found 25th Feb 2015
As per the title, might not be everyones tipple, but £9.89 for 70cl bottle is a great price.

Spotted in Tesco Llansamlet they had loads of it, was £18.00 a bottle.
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    I'm not a bit fan of Gordon's gin but I can't argue at the price. Hot
    see this at Shoreham by Sea ... hot
    This is nice.
    Not on web site so possibly not nationwide
    After excise duty and VAT the total the alcohol actually costs is 1p.
    Cucumber juice if you've ever tried it is really weird tasting. I don't like it and I don't like Gin, but I'll get this to prove two wrongs do make a right, and if they don't hopefully I can stomach enough of it so that I forget.
    Does it compare to Hendricks?

    Does it compare to Hendricks?

    A poor mans Hendricks.

    A poor mans Hendricks.

    Or a sensible mans Hendricks ;-)
    Could this be 'one' of your '5 a day'?

    see this at Shoreham by Sea ... hot

    I don't miss Shoreham much - but I do miss the by-Sea.

    This must be quite a tall bottle?
    Think this is just in Wales, tried in Leytonstone, London. No offers and customer services couldn't find offer.
    Found in tesco penarth last night, priced at £12 on SEL but went through at £9.89
    Seen it in newcastle, nice gin
    Good price only if you could find one!!
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