Gordons Gin £10 for 70cl at Morrisons + code for free G & T glass

Gordons Gin £10 for 70cl at Morrisons + code for free G & T glass

Found 25th Oct 2011
Gordons Gin £10 for 70cl at Morrisons. Great for making sloe gin - only £1.03 more than most of the supermarket value ranges.

I can't find the offer online but bought a couple of bottles instore today. Max 6 per customer. there were other branded spirits too but I overlooked them in excitement at getting something better than Tesco value to float my sloes in.

Promo bottles also include a sticker/code to claim online for a free g & T glass - says stocks are limited, and only 1 per household, but I just ordered mine OK tonight.
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thnks heat added
Thanks. Just edited to add note about free g & t glass promo
Sloe gin is best made with vodka or other neutral spirits. Gin is already flavoured with (usually) juniper. It is certainly a wonderful year for sloes around us.
Well, technically sloe gin an only be made with.... er.... gin!

I have made a range of fruit spirits and much prefer sloe gin than sloe vodka. Raspberry vodka is the only vodka liqueur I like... but it's horses for courses.
Misunderstanding about what gin is I think. The original "mother's ruin" was flavoured with lemon rather than juniper (you can still get this in Menorca, where the British sailors made it popular). Gin is just neutral spirits with a flavouring. They way you are making sloe gin, it has two conflicting flavourings, but if that is how you like it, then go for it.

Incidentally, Lidl has tequila for under a tenner a bottle. Hecho in Mexico.
Mother's ruin indeed!

Drink beer instead yur liver will last longer!
Hendricks is the best gin imo - not for sloe gin though! Made sloe gin last year and loved it. Found a great cocktail for it with champagne and blood orange juice.

HOT from me
Champagne and blood orange juice - mmmm, recipe please?!
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