Gordon’s Pink Gin £14 @ Tesco

Gordon’s Pink Gin £14 @ Tesco

Found 21st Dec 2017
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Love this stuff☺
Was £13 in Asda earlier today
ClumsyUK6 m ago

Was £13 in Asda earlier today

I don’t have an Asda near me unfortunately
Good to know it's a decent price elsewhere too - was just posting that for anyone with an Asda closer. £1 cheaper isn't really worth going out your way (too much) for
Same price at morrisons too!!
What's different with pink gin?
pick up a bottle of the strawberry, raspberry and cracked black pepper lemonade to go with it 🙃🙃🙃🙃
johnraggett2 m ago

What's different with pink gin?

It tastes a bit sweeter and in my opinion easier and tastier to drink
Thought it might be, think I'll giove it a miss
Why would anyone buy this and ruin a perfectly good Gin? Pink gin is incredibly easy to make if you want one by adding a couple of drops of angostura bitters and then chilled water. It means you at least have a bottle of ordinary gin for other drinks!
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