Gordon's Special Dry London Gin 2 Litre £19.89 Co-operative

Gordon's Special Dry London Gin 2 Litre £19.89 Co-operative

Found 5th Jun 2013
Nationwide oniline /instore deal for Mothers Ruin until 16th July
Fill your boots or a glass if you prefer !!!
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Is this really the right price? Do they even sell 2 litre bottles? I've never seen them

EDIT: Seems to say so here: co-operativefood.co.uk/dea…ls/ How about that
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nice mixer with Gin
If this isn't a mistake then it's smoking hot.
Find it very hard to believe for a 2L bottle but if it is true then a very good deal.
Must be a misprint as it as the website says that the rrp for the 2L bottle is only 64p more expensive than the 1L bottle.
Very good if you can find it. Personally never seen a 2ltr bottle of Gordons

nice mixer with Gin

Thought you'd turn up
I think this is for 1l bottle ..
Voted hot then saw it is for the 1 litre bottle- form the website
£19.25 was £24.25
Gordon's Special Dry London Gin
1 litre
(Available until 16th July 2013)
Now what do I do with all the tonic and limes?
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