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Flights to Toronto, Canada with choice of stop in Lisbon from £168.99 return (Jan - Aug 2021) @ gotogate
Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find ful… Read more

You're right, I've mentioned this in my comment when the deal was posted and added the picture so others can see.


Yes. But the poster also put that those prices were available for dates between January & August 2021..


i dont have to pay £168.99 to step outside my front door! you are right though,its about risk management and buying flights to a country we are banned from entering,12 months in advance isnt a risk im willing to take. good luck though!


Come fly spread with me, come fly spread, come fly spread Covid away


I assume they mean financial risk. Getting a refund if they cancel your flight might be fruitless.

Direct return flight to Orlando (Sandford) £180.62 (June departure / Departing London Gatwick) @ GotoGate (Flight operated by TUI)
295° Expired
Posted 10th Jun 2019Posted 10th Jun 2019
Direct return flight to Orlando (Sandford) £180.62 (June departure / Departing London Gatwick) @ GotoGate (Flight operated by TUI)£180.62£22921%
Excellent price :) You depart on the 12th June and return on the 19th June so this is last minute but hopefully this deal will be of use to some. Hand luggage only.
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I did this route last minute 4/5 years ago and for the price it was an exceptional flight, was practically a brand new Dreamliner, great service!


Seems to be £207 now?


Excellent deal



I booked it at £199 return through TUI the other day :/

Direct return flight to Aruba (Caribbean Windward Island) £248.02 (Late June departure / Departing LGW) @ GotoGate (Flight Operated by TUI)
224° Expired
Posted 6th Jun 2019Posted 6th Jun 2019
Direct return flight to Aruba (Caribbean Windward Island) £248.02 (Late June departure / Departing LGW) @ GotoGate (Flight Operated by TUI)£248.02£29917%
Excellent price for a direct return flight departing on the 29th June and returning on the 14th July :) Good if you want to see some Flamingos :D Hand luggage only, but you do ge… Read more
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Shows as £1900 + for me


I spent a week on Aruba earlier this year, it is a really nice place. Bear in mind it is always windy but that helps keep the temperature a bitt more pleasant. Plenty of snorkeling and great beaches. It is a bit more americanized than some of the other Caribbean island, and when a cruise ship is in town you really can tell! Hotels are quite expensive and are usually large resort type places however there are some good value smaller places to be had. If you are tight on budget I can strongly recommend the Dorado Eagle Beach Hotel. It's not fancy but it has very clean big rooms, a nice small pool and is very near an excellent beach!


any deals on hotels?


Beautiful place well worth a visit

Direct return flight to Orlando (Sanford) £167.96 (Departing Newcastle / June departure) @ GotoGate (Flight operated by TUI)
905° Expired
Posted 5th Jun 2019Posted 5th Jun 2019
Direct return flight to Orlando (Sanford) £167.96 (Departing Newcastle / June departure) @ GotoGate (Flight operated by TUI)£167.96£24933%
The flight departs on the 10th June and returns on the 17th June (as shown in the image below). Great price for a last minute holiday to Orlando if you live in the North East :) H… Read more
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Wouldn't touch gotogate with a barge pole. Dodgy as you like. Not worth the hassle.


The weather system is currently awful in Florida (and many other states). 14 days of rain,, cloud and lightning forecast. The exchange rate is also currently awful. We flew out with tui this week and the plane was less than full (we prebooked for extra space but there was no need on retrospect).


prices are £215 on gotoGate or £199 on TUI so maybe worth updating the title or expiring this EDIT only 3 seats left on this flight although loads of other options at £199 or £229


Thomas Cook and Norwegian are looking for additional funding no issues with TUI AFAIA


Well said. I would add that there is a world of difference between these crappy internet booking websites and a really good travel agent. If you speak to a proper agent they will check genuine availability there and then, and provide a complete service and in most cases at a good price. The culture of this website and its community seems to be that price is everything rather than genuine value for money. If a flight costs £10 more booked with a great agent that's fantastic value for money.

Return flight to Seoul (South Korea) departing London Gatwick (May & November departures) £339 @ GotoGate (China Eastern)
284° Expired
Posted 19th Apr 2019Posted 19th Apr 2019
Return flight to Seoul (South Korea) departing London Gatwick (May & November departures) £339 @ GotoGate (China Eastern)£339£50032%
Excellent price for an return flight to South Korea. Hand luggage only. The flights involve one stop in each direction at Shanghai. Most flights have a layover time of approximatel… Read more
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Price seems good, but China Eastern? Lol no thanks


You have a link for the 8th April? the best I can get is £1,991.38 pp rubbish deal that doesn't exist


David soul 😁


Cheers, I will add this :)


Wonder if BLACKPINK will be in concert in November.

Return flight to Bangkok (Thailand) £373 (June - July & September - February departures / Departing Cardiff) @ GoToGate (Qatar Airways)
352° Expired
Posted 17th Apr 2019Posted 17th Apr 2019
Return flight to Bangkok (Thailand) £373 (June - July & September - February departures / Departing Cardiff) @ GoToGate (Qatar Airways)£373
Interesting price here from Cardiff to Bangkok, especially as the price includes June, July & September departures and the flight is with Qatar, a 5* airline, with Qatar freque… Read more
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I think airlines are usually 11 months before so shouldn’t be long..


Anyone have any idea when April flights will e released?


Thank you

winchman Quite a handy websites


Here in Ao Nang now and scorchio!!! Bangkok tomorrow for a few nights...really good so far and street food amazing ( and cheap!!)...

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Return flight to Auckland (New Zealand) £388 (October or November departures departing LGW or LHR) @ GotoGate (China Eastern)
494° Expired
Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
Return flight to Auckland (New Zealand) £388 (October or November departures departing LGW or LHR) @ GotoGate (China Eastern)£388£50022%
Sub £500 is a good price for a flight to New Zealand, but to get sub £400 is rare and is not to be sniffed at! Use the Skyscanner Matrix to find cheap dates and then book via Go… Read more
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I'm not ignoring any of those people, in fact I campaign vigorously in support of them. You? I'm just interested as to how your comments - and some of mine - got deleted, perhaps you could educate me? I didn't realise that could be done on this site. I'm certainly not melting like a snowflake ( another pathetic cliche applied by the unthinking to anyone displaying a bit of decency or concern for others ) or any other heat sensitive substance - chocolate ? - therefore your words don't hurt me at all, and I'm not in a bubble, in fact I'm very interested in other peoples opinions, including yours.


Delete my own comments? Yes ok, you tell yourself what you want to hear in your little bubble. I understand. My words hurt you and you melt like a snowflake whilst ignoring the dead Iraqis, Afghanis, Syrians, Lybians. But it’s ok, this Politician put a hat on so now everything is ok.


I see that you've also managed to delete my response to your " virtue signalling " outburst somehow. I didn't know that could be done, but it's a bit cowardly though if it was you.


When the "opposition?" chooses to self-silence rather than engage in debate, to the extent of deleting their own arguments, it would hardly be defined as " fascism " by any reasonable person methinks.


Silence the opposition and stick your head in sand. Fascism is back.

Dubai in March with Emirates flights and hotel 4 nights 5 days - £1660 for family of 4 @ gotogate
391° Expired
Posted 18th Jan 2019Posted 18th Jan 2019
Dubai in March with Emirates flights and hotel 4 nights 5 days - £1660 for family of 4 @ gotogate£1,660£2,40031%
Hi I’ve just booked this thought it was a good deal. The same hotel and flights with emirates holiday direct was £2400. Based to 2 adults and 2 children under 12. Hotel is Ramada … Read more
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Hi Rajesh, amazing deal but im having some issues booking hotel. Did you book direct with Ramada as the gotogate doesn't include the hotel as a package deal. It simply takes you to payment page once you selected your flight details. Help


Puts my £110 flights with albeit manky Ukraine International Airlines into prespective. Not direct. You can find reasonable hotel for £200 a week and do not have to eat in expensive joints on a regular. Nice place, there is a lot more to UAE then Dubai thats for sure. Stunning place away from this city.


Ugly, hollow city built by slaves on a culture of oppression. There is nothing to be seen here.


Spent a couple of weeks in dubai for a wedding and to visit family (for the first time) . Outside of the tourist / hotel life which will cocoon you from reality - this place is my literal version of hell on earth. Corrupt, seedy, sinful and obscene. Everything is about money there, and surprising alot of what you see is on credit (its not true wealth like abu dhabi). On a side note - I still haven’t got over the almost £200 i spent on the first night just buying burger, chips, a drink and some cake for four people from the Cheesecake Factory. But..i know a good deal when i see one so i vote hot for the comparative travel cost and wont let my judgement of the hellhole cloud it.


British airways use Belgium airlines and the reviews are not good

May/June Flights to Canada (St John's/Newfoundland) £161.12pp @ GotoGate
527° Expired
Posted 15th May 2018Posted 15th May 2018
May/June Flights to Canada (St John's/Newfoundland) £161.12pp @ GotoGate£161.12
Absolute steal, dates in May and June. Screenshot based on 2 people, example below: Outgoing flight has 9 hours in Halifax so it's great if you want to have a few hours there… Read more
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Can’t find any tickets for £162 return


Comes up as £283 for me :(


Since British means from Britain - i.e. Scotland, Wales and England - that would seem a little bizarre. Are you conflating English with British perhaps? The Channel Islands / Islse of Man aren't part of Britain - they are Crown dependencies.


sadly not return flight to Halifax Uk


Has anyone used GoToGate before? They look a lot cheaper than some of the other options for the same flight, and I was just wondering if anyone had experience with them.

Barbados Holiday 2 Adults (Direct flights) 31/01/18 - 07/02/18 - £1335 @ Gotogate & NetFlights
77° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2017Posted 5th Jul 2017
Barbados Holiday 2 Adults (Direct flights) 31/01/18 - 07/02/18 - £1335 @ Gotogate & NetFlights£1,335
Thought this was a great price for Barbados, Direct Flights. Hotel reviews might not suit everyone, but at this price, I think I could manage :) www.netf… Read more

On the way out there is a stop off, but on the way back there is no stop off.


Aye, but that's from London oO my deal is from Manchester....


BA don't fly from Manchester, £400 return is pretty standard for these flights in December and January, I've been the last two years, Note not all barbados flights are direct they fly through either Antigua / St Lucia or Trinidad stop for an hour to drop of passengers and then onto barbados 45-60 mins, With cheap liat fares you can do two holidays in one for £350-420 return


Ok check out 2 May 2018 . Butterfly Beach hotel 2 people from London £1349 for 7 nights and Netflights same dates £1395. So I'm saying is better to compare before booking. No harm.


Unless you are going to show your workings, then I do not see the point in this post at all oO

London to Dubai return 15/03/17 to 19/03/17 £183 @ gotogate
90° Expired
Posted 25th Jun 2016Posted 25th Jun 2016
London to Dubai return 15/03/17 to 19/03/17 £183 @ gotogate£183
Your selected trip from London Stansted to Dubai Departure 13:20 04:0510h 45min(1 change) Return 05:05 12:4011h 35min(1 change) Total price including tax £182.67 BOOK London Sta… Read more
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Excessive stopover at the airport on both legs means you get barely anytime in Dubai. The return flight is at crack of dawn pretty much so you only end up spending 2 nights there. Price might be good, but what are you actually getting for it? Not voting as the good price is countered by the lengthy journey time and the poor return time meaning very little time to spend over there.


Just be very, very careful with Gotogate..... tonnes of very, very bad reviews out there...


Would pay more to use Heathrow or Gatwick instead. Stansted is a horrible airport.


just use skyscanner


Watch out for baggage allowance... From Free hold baggage is not allowed for Basic Packages on international flights. Free hold baggage allowance of Essentials Package is 20KG, free hold baggage allowance of Advantage Package is 20KG and free hold baggage allowance of Extra Package is 25KG. Our passengers can purchase additional baggage allowance through web, mobile, the call centre, authorised travel agencies or at the airport, on top of their additional baggage allowance.  • You can find out more about the new Basic Package which is designed for passengers who travel on international flights only with hand baggage, here. Basic Package does not have free hold baggage allowance and it can only be bought through  • Where passengers with connecting flights purchase additional baggage allowance they are required to keep their receipts showing the relevant purchase until they reach their destination. • If there are multiple passengers on the PNR, separate baggage allowance must be purchased for each passenger. • Purchased weight (kg) allowance is not transferable to anyone else. Further details on the airline website.