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Posted 26 September 2022

Gourmet Mon Petit Cat Food Pouches Free at Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Morrisons & Pets at Home after cash back via app @ Shopmium

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Available at Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Morrisons & Pets at Home (in-store & online).

Gourmet™ Mon Petit Intense.
A refined collection of truly delectable recipes that celebrate the essence of flavour. Easy to open, easy to serve, with no leftovers and in a designed to be recyclable pouch. All our d electable recipes are 100% complete and balanced for all adult cats.
Appetislng fresh portions, Made with high quality ingredients, No added colourants, No added artificial flavourings and preservatives
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    Be aware, since these have changed to the 'intense' branding, a lot of cats have been having issues...My cat has been on Mon petit fine for years, but since the change, she was throwing up continually and had liquid poos.. I googled about it , and saw that many other cat owners had been having issues (or even just plain refused to touch the new stuff)... I have since switched her over to a different brand, and shes back to normal (well, shes actually even better than she was previously, much more playful and cat-like).
    Hi, sorry to hear your cat got ill and glad you found a solution.
    Yes, cats can be very fussy with their food, and are very sensitive to any change.
    Mostly, they'll just turn their nose up to something new.
    It's extremely rare that something in a branded cat food will make a cat ill

    Our cat was happy eating dry kibbles for 8 years until we got some free Felix pouches on a promotion.
    Having tasted the "good life", she flat refuses the kibbles, and will only eat Felix!
    She wolfed down one of these "Mon Petit" pouches this morning and seems completely fine with it.
    One very happy kitty!

    I've just done a Google search, and can only find good reviews for this product.
    I wonder if you could provide some links or more specific evidence for the "many other cat owners have been having issues"?
    The reason I ask, the same rumours and scare stories have been circulating since Purina changed the recipe for their Felix cat food pouches over a year ago.
    Despite millions of happy healthy cats, including ours, continuing to eat the new Felix recipe, we still see 1 or 2 people commenting on every Felix cat food deal trying to scare people off. When challenged, nobody can provide any actual solid evidence.
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    HOT!!!!!! Only the best for my pussy
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    Great freebie, picked up this morning in Sainsburys.
    Also extended my Gold status with only 3 days remaining.
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    Shame the app is so buggy for some. Already submitted claim for this offer apparently... Same with some previous ones. Customer service useless and go radio silent after saying the same thing
    Honestly can say say I have never had a problem and we have 8 accounts between us.