Gourmet Society up to 50% off, 99p for 6 months membership  @Kgbdeals

Gourmet Society up to 50% off, 99p for 6 months membership @Kgbdeals

Found 27th Apr 2010
AS description you get up to 50 % off all meals if you sign up through KGBdeals.

from KGBDeals site info

key points
Today's deal is only £0.99!

Today's offer serves up the following discounts at a list of participating restaurants:
- 2 for 1 meals
- 50% off food
- 25% off food and drink

Redeemable at thousands of restaurants nationwide

Link takes you to the gourmet society restaurant finder, thought this was the best link as you can check if it is worthwile for you before spending a whole 99p on a deal!

A direct link: kgbdeals.com/?id…192
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jsut checked my area and quiet a few, this si most unusual for the south west

Pizza Express
2 Broadgate, Exeter
Harry's Grill Bar
6 Northernhay Place, Exeter
202 High Street, Exeter
Café Rouge
24 Bedford Street, Exeter
The Lamb Inn
Longdown, Exeter
The Galley Restaurant
41 Fore Street, Exeter
The Coachmans Rest
London House, Exeter
38-39 The Strand, Exmouth
Bickleigh Mill Bistro
Bickleigh Mill, Tiverton
Exeter Road, Sidmouth
Sampsons Farm Restaurant
Preston, Newton Abbot
The Ness
Ness Drive, Nr Teignmouth
La Rosetta
High Street, Sidmouth
The Vine
Radway Place, Sidmouth
Waters Edge
Mercury Yacht Harbour, Southampton
104 Queen Street, Newton Abbot
Pattersons Restaurant
4 Mill Street, Mayfair
Angel of Witheridge
The Square, Witheridge
Mulberry House
(The Restaurant), Torquay
Inn @ The Grosvenor
Belgrave Road, Torquay
Steps Bistro
1A Fleet Street, Torquay
Bianco's Ristorante
38 Torwood Street, Torquay
1 Vaughan Parade, Torquay
Pizza Express
16 The Strand, Torquay
Miahs Indian Restaurant
12 Victoria Parade, Torquay
Elephant Restaurant
3-4 Beacon Terrace , Torquay
19 Fore Street, Tiverton
75 Torquay Road, Paignton
Frenchs Cosmopolitan Bistro
Combe House, Chulmleigh
The Gandhi
4a Parkside Road, Paignton
Bel and the Dragon
Blakes Lock, Reading
Balti King
5 Ticklemore Street, Totnes
Bistro 67
67 Fore Street , Totnes
Cafe Asia
46 The High Street, Totnes
59 High Street, Wellington
Poopdeck Restaurant
14 The Quay, Brixham
Allerford Inn
Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton
Sails Restaurant
22 South Embankment, Dartmouth
Jurassic Seafood Restaurant
47A Silver Street, Lyme Regis
Pizza Steak House
2 Drakes Way, Lyme Regis
25 Fore Street, Taunton
Pizza Express
20 Bridge Street, Taunton
Lotus Flower Thai
89/91 Station Road, Taunton
Good offer.
great deal - gourmet society more than covers its cost anyway, but a 99p deal is a steal

h and r OP
I dont get it. Do I pay 99p and get to eat at half price at the listed places?
That's pretty much the idea, Civic. Just one use per location but 99p seems worthwhile. H&R.
One use at each place, so I cant go back to the same place every few days? Also the website doesnt seem to have a section for filling in the delivery address.
ordered it, 99p is a bargain seeing being able to go out for meals is getting tighter and tighter these days...

Wouldnt mind buying one for a mate as a present, anyone know how I can do that, as it just asks for my details and billing address, but i'd like to put someone elses name on the card that doesnt live with me, but pay the whopping 99p myself
Civic EG6;8473474

One use at each place, so I cant go back to the same place every few … One use at each place, so I cant go back to the same place every few days? Also the website doesnt seem to have a section for filling in the delivery address.

My mate owns a bar that accepts this card - they never check (and don't seem to care) if you've used it there before. Don't let this put you off, it's a steal even at its ususl price. Hotter than a hot thing.
I was also going to ask, how would the restaurant know if you've been before. Looks like you've partially answered my question.

Also have any places listed ever refused the 50% off?
You DON'T get 50% off at EVERY restaurant. Following the link at top of page won't let you see the discounts, just the selected restaurants. To see the discounts at the selected restaurants, you will need to sign in (see below).

Go to the site ]HERE and use membership number 12345 to login then look for restaurants in your area.

You then click on each restaurant to find out the deal which is on there.

Offers are generally 2 for 1, 25% off food and drinks etc and are sometimes unavailable on selected days. For example, you could get 25% off but it can't be used after 5pm on Friday and Saturday.

You also normally HAVE to phone and book a table and mention the card. Some places will only accept bookings on the day you want to eat.

Anyway, have a look and you will see.

Hope this helps?

Voted HOT by the way. 99p??? This is a no brainer! Just one use and it will have saved some £££!
good one, i have to take the woman out from time to time,

was hoping jack in the green would be in there but never mind.

will take her to prezzos in exmouth, at least i wont need to drive and can get some cheap beer in at the powder monkey first

heat n rep
Do you need 1 per person when a few of you go or is it one per table? Also - is the card named or can you pass it on to other half for her to use when you dont?
Has anyone used kgbdeals.com before? I am a but bit skeptical parting my credit card details as there page does not have a SSL padlock symbol..
dont know how helpfull this will be! but sorry in advance

When I got a trial of the gormet card, it wasnt named and to track the use there was a MASSIVE list of numbers on the back from which then place was meant to cross it off..but this might have just been the trail (I guess there will be a picutre of the card somewehre on google??)
Awesome stuff! I've been tempted to join at full price for a while.

My uncle got a card as a gift, he loves it! He reckons it pays for itself after a few meals. Not everywhere is 50% off though, you get different discounts.
hmmm... i've ordered one of these but tast london is definatly better if you are going in a group or want 50% off at more places for deserts and starters. And the always have an offer on to bring it down to £30 a year very regularly... i went to chimichangas, with 7 others. Saved a total of £75 on the food. With this card i would have only saved a tenner! if that. well i have both so im happy as this has lots more independant resturants.

Have a look at tastelondon!!
My security filter returns the following message when accessing the kgbdeals website:

"Based on your corporate access policies, this web site ( kgbdeals.com/ ) has been blocked because it has been determined to be a security threat to your computer or the corporate network. This web site has been associated with malware/spyware." :?
The card you get is credit card sized and it opens out so it looks like you have 2 credit cards. On the front are your details then on the next 3 sides it's numbered 1-3000,yup 3000 and the numbers are small if thats what your thinking. Whats ment to happen is at certain places you can only use it once and they should mark the card and others its unlimited and hence they dont stamp the card. I'm in my second year of hammering the card all over the country and it's never been stamped once! 6 of us went for a curry the other week and my discount was £38,so it shows it takes no time to get your money back. I haven't got the guide with me at the moment but there is some for 25% off your total bill including drinks! Bargin.
Excellent deal, had a Hi- life dining card which was more area specific and had more choice but was also £29.99, you get your money back in a visit
Is the 2for1 deals limited to two people or can you use it on an even number group?
i can't see where to actually complete the purchase on the website- any1 got a direct link?
A direct link: kgbdeals.com/?id…192

If you go as a couple, do you both need a card? We're just debating whether or not my wife needs one.

It sounds silly, but i don't want to show it to get my money off and be told i can't because not all diners are members or something stupid.
wow, only discovered kgb yesterday through the cinema offer on here. have signed up for this deal aswell now. cant wait to see what else they offer! paid by credit card just to be safe.
I like the fact that this is a 1 off 6 month card, you dont have to cancel after 6 months. 1 visit will land me in profit. thanks op
Bump, for people that have missed it.
Just Registered. It's a good deal. HOT!
I haven't make any payment yet as I was not registered through the kgb's website, but through gourmetcard.co.uk/. The email said I need to wait until the deal closes on 4/5 and only pay 99p then.
I'd highly recommend the gourmet card. I won one last year and saved loads of money using it. It gives you some good ideas when you can't decide where to go for a special occation. My favourite is cafe rouge where you get 50% off.
I ordered one of these but haven't received it yet. Anyone else had their card?

I ordered one of these but haven't received it yet. Anyone else had their … I ordered one of these but haven't received it yet. Anyone else had their card?

Nope not yet they have taken the 99p though so fingers crossed. I think it did say allow 28 days for delivery.
Got mine yesterday.
Got mine yesterday too
Bit of a bump, although I'm not sure who looks at these old deals - I've still not received anything.
If you haven't received it you should contact KGB.
But strangely they sent me 2 when I only paid for one. Still have yet to use it
Has this expired? I can't find the link to get this deal anywhere
DO NOT GET IT. Its just a way of getting our bank details. These people are Rouge Traders, so much trouble to cancel after trial period. They send you and email which goes into your junk mail and before you know it you have been charge nearly £40.
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