Posted 13 January 2023

Gourmia Air fryer £46.78 (Members Only) at Costco Sunbury

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Gourmia 6.7 litre air fryer at costo feltham £38.99 ex vat

You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership

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    (£38.99+vat) (edited)
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    Same price in Haydock.
    There was a pallet of them hidden a bit.
    Enter the store and walk along the racking on left, towards the tills. (edited)
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    A fair amount in stock at chingford
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    So not £38.99 then is it? (edited)
    It is if you are Vat registered.
    Businesses always look at ex vat price.
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    I got this for Christmas to replace a round one I’d had for a few years and it is fantastic with a lot more space! I was holding out for a Cosori deal on BF but zilch offers. I rarely put my oven on nowadays, these are fab for baking frozen croissants/danishes in morning in half the time. Whole chicken done in an hour. I follow fabulessly frugal on YT for meal/recipe ideas. Saving quite a bit on electricity too which is a bonus
    I have this and a Salter 8l today I bought a 2 ring Induction hob my Cooker is now off till Christmas haha
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    Imagine the pile of air fryers on the tip in the next couple of years.
    Do you remember the bread makers hype?
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    Costco haven't got a store in Feltham, so is this Sunbury or Hayes? (edited)
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    Still lots left this morning. Clearly the mania has stopped. They also had loads of the dual ones with the french name. Nobody was buying them.....
    I reckon the bubble has burst & everyone who wants one has got one now.
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    49325792-581sf.jpgGot it today awesome!
    I have mine sat on another smaller wooden board for ease of pulling out as it needs a decent gap when cooking. Noticed mine steams up the nearby window much more than last airfryer so it’s powerful.
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    Silver means posh
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    Back in stock online too (albeit for £54.99)
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    Great! if anyone finds stock situation in watford store pls update here
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    None at Costco Chingford
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    Just been at Sunbry on Thames Costco and at the moment is out of stock. The manager checked the coming up delivery and is coming back in store tomorrow, 17th January 🏻worth to go at start of the opening time as they recommended to get one (edited)
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    How does it compare to Phillips?
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    saw them in Reading yesterday same price... not gone for 1 yet..
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    What is the best recipe book for this air fryer? As most recipes as temps of 300/400 degrees and this is max 200 degrees
    I am yet to come across an air fryer that does more than 250 Celsius at most.

    Are you sure the recipe book you are looking at is not in Fahrenheits?

    400F is ~ 200C
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    Anyone know if there is stock in the Croydon branch?
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    About 10 left at Derby
    £37.99 (£45.58)
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    Loads today in Coventry - picked one up. Pretty impressed so far.
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