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lambeth country show 2018
Today 12:00Starts today 12:0022/07/2018 at 20:00Expires on 22/07/2018 at 20:00Found 12 h, 53 m agoFound 12 h, 53 m ago

Can't believe you didn't mention guns, all worth while in my book. All aimed at keeping people alive or out of hospital.


More like the police who requested the fencing. whilst I agree it is nice, family orientated event, for some, there has been a long history of violence associated with it, all be it least a small number of people (gangs/groups of youths) who attend with the intent on settling scores etc. At the end of the day if the searches, keep weapons out and decent minded people attending then I personally think its a good thing. The other thing to consider from the councils point of view, is that these events are not cheap to run. From policing, setting up, cleaning up and rectifications works to the event site... It doesn't come cheap. Given that councils, police (along with schools & NHS) are all struggling for funding you might be able to understand why they are trying to maximise revenue /maintain safety whilst keeping the event free. I am convinced that the last thing the council want to do is charge for the event.... It is more likely to be pulled due to lack of finance.


And your point is ?




What a great event to go to! There's a 'Before I Die' tent, and a 'Prostate Cancer Awareness' tent..... Being Lambeth, there's probably a 'Let's Fight Knife Crime' tent too!

Great cheap tourist attraction. Newport Transporter Bridge.
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Hi Not sure where to post this but here goes. My daughter and I visited this bridge at the weekend and wow it is amazing! For just £3 adults and £2 children you get to take your … Read more
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That was the one from Middlesbrough.


I think everyone's getting confused here , there are two bridges - one in Wales- OPs deal and one up North :)


She was on her way to Scarborough, iirc [quote=youngrobbo] I remember this one well, Paul Simon met a woman going by the name of Mrs Robinson on the bridge.[/quote]


I remember this one well, Paul Simon met a woman going by the name of Mrs Robinson on the bridge.


This is the kind of view you’ll be getting from the bridge. This photo was taken off the top of the 2 wind turbines in Newport dock looking towards the bridge.

*heads up* Have you paid too much income tax? Check now ive just got a refund of £178.20
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Recieved a letter this morning off hmrc saying ive paid too much income tax and due a refund of £178.20 Went to the website and it shown me what years i was … Read more
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mine was the same, must owe us something. quite sure if was the other way around there would be demand letters straight out...


Got a letter saying I owe 196 (annoyed)




Hot UK Boasts? Getting a refund is not really a deal.


Get enough emails from Nigerians

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GOV.UK Free Practice Driving Theory and hazard perception test
Refreshed 3rd JunRefreshed 3rd Jun
Hoping this might help out anyone learning to drive. Was ideal for my son to practice his theory : ) Before you can start driving lessons you must hold a provisional licence. ..… Read more
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Thank you for info


Nigel I’m gonna report you to the pigs blud, them lot gonna take your liccy away


43 out of 50 so missed it by one! Shame I have my license already!


36...not bad :)))


Its scary how good my mileage gets simply by following something my driving instructor said which was to always look into the distance and plan your course of action according to either what is going on in the foreground or the gradient of the road (e.g downshift before a hill to stay within speed limits) or lift off/cruise to lights if there’s a light instead of needlessly keeping the throttle down.

Help to Save Account - -  pay in up to £50 per month - up to 50% bonus on the money you've paid in (entitled to Working Tax Credit and receiving payments for Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit)
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
You can only open an account if you're receiving Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit. Pay in up to £50 per month. If you pay in £1,200 over 2 years and don't make any withdraw… Read more

Knew someone self employed that bought machinery £30k to keep tax down, and qualify tax credits and as result which was well planned and at suggestion of his accountant he got £4k tax credit. This is quite common in farming circles. Bring your income by carefully planning £16k if you rented and not owned a house get housing benefit and council tax benefit also!


Register both for gov gateway accounts then see if you are eligible. 10 minutes to find out.


I assume as couple only one account can be opened only not two?


Seems like a great scheme for those eligible. Gets my heat!


£50 per month does not equate to over a grand in a year.

Claim for Damage to Your Vehicle from Potholes / Damaged Roads
Refreshed 28th MayRefreshed 28th May
You may be able to claim compensation if your vehicle has been damaged by a road. The organisation you contact depends on where the road is and the type of road.

Just sitting here laughing to my self reading people using the term "road tax." Really? Electric cars don't even pay VED aka Road Tax (abolished many, many years ago), yet everyone goes on about bicycles paying VED. It's weird. Also, most serious cyclists do have insurance, as our bikes can cost more than a lot of cars on the roads (the things damaging the roads to begin with.) Roads are maintained by the Council Tax, not your VED. Sit there and play the fool, it will eventually die off, but you know and I know the council tax is what maintains roads and your VED is subject to your certain vehicle.


Yep, sent photos of the pothole and trlyre damage to them. Pothole is on the crest of a hill at a speed chicane so extremely difficult to avoid as you don't see it until late. They're basically stating it was acceptable 2 months prior to the incident. That's garbage as everyone knows this area is a nightmare for potholes. Even taxi drivers try to avoid the area. Glasgows roads are particularly bad and the council obviously want to stop losing money and are playing hard ball now.


When did the incident occur? Do you have any photos of the road and damage? If not it will be hard for you to prove anything. If you do have photos of the road and it's condition at the time of the incident, they will be in a worst position as they have stated they inspected the road. Next time this happens, take a photo of the road condition. But don't give up, explain to them that due to the condition of the road, you are at loss. Common law jurisdiction protects humans from lose at another. The road condition was impossible to avoid without causing a potential hazard. Yes they are not expected to be able to repair every single issue at any given time, but if they inspected the road and did not see anything then either it wasn't there, or they did not notice it. I always end up winning against these things, Whether it's PCNs, speeding tickets or other fines. I never pay for these things, recently got a PCN for a suspended bay cancelled too.


Thanks for some guidance on this. They came back to me as per below and stated they are not liable. Unbelievable! "As previously advised the City under the terms of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, the Council is required to establish and adhere to a reasonable system of inspection and maintenance. They are therefore obliged to carry out regular inspections and repair any potentially hazardous defects identified as a result of these inspections, or that may be subsequently brought to their attention by a member of the public. They cannot be, and are not, expected to keep all footways and carriageways in perfect condition at all times. Whilst we note your comments regarding the stretch of road concerned as advised in our letter of 09/05/18 prior to your accident on 25/01/2018 the road had been inspected on 01/12/2017 and no defect was noted at the area concerned. As Glasgow City Council has implemented and adhered to their reasonable system of inspection and maintenance, and as they cannot reasonably be expected to predict where or when a particular surface may deteriorate to the point where it poses a potential hazard to members of the public, we are still unable to conclude that they can be considered to have failed in their duty or be deemed negligent. As a result, we are unable to either accept liability or make an offer of settlement." I've taken your advice and requested all the relevant information they have of inspections and repairs to the road. This I've advised will be used in legal proceedings. So frustrated at them, im not trying to scam anyone but why should I have to keep forking out for new tyres/re-alignments because this particular roads has more craters than the moon. While i accept they cannot be aware of every pothole they should at least use something half durable when carrying out repairs and not something that vanishes within a month.


Claiming against the council for Pothole related damage would, if you're successful, come from the same budget assigned to repair the roads. If there's less budget because of claims, there's less to repair the potholes and more claims as a result. A vicious circle surely? Furthermore, road tax goes to central government and is assigned to Highways England/Scotland to maintain motorways and trunk roads, it does not go towards maintaining local networks. Finally, all carriageways and footways are inspected on a routine basis by law. If no defects are found during these inspections, you are unlikely to be entitled to any reimbursement following damage that may occur after the inspection date. Afterall, it is not possible for all highways to be inspected on a daily basis so not knowing the potholes existed is a very fair and understandable response to counter a claim. My advice is to drive slower and to the road conditions, which includes both weather and road quality conditions.

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Uniform Tax Rebate
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Claim Tax Refunds For Work Uniform & Clothes - Uniform Tax Rebate Find out how to claim tax relief on money you’ve spent on things like work uniform and clothing, tools, busin… Read more

Sadly not - "You can’t claim tax relief for everyday clothing (even if you wear it for work).". I expect it has to be a piece of clothing issued by the company or that you've bought and that you have to wash. I expect the differentiating factor is scope of use, for instance you wouldn't use a Tesco uniform to go to the pub in, yet you may use smart trousers and a shirt.


Yes, an allowance of £5 a month which would save most people £1 in tax (£5 x 20% = £1)




Thanks for info. The link you've posted comes up as an error....


Wow I didn't know you could do that.

Discounts available for current or ex Military, ministry of defence Civil Servants and NHS
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
This isn't new, but certainly may be of interest to some on this site. Discounts at many retailers are available for members of the Defence Discount scheme. It is an official sch… Read more
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For the most part yes. However this card gives you access to online discounts also (typically the employee portal) and veterans don't usually have their military ID.


I know, disappointing isn't it. I wasn't particularly hungry that day ;(


Who spends 80 quid at yo sushi?



If you show your Military ID card you get the same discount? Heat added but something to be aware of.

Help to Save Account - -  pay in up to £50 per month - up to 50% bonus on the money you've paid in
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
You can only open an account if you're receiving Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit. Pay in up to £50 per month. If you pay in £1,200 over 2 years and don't make any withdraw… Read more

I think the collective here discovered that as long as you qualify when opening the account, what happens to your personal circumstances will not affect the bonus.


Does anyone know if you open this account while receiving tax credits and your partner gets a job which then means you don’t qualify for tax credits would we still get the bonus?


we don't get the working tax credits we do get child tax credits we qualified for an account :-)


Just a heads to write that you have been able to deposit your second payment since the 1st May, if you signed up in April.


I think a lot of people would think that it's the working poor on in-work benefits they want to help. If you don't work and get out of work benefits and have £50 a month spare, then I think you've been given £50 too much. The simplest solution for you to be eligible is to get work.

Bum-deal! £25-£100 reimbersment (or voucher) on purchase of Real (resuable) Nappies and or accesories!
Found 7th AprFound 7th Apr
Abstract: It's cheaper to use reusable nappies, saves money, saves on nappy rash, saves on landfill - everyone should be doing it AND you can get cashback! So one of the decidin… Read more
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This is pants


I am not on a Meter and live in Wales. I think there's an argument to be had that it takes so many liters of water to produce each disposable Nappy as well but overall I think it's safe to assume the water to wash them shouldn't discourage people. To dry ours we have a dehumidifier for when we can't put them on the line, otherwise they are our there in the sunshine on sunny days (we save them up to wash all in one go). Only 0.22 kWh so roughly 25p overnight to dry everything.


Bournemouth council gave me £30 for nappies


I used reusable nappies for both my children, now 3 and 5. I washed their nappies once/twice a week,storing them in a bucket. Dried them on radiators, rack and using dehumidifier sometimes when I was running out of fresh ones.


So you use your washing machine twice a day to wash nappies? You also aren't taking into account the cost of water used which is fine if you are not on a meter I suppose ( though there is an environmental cost), but on a meter that would also cost about 15p per cycle, plus the huge additional wear and tear on the washing machine. Also, what about drying all those nappies, especially in winter?

Claim for damage to your vehicle from Potholes / Damaged roads
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
As i found out yesterday, there seems to be more and more potholes out there and you maybe able to claim for damages from your local council / Traffic department How to make a c… Read more
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Because there are too many and I can't remember all of them when am home in order to log them all. I'm constantly dodging potholes to such am extent and expecting to be pulled over for drink driving due to the small swerves I take to avoid potholes.


NIce one, well done


125 quid which was the total I claimed for. Tyre and fitting.


How much did they pay up?


It is a reasonable stance when you think about; a Local Authority cant reasonably be expected to check every road every day; so they have to have a proper system of inspection and put any actionable defect right following such an inspection otherwise they could be considered negligent. Your only defence would be to somehow prove the defect was present and actionable at time of last inspection.

Flat rate expenses from the Inland revenue - FREE uniform tax refund worth £60 of free pay if never claimed before
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
If you wear a uniform at work, and have to wash, repair or replace it yourself, you may be able to reclaim £100s of tax for up to five years of expenses. This applies whether it'… Read more

I'll have to get around to doing this later, I've never claimed for my Nursing uniform even though I have bought maybe 4 pairs of shoes, 5 t shirts and 4 pairs of trousers.


Just applied hopefully I will get something back


Try and see.


The one that always suprises me is that higher rate tax payers don't claim back the 20% tax relief on pension contributions. Over the years it can be thousands.


What about a stale live chick?

Unemployed & have a job interview? Get 50% off your train travel to your interview
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
The JobCentre Plus Travel Discount Card will get you half price travel on all train lines, although this may vary at peak times, which makes travel to job interviews more affordabl… Read more
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I was applying for jobs up here, and getting interviews too. I’d just left uni, and could have moved at a couple of days notice to almost anywhere in the country - couple of suitcases and I’d have been there. I had no ties then. I’ve been a tax payer since 1987, even during the 6 years I was at college / uni. I’ve funded plenty - so have no issues with taxpayers having funded my train fares. Could I do it now? No, I’ve 2 young children, I’m recently widowed, so the upheaval would be impossible now. And I wouldn’t need anyone to fund trainfares.


Don't suppose there were any companies near you to get practice on? I understand the point and the incentive of this scheme and it's good to get people into work, but if you have no means of paying for a train, how would you pay to relocate your entire life to another part of the UK? What I will say is that why on earth aren't these interview costs being absorbed by the hiring companies or the recruitment agencies? The companies hiring who can afford to hire someone from the other side of the country and can't find anyone local then they can absolutely afford to pay a train fare (generally - they may not want to but that's another matter) and if it's through an agency then their commission of 3 to 6 months could also go towards paying it. Not really sure why tax payers should be funding it...


Unemployed folk deserve every opportunity given to them as they are all clearly desperate to get into work and start giving back. What a great idea this train thing is. Hot deal.


Attend every week must be a nightmare, oh wait, i remember back in 2014 when i was unemployed. They had me go in every day. After a week or two even the advisors couldnt be bothered and just had me show up, sign and go. Never understood the purpose of it. I was told i had to do it for 3 months. Luckily for me, back then i lived within 10 mins of my local job centre so had no problems attending without the need of transport. Really wished i completed the 3 months just to find out what they would have had lined up for me next. However, I ended up finding a job 2-3 weeks before the 3 months were up lol.


You sound like you've given up on him in a way?! "if he ever gets another interview?!" Do you think so little of him/his skills in the marketplace that you are not even sure he'll get another interview?

FREE MONEY IF CLAIMED ***NOW***: A new claim for Marriage Allowance to HMRC is worth >£900 as you can backdate it, ie you can get it paid for 2015-2018/19
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
***ACT NOW TO CLAIM BEFORE THE TAX YEAR ENDS APRIL 5TH.*** You can currently backdate your claim for Marriage Allowance back to when it started in 2015 giving you 3 years of this … Read more
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So 1 parent can earn 40k the other 10k that’s 50k in household, and then we give them benefit, why?


Hi, Can i still apply for this, even though the 5th April deadline has passed? Thanks


If their only income is £16k pa each then they do qualify. But they won't benefit from applying, one will pay less tax and the other will pay more so pointless in applying but they could if they wanted to. And it might be worth it for pensioners with that income. If you had one person with pension income of £16k and the other a smaller pension income along with some savings income or dividends which totalled £16k they could quite possibly apply and not have any extra tax to pay because of the £8,000 savings and dividend income which could be taxed at 0%.


Only if you earn under 40 odd thousand


What if partners both earn minimum wage and get £16k pa each? They won’t qualify. Then a couple earning £40k pa + £10k pa do qualify. Bloody stupid! It’s unfair treatment against full time parents on lower wage that would benefit most!

Save £12.50/ £39/ £49 when you renew your passport before 27th March price increase/ gouge
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Passport price increase/ gouge. Renew now online to save £££s! :) As from March 27 UK passport prices are set to rise considerably for those applying by post. The current £72.50 … Read more
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under 10 days January February, under 14 days March April May, under 21 days June


Anyone any idea on the time from applying to renew and receiving the new one?


how do you estimate the 70 million every year? :)


With 70 million passports out there it's a nice little earner with all the lost stolen or out of date ones.


Cold. Cheaper on Amazon Germany (lol)

Cold weather payment (£25 for every 7 consecutive days of extreme cold) - only applicable to eligible homes
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
I wasn't aware of this - with temperatures set to plunge, hopefully this helps others that might not know. Apparently this should be paid automatically, not sure how reliable that … Read more

No, cause I put my warm clothes on, turn up the heating and stay in doors. I'd rather the money went to those who didn't have those luxuries and are really feeling the cold much worse than us. For every penny given to those who don't really need it, it's taken away from those who do. Simple


I thought this was a satirical website - clicked on the link out of curiosity and BANG! It's real!


Private and public pensions are savings as investments, the rate of pension contribution was calculated using maths for payouts of pensions in the future. I don't think there is maths to substantiate your claim that private sector companies go bust because of pensions. However, there maybe a possible reason, amongst others, that in the decades we have passed more laws to create more public services which in turn needed more people to run these public services, some of which are now in the private sector, or outsourced to the private sector. It is possible that the cause is not the pension per person, the pension scheme per person, but is the total number of people, which is the quantity of people. There is also another factor, you may like to investigate, the mean average of public sector worker in contrast to private sector for the same job specs from 1970 to now. Last time when I did this for a project, a profile of 450 staff in a specific department, their salaries were up to 40% less in the public sector from memory . Many had expressed that they were willing then to accept lower pay , relative to private, because of job environment,living environment in housing costs, security and pension. Another words they traded short term and immediate gains for long term security. So final salary pension was a postponed "remuneration". If an average professional put the delta between public sector pay and private sector pay, into stock market,or buy-to-let, then its investment growth over 30-40 years is your gold plated pension. As to this cold weather payment, both you and I have deviated from this topic. But as you discussed pensions, so thought that I present a view for your consideration. I don't work in the public sector.


What is the percentage of freeloaders, growing from which percentage to which ?


You may like to add to your diagram the annual net profits after tax, or gross profit before tax in making your point so as to enhance them. These figures are in the same order of magnitude as the welfare benefits. Though I am not sure how accurate the figures are. However, they do infer that the supermarkets and others are the new tax payer subsidised sectors, just like the subsidised industries of old. (Instead of subsidising the employers for unsustainable businesses, the government is subsidising the workers so that they can work at these unsustainable industries/commercial sectors (at least a part of each company even if not the whole of these companies) at lower wages costs than that to live.) These subsidies disrupt Britain's business productivity and national economic performance. The Conservatives should have toughed it out with their working tax credit change, gradually phased it out and passed law gradually to lift wages to compensate.

Freebie: save yourself a £2500 fine - check if your car has an outstanding safety recall - just put in number plate - if it has, it'll be repaired for free
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
One in 13 used cars has an outstanding safety recall that could see you fined £2,500 - here's how to check yours. Failure to have one of these issues resolved could not only put th… Read more
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I wasn't able to put in a reg ? Only search dates and car make and model ? My car is an 11 plate qashqai and has a recall. Do u contact my local Nissan dealer ?


do you have to pay for the courtesy car ?


Cheers OP. Useful peace of mind. Can the mod please keep this post open.


Bit misleading isn't it? You can't be fined £2500 for ignoring a safety recall. You MIGHT be fined for having an unsafe vehicle, but that's largely independent of any recalls. Many un-recalled vehicles are unsafe, and many recalls are for potential issues which don't make the car immediately unsafe. Useful site, but very misleading blurb.


Its for Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda diesel vehicles from around 2009-2014

Help To Save Account to Earn 50% Tax Free Bonus for People on Working Tax Credits Or Universal Credit
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
LIMITED NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS ONLY Help to Save is a savings scheme backed by HM Treasury, so your savings are 100% secure. Once confirmed as eligible, customers can start saving st… Read more

I can see you have strong opinions on this, and I don't. But you can't say the disabled don't qualify for this scheme when some do.


The £1.5 trillion owed to the banks. Whos bailing out who? Makes me laugh the whole thing will collapse


UC is out to a minority of people who were on DWP. WTC I agree with as work should pay, but disabled/child tax credits should be able to save already some savings - its a choice to spend every penny you have regardless your income source (excludes Jobseekers because that’s not even enough to live off) simply you reevaluate essentials v luxury, pre made food from a supermarket is a luxury not a everyday 3 meals a day essiential (unless you are buying £1 ready meals which work out cheaper). Drink, smoking, taxis - even one night a week is a luxury, a top spec mobile/iPhone luxury, high interest purchasing accounts - luxury, the many need to re-evaluate their lifestyles & budgeting regardless of income or sources, the many don’t spend wisely or appropriately and society/taxpayer loses out and shareholders gain everytime. State can’t keep making new ‘benefits’ for all sub groups under median wage/incomes there are a ton of them already but when you exclude the most vulnerable in society on DWP that’s another matter


That's not entirely true because there are a lot of disabled people on WTC/UC who qualify for this scheme.


Well that and paying for an extremely high end and pricey royal wedding. Unlike when it comes to investing in healthcare or police officers, there's no money...funny that.

Claim tax back on your professional fees on Government gateway website
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
I recently claimed tax relief on my accountancy annual subscription. I also claimed back for the two previous years which I had not claimed. It's really easy to do through the gove… Read more

Unless you're an actor buying clothing that could also be everyday wear, they can claim a deduction on the cost if they're worn either as part of a costume or part- EG if you're an impersonator and have to buy a very specific outfit that also fits the definition of everyday wear. It is complicated for those of us that don't deal with it all the time :)


I now get my fees paid by my company and so cancelled my tax code that was adjusted when I had to pay prof fees myself, so in theory ring hmrc tell them the fee payable and they amend tax code, only problem I see is if like me my fees go up £20-25 every year so you are probably best to make the self assessment


No, this deal is about claiming back professional fess


I wouldn't say minefield really, IMO it's one of the more straightforward aspects of HMRC. The point is that if you have to use specific clothing in the course of your work (eg PPE, or a nurse's uniform) and your employer doesn't provide cleaning facilities (so you have to clean it at home under your own cost) and the uniform can only be used exclusively for the job, then the cleaning costs are deductible from your income. Some professions have specific arrangements for the amount, for others is the standard £60pa. The exclusive usage means that the clothing can't be used in other circumstances. Eg. you wouldn't normally go to the pub wearing a Tesco uniform as a choice. In your case, unfortunately you can't claim the cost because the suit can be used for other occasions. If it were to be branded (I wear similar attire for work, but it has company logos) then it would be eligible.


Just thinking about the hubby, can he claim back fees for CPD courses?

Claim a power of attorney refund
LocalLocalFound 7th FebFound 7th Feb
You can get part of your application fee back if you applied to register a power of attorney from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017. This applies to lasting powers of attorney (LPA) a… Read more

I arranged power of attorney through my solicitor as part of my will. Can I still claim?


Just received a text, £135 approx to be refunded within 10 days. Thanks again mikecml. (y)


Just applied on behalf of my deceased mother. I've had the following email. So, if you're struggling to get through on the phone, here's what you need to do. Thank you for contacting us about an application fee refund claim on behalf of a donor who has died. To process this claim we will require each of the following: Death certificate of the deceased donor you are claiming forGrant of representation (i.e. grant of probate or letters of administration) or a will.We can accept the documents via email, please send them to or alternatively you can post photocopies to: POA Refunds Team, 7th Floor, Office of the Public Guardian, Po Box 16185, Birmingham, B2 2WH. On receipt of these documents we’ll contact you to complete a refund application over the phone. If you have the power of attorney documents to hand when we call this will be helpful, but don’t worry if you don’t. Partial refunds apply to power of attorney applications to the Office of the Public Guardian (for England and Wales) made between April 2013 and March 2017 where an application fee was paid. Partial fee refunds are due on the following for this period: enduring power of attorney (EPA)lasting power of attorney (LPA):property and financial affairshealth and welfarepower of attorney applications that had to be resubmitted and a fee appliedpower of attorney applications where a fee remission applied (50% fee reduction). In this instance the refund will be 50% of the total partial refund amount due.


thanks for posting this, wouldn't have known otherwise.


I got all excited, then saw it would only be for £37...... I just can’t be bothered with all the form filling and hassle involved :-(