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Free Microsoft Office/Minecraft (Wales Only)
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
This is a reminder that Microsoft office and Minecraft is free to any Teachers and Students in Wales as part of the Welsh Assembily Goverment's HWB platform, essentially if you tea… Read more
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Over the bridge, its now free entry too. ;)


How do i go to wales?


VPN: Wales :D


I think you're confusing hime with Jacob Rees Mogg :D


But BetaMax is better

New Gov' Online Learning Platform to boost skills (e.g courses in Numeracy, Marketing, Data Analysis & Digital Skills) @ The Skills Toolset
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
A new online learning platform to help boost the nation’s skills while people are staying at home, has been launched today (28 April) by Education Secretary Gavin Williamson. Free… Read more
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Try to apply for public sector jobs, the forms are horrible though, that's how I got out. I went down the volunteering route (1 year), been in this job for 5 years now with a family and mortgage with kid on the way. I miss my volunteering. Try to focus on getting a job, not fighting with them, they are just doing their job but I remember one person making me apply for 40k job, you do get unhelpful idiots though, I've met homeless people and people who have been in the system for 10 years, they just get them to apply for jobs but nothing else. They outsource to private companies so the responsibility falls on them, you can't win. Bit like in my current job... Focus on working hard and hopefully it pays of. These schemes are more political sometimes than helpful, like a job fare with no jobs... I won against 3 sanctions btw. Good luck!


No, he’s useless.


Do they have courses to help people spot fake news & propaganda? That's what we need more than anything in this country. Can't believe people still trust the Tories after they way they've botched handling Coronavirus. Almost 30,000 dead now (officially, way more in reality). Such a tragedy and avoidable.


wish mine did sadly I cant work while this is going on !! roll on getting back


My job does that

Food package for the most vulnerable if you sign up
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
If you are one of the 1.5million who is considered most vulnerable and in complete lockdown, make sure you have registered on the government website. Seen this online so may be use… Read more
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The details of the vulnerable people are stored on SCS on NHS Spine. Something so dense you need Internet Expoler and clicking away the securiy warnings to access Something that isn't integrated into hospital systems. The idea a mere website could access it is fanciful.


Cheers buddy for your help on reapplying the form much appreciated (y)


Glad u got supplies eventually.


Just found this on my doorstep today looking out the window has a nosey neighbor,no knowledge of it being there has the door bell works even the knock knock works but hey some good food parcel this is guys for the vulnerable people stay safe all hopefully Boris will sort ya out soon take care


I signed up a month ago heard nothing so dont hold your breath (mad)

Free car parking for NHS and social care staff at all hospitals funded by the government
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Free car parking for NHS and social care staff at all hospitals funded by the government
Finally some better sense has prevailed vis-a-vis the parking for the NHS and social care staff who are in an all out battle against COVID-19 as the government today pledged to pro… Read more
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A hospital local to me will be stopping free parking for staff on 18th May.


Yes about time the services were taken back from the private leeches


This should have been pledged long before any crisis. Uber heat added.


Also been charged parking fee by my trust this month. Guess they didnt get the memo or more likely just chose to ignore it and charge staff anyway


The wife has been charged parking fee's while working at the hospital this week, we are hoping they will do the decent thing and provide rebate.

All drivers - Parking charges suspended for on street parking bays - Glasgow City Council
732° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd MarLocalLocal
Parking - The current government advice is to avoid using public transport and there's a reduced service from Monday 23 March, we have suspended charging for on-street parking bays… Read more
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Same in Leeds it was On regional news last week


Pity that sellout sadiq still not done this


all the traffic wardens are not working now


I don't think they actually care. I mean I hit the right notes being a delivery driver for the food places, but really I think beyond irresponsibility parking on doubles and in disabled bays it's a free for all now. Why bother at all? Some folk need emergency supplies eh chemists, hey even grabbing up loaves from the shop is pretty essential right now. Especially for those stuck in a job and unable to get to the big supermarket shops during a shift (y) 🏻 good on them. Redeploy the staff where they are needed.


Calm before the storm mate... It is gonna get busy for them fast.

Advance rail tickets to be refunded for free / Season ticket holders can claim a refund for time unused on their tickets @ Gov.UK
2097° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Advance rail tickets to be refunded for free / Season ticket holders can claim a refund for time unused on their tickets @ Gov.UK
The government has announced new temporary measures this morning regarding train travel with these measures applying to all operators. Anyone holding an advance ticket will be able… Read more
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Jonwillis For tickets purchased from our website, mobile site or app (with the exception of Season tickets), we are waiving the usual £10 charge and all refunds are now processed free of charge. Advance train tickets bought before 07:00 on Monday 23 March are eligible for a refund providing they have not been used. It does state you should get a refund


Anyone else finding that Train operators are ignoring the Governments Emergency Rules regarding refunds for Advance Tickets? Last week I requested a refund for 2 Advance tickets for last Monday from Crosscountry Trains, that I purchased ages ago. They've just responded to say I can only have a refund if I buy 2 new tickets for some date in the future, then they will process the refund. Thats not what the rules say, and in any case, even if I did buy new tickets do I trust them to refund the old ones now that the travel date has passed? No, I'd probably just be throwing good money after bad.


Does anyone know if it is possible to get refunds on railcards please (e.g. the disabled card or senior rail card) while it is not possible to use them?

Jonwillis Please note that in line with our Passenger Charter, the price of an annual season ticket offers significant savings because it offers 52 weeks of travel for the price of 40 weeks. This means that if it is more than 40 weeks since your annual season ticket started, your ticket no longer holds any refund value. You therefore will not receive any money back if you apply for any refund.


Those who had booked a return trip with TrainLine can you please confirm if you were charged 2% off your refund? We received a refund but we're charged a 2% fee.

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Free parking in all of Aberdeenshire Council’s pay and display car parks
731° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th MarLocalLocal
Free parking in all of Aberdeenshire Council’s pay and display car parks
This is a nice gesture from Aberdeenshire Council both economically and socially. Hopefully this is a precedent for other councils to follow suit. "By suspending all parking char… Read more
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At least they wouldn't be all interacting with a parking machine... someone working at a hospital or someone going to the shops for vital supplies? I don't think making car parks free makes people go whoopy parkings free, lets all go out.


No, it encourages them.


Parking wardens of Plymouth were still operating yesterday (lol) guess they need all the income they can get!

Free parking in Islington, London with printable visitor parking vouchers
307° Expired
Posted 8th Dec 2019Posted 8th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Free parking in Islington, London with printable visitor parking vouchers
Islington Council‘s resident magazine has issued printable visitor parking vouchers for the whole borough for four dates (27, 28, 30 and 31 December) in residents bays. In theory,… Read more

Re: How to print, you should click on the the blue link at the bottom of the listed days for free parking, this takes you to the Islington life publication with the free parking add in.


Can someone tell me how do I print this?


hehe :)


Oh no I've been caught out on Hukd. :)


Get ready to use your vote Find out all you need to know about voting in the General Election and St George’s ward by-election on our Voting and Elections page. Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 12 December. Locate your polling station by entering your postcode into the polling station finder.

Free Guided or Audio tours of UK Parliament for all 16-24 year olds
300° Expired
Posted 12th Nov 2019Posted 12th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Free Guided or Audio tours of UK Parliament for all 16-24 year olds
During the 2019 General Election period, 16-24-year olds can go on a free tour of UK Parliament. Available Monday to Saturday until 11 December, all tickets will be available to yo… Read more

Yet again and again we vote for those clowns. Then complain about them, to all do it again 4 years later !! The electorate does not seem to learn.


I say, if you turned on the Parliament Channel and sat there for 12 hours, you would be sleeping more than the folks there, LoL.


A bit like stone age folks who cannot hold a knife and fork, going to a civilised world where there is fine dining with real silver plated cutlery, crystal glass and 100% cotton napkins.


Biting political satire.


Pride at Parliament LGBT history guided tours. Well, most of them did go to public school XD

Find A Will Discounted To £1.50
251° Expired
Posted 4th Sep 2019Posted 4th Sep 2019
Find A Will Discounted To £1.50
Find and download a Will for only £1.50! The normal price is £10 but has been reduced to £1.50 during beta testing. Not sure if this will help anyone or not but thought I’d post it… Read more
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Strange - the Post says "Find A Will Discounted" and says nothing about viewing a will and probate documents! No wonder people do not understand - perhaps the Post needs to be more clear.


I wondered that initially, but it's only dead people - surely that should be common knowledge to ensure what was done with the will was what the deceased wanted?


"You Beta Find A Will" i think thats what it was trying to tell you


People can view the will you make, that’s not too good


Lot of people here not understanding the deal. Its nothing to do with creating a will. It's about getting a view of someone else's will and probate documents for £1.50 Personally think it's open to loads of potential fraud.

First time home buyers can claim £1000 from the government per tax year using Lifetime ISAs
349° Expired
Posted 10th Jul 2019Posted 10th Jul 2019
First time home buyers can claim £1000 from the government per tax year using Lifetime ISAs
I noticed from a quick look that there isn't any info on this site regarding Lifetime ISAs (LISAs), and for anyone looking to buy their first home (like me!) it's super useful info… Read more

interest @ 1% on the full amount, i think. but then you can only pay in the limits.


ANd Renters also get this bonus too ? No? what a surprise .. .y1 - £4k becomes £5k, +plus interest y2 - £8k becomes £10k, +plus interest on 4k? or 5k? y3 - £12k becomes £15k, +plus interest on 8k? or 10k?


i don't think so, no. it's £1k for every £4k added each year. if you didn't pay in any more in the following years, there would be no bonus. so; y1 - £4k becomes £5k, y2 - £8k becomes £10k, y3 - £12k becomes £15k, y4 - £16k becomes £20k, etc.


If I have plenty of cash savings and my partner doesn't, is there anything stopping me sending her 4k per year to put straight into this so that we can max out x2 until we buy our first home? Edit: If the bonus is capped to 1k per year there is no real incentive to pay in after the first 4k? Or am I missing something?


used this to buy my house last month, and so did my wife. The £6k was very helpful, but it's only really open to folk with cash. we were lucky enough to be able to save £4k each over 3 financial years, and the final £2k was made avaialbe due to luck with the purchase dates.

Free Smoke Alarms / Fire Safety Visit - Residents of Greater Manchester - From Manchester Fire Service
259° Expired
Posted 9th Jul 2019Posted 9th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Free Smoke Alarms / Fire Safety Visit - Residents of Greater Manchester - From Manchester Fire Service
Sure many people are aware but I thought it’s high time for a reminder that most fire services provide free smoke alarms where you don’t have them and a free fire safety advice / a… Read more

I can afford to buy a smoke alarm and did have 2 perfectly functional ones. This is so much more than a couple of smoke detectors though.


It's really good, we signed up some years ago when the Fire brigade were at a country show of some sorts. I would advise anyone to defo sign up and get this. It's really interesting what they discuss and they took down my 2 x normal smoke detectors and fitted 3 x replacement 10 year battery ones (Got an extra one in the extension as he reckoned I have a lot of kit). The kids got to sit in the Fire engine outside for 10 mins if they wanted (as the brigade are on duty and could in theory get called out). Meanwhile, they discussed escape plans with me and checked plugs etc. round the house. Advised me to pull out the toaster out a bit when in use as it lives under a cupboard and I suppose the top of the cupboard could get hot. Also suggested I keep a spare old phone with a PAYG sim in it upstairs in the bedroom - say the power trips and the cordless one bites the dust. All in all very worthwhile and some quality free smoke detectors too! Why wouldn't you?


Erm, hot?


London do it as well.... It's just a shame it gets abused by people who can afford to buy a smoke alarm.


It's not in London so it's not real

CHEAP DAY OUT Merseyside all zones saveaway ticket for buses, trains and Mersey Ferries young person £2.70 / Adult £5.40 @ Mersey Travel.
273° Expired
Posted 8th Jul 2019Posted 8th Jul 2019
CHEAP DAY OUT Merseyside all zones saveaway ticket for buses, trains and Mersey Ferries young person £2.70 / Adult £5.40 @ Mersey Travel.
Saveaway Ticket Options, you can travel to destination including Chester, Southport, westkirby, new Brighton and Ellesmere port by train or bus all over the Mersey side area, also … Read more
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take note though - they're a poor train company who run late and skip a portion of the wirral line when running late


Apparently the Walrus card is also the same and can be accessed here.


Well thank you Very helpful


Is it just me, or does the picture (if you turn it sideways) look like a bear driving a car?


yeah after 9.30am. It's the normal fare for all zones.

Energy suppliers will soon be opening their warm house discounts applications
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Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
Energy suppliers will soon be opening their warm house discounts applications
EVERY YEAR THE GOVERNMENT ALLOCATES SUPPLIERS MONEY TO PASS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS FOR THEIR WARM HOME DISCOUNT. Customers get £140 added to their account in order to subsidise some o… Read more

Normally no, i think it shuts in September


Can you still apply now for 2019 - 2020?


Interesting debate, genuinely. I'm glad OP gets some help. Mental health can precede drug taking, obviously drug taking may not help, but can be what is know as self medication. If so, the mental health element is likely to override the 'issue' of drug taking. A diagnosis/proof for DWP etc is from a medical professional.


That’s because it’s nationalised. No shareholders to pay and no competition. So the chief executive just pay themselves the money instead.


Fully agree more than happy to support pensioners disabled or people genuinely need help but our broken benefit system creating more lazy ppl than helping divert funds to create jobs etc and help the economy that paying some lazy ones and sadly their kids what will they learn looking at parents on dole

Free £150 School Uniform Grant schemes open - here's where you can get one
1243° Expired
Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019
Free £150 School Uniform Grant schemes open - here's where you can get one
Note - This has been taken from here to raise awareness. All credit goes to Bristol Live / Bristol Post. This isn't the full article so please see the website if interested in … Read more
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No kkc don't which really isn't fair as other councils do everywhere should be the same :(


My council no longer offer financial support for school uniforms and it seems that most councils don't either so I don't know who this deal is going to help?? It appears that along with many other things, funding has been pulled for school related things too. So saf


Took a while to find but in case anyone else is searching, not available in Devon


School uniforms are now just a revenue stream for the school. In my day, plain shirt and trousers, school tie, plain -or- logo jumper.


Really! A comment like that on people moaning about how expensive things are!

Free TV License to over 75's after June 2020 plus many other benefits with Pension credit  - State Pension age Low incomes
-363° Expired
Posted 27th Jun 2019Posted 27th Jun 2019
Free TV License to over 75's after June 2020 plus many other benefits with Pension credit - State Pension age Low incomes
Pension credit is a tax-free benefit aimed at retired people on low incomes. It’s means-tested, but for those who qualify it can be worth £1,000s a year. However, an estimated 1.3 … Read more
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Why is this embarrassment still left in deals?


Great post to save money


They pay enough into the system over the years.... one day you will be old and retire, you will be worrying yourself!! If you let them keep taking benefits away from them it will mean ppl will just work longer (skeptical)


Those Duchy of Cornwall biscuits must be doing well! Don't peddle that tourism lie, I have been to many European Republics to see palaces and state buildings, the fact that they executed or deposed their monarchy never put me off. As for our parliamentary system, a relic from a feudal age, filled with hereditary lords, bishops and cronyism. No diversity, same background, education and levels of sycophancy You will also find that monarchy has always objected to giving rights to the "common people" and they have usually been won after bloody insurrection eg Peterloo massacre. We have a better state propaganda machine than even North Korea. As for freedom, you have the freedom to do as you are told or to protest and be arrested or ignored.


They changed the license recently to include BBC iPlayer on demand programming.

25% government bonus - Help to Buy ISA
214° Expired
Posted 26th Jun 2019Posted 26th Jun 2019
25% government bonus - Help to Buy ISA
Help to buy ISA, closing date approaching August 2019. If your 16 years or over open and apply start to add a small deposit and over time build up your saving the government. No ba… Read more
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Do you know if I could have 2 helpy to buy ISAs from 2 different banks?


The HTB ISA scheme closes in November 2019? The HTB ISA helped me and my partner secure our own flat. Was considering switching over to LISA but the fact you get a penalty if you decide to withdraw cash in case of an emergency was off putting.


For anyone who is wary they may need access to their Savings, please remember, HTB you can withdraw balance and interest without penalty if you choose not to buy a house, LISA will result in a penalty on your capital of almost 6% plus bonus you have accrued if not used for first purchase or retirement


Nothing to do with a posh area... She is buying within an hours drive of work.

Cricket 2019 - India Vs Pakistan Match at Manchester (community cricket) - Free
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Posted 30th May 2019Posted 30th May 2019LocalLocal
Cricket 2019 - India Vs Pakistan Match at Manchester (community cricket) - Free
Those who couldn't able to secure the tickets for India V Pakistan Cricket Match game on 16th June for them there is a chance to see the community match between India V Pakistan at… Read more
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There we go. Spoken like a true extremist bigot. Absolutely apppalling.


Do you have the basic Sky package, if yes, you can watch the CWC for £10.


As I said, appalling, racist comment, yet again. Keep your vile hatred to yourself.


How is it racist lol Just because the truth hurts the libtards start waving their little race cards - sorry plonker it doesnt work anymore we are wise to your Taqqiyya lies and cheating!


Listening on 5 live sports extra. Been searching the www to watch online with no luck. Anyone watching ? Great match btw (y)

Tales of the Road - A Highway Code (replaces Arrive Alive)
83° Expired
Posted 24th May 2019Posted 24th May 2019
Tales of the Road - A Highway Code (replaces Arrive Alive)
A comprehensive A5 booklet covering pedestrian safety and the Green Cross Code, cycle safety, travelling in the car and on public transport, road signs and markings and a handy glo… Read more
Specified Adult Childcare credits: Claim up to £250 a year if you look after your grandchilden/nephews/nieces
662° Expired
Posted 18th May 2019Posted 18th May 2019
Specified Adult Childcare credits: Claim up to £250 a year if you look after your grandchilden/nephews/nieces
An estimated 1 million grandparents can get credits worth £250 a year in pension credits if they spend any time at all looking after their children's children - but only a tiny fra… Read more

Thanks, will tell them of this, hopefully something gets sorted


Rause raise a official complaint that they should have been supporting a CTC claimwhen she was placed in their care I


They’ve asked social worker n they not helping at all. Just sayin they should be getting money from my brother. They ent helping one bit. Joke really


Can a parent claim this? My wife works and is the main carer (who receives the child benefit). I am self employed and not opted into paying a pension contribution. Can I use this for my NI contribution?


To those who don't understand national insurance credits; most benefits pay one NI stamp a week. This is not a monetary amount paid to the claimant, it is a stamp that is recorded on your HMRC national insurance record for future State Pension purposes. Class 3 credits are not worth as much as Class 1 (paid via an employer) or Class 2 (paid if self employed) but they can help to keep a state pension up to date. This scheme is really only of benefit to parents who either work and pay Class 1/2 contributions, or who claim another working age benefit and already get Class 3 credits that way. The grandparent would also need to be out of work, or not working enough to pay NI.