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Cricket 2019 - India Vs Pakistan Match at Manchester (community cricket) - Free
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th MayLocalLocal
Those who couldn't able to secure the tickets for India V Pakistan Cricket Match game on 16th June for them there is a chance to see the community match between India V Pakistan at… Read more
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There we go. Spoken like a true extremist bigot. Absolutely apppalling.


Do you have the basic Sky package, if yes, you can watch the CWC for £10.


As I said, appalling, racist comment, yet again. Keep your vile hatred to yourself.


How is it racist lol Just because the truth hurts the libtards start waving their little race cards - sorry plonker it doesnt work anymore we are wise to your Taqqiyya lies and cheating!


Listening on 5 live sports extra. Been searching the www to watch online with no luck. Anyone watching ? Great match btw (y)

Specified Adult Childcare credits: Claim up to £250 a year if you look after your grandchilden/nephews/nieces
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
An estimated 1 million grandparents can get credits worth £250 a year in pension credits if they spend any time at all looking after their children's children - but only a tiny fra… Read more

Thanks, will tell them of this, hopefully something gets sorted


Rause raise a official complaint that they should have been supporting a CTC claimwhen she was placed in their care I


They’ve asked social worker n they not helping at all. Just sayin they should be getting money from my brother. They ent helping one bit. Joke really


Can a parent claim this? My wife works and is the main carer (who receives the child benefit). I am self employed and not opted into paying a pension contribution. Can I use this for my NI contribution?


To those who don't understand national insurance credits; most benefits pay one NI stamp a week. This is not a monetary amount paid to the claimant, it is a stamp that is recorded on your HMRC national insurance record for future State Pension purposes. Class 3 credits are not worth as much as Class 1 (paid via an employer) or Class 2 (paid if self employed) but they can help to keep a state pension up to date. This scheme is really only of benefit to parents who either work and pay Class 1/2 contributions, or who claim another working age benefit and already get Class 3 credits that way. The grandparent would also need to be out of work, or not working enough to pay NI.

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Free gym and weight management classes in Islington and Camden - 12 week Rebalance programme
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th MayLocalLocal
Get active, lose weight and meet others this spring by joining a 12 week Rebalance programme. Rebalance offers exercise and dietary advice for adults who may be struggling with th… Read more

You have to meet certain conditions. Which is a shame. Like help far too late. This stuff should be taught in schools. resident of Camden or Islington and/or registered with a Camden or Islington GP express a willingness and motivation to change age 18 years and older if your Body Mass Index is between 30 and 50, or between 27.5 and 50 if BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) group, and do not have any co-morbidities (i.e. a diagnosed health condition) not pregnant. Service user should only participate once they are cleared to exercise after their 6–8 week post-natal check-up

Free replacement copy of your MOT certificate
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Lost your MOT certificate? Now you can print out a replacement copy for free rather than pay test centres £10 for a replacement copy!

My garage sends me a PDF of the mot certificate. Saves paper.


This new service is a good idea, if it worked... Shows the mot details but the part to veiw or replace certificate is 100% broken. I've tried it on 3 different browsers on 3 different devices


It's all available online when you enter someone's reg plate.


Not really, no. Insurance is quite different. But this is a pointless argument, believe what you like.


I’m confused, why do I need to speak Romanian? If I have a UK issued MOT ‘certificate’ do I need to speak ever language in the world if I want to drive elsewhere? This is nonsense and made up unless you can provide a reputable source which backs up what you are saying. It’s very simple, show us proof of what you are saying.

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Get £2500 (businesses) to £500 (residents) to upgrade your connection to Fibre from the government free
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
"Gigabit vouchers can be used by small businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit-capable connection. Businesses ca… Read more

Do you have fibre? It's worth checking. You may think you have fibre because the speed is (quite) fast. Up to 80Megabits per second is now possible with a 'normal' connection (that is connected to your telephone line) However it may vary in speed quite a bit because of contention ratio. Basically you share your line with a number of others. So, at peak times when everyone is at home or at weekends it will be slower. This also happens with a fiber connection. So, why do you need fibre? One reason is to upload. Everything is becoming bigger. Even if your speed is 80Megabits your upload speed to the cloud is likely to be only a tenth of that or less. So it's going to take a very long time to backup your computer to a cloud (for instance) 4K videoes are four times the size of HD ones. Unfortunately it seems that BT will only extend fiber where they have a lot of closely packed subscribers. So there are lots of places that will never get fibre. This probably makes sense to BT as they don't have the infrastructure to support the use of fibre anyway. They missed that chance in 1990. Through no fault of their own. So for many, this scheme is the only way they're going to get. I don't think 4G or even 5G will solve the situation. Wireless is less reliable than an actual physical connection. As is satellite. I think having a fibre connection will soon be like having a mains water supply or a gas supply.


Wrong. Bt had a plan to roll it out before they were privatised. They had two factories set up to manufacture the equipment. Thacher thought it wasn't 'competitive' so she stopped it See


Unfortunately Thatcher split and privatised BT


Legislation is cheap in comparison, putting tax into business profits isn’t good government. Tax should benefit society not private shareholders. Maggie didn’t stop it, BT chose to do so after getting a massive asset not at cost.


Do BT have a policy to roll out broadband? I don't see that they do. It's because they don't have a policy that schemes like this exist. They had a policy but Thatcher stopped it

Free Public Rights of Way information
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
A very helpful website (linked via this Government site, called "rowmaps"). If you want to take a walk off the beaten track legally (maybe whilst on holiday) or get yourself clos… Read more
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Very true. We have a long disused railway, a woodland and a canal path which are used by quite a few walkers nearby... But they are not marked on these maps unfortunately. If only there was a combined set of maps it would make life far easier to get out and enjoy ourselves. In the meantime this is a good starting point.


Thanks OP. My council (Norfolk) has its own version of this for their PROW, but this has clearer mapping. One problem with both though is that they don’t cover all types of ROW and certainly not permissive paths (where landowners set aside a track for anyone’s use) which are usually only signposted at each end. It would be great to have one source that covers everything...


Fantastic thank you so much , I did a walk local last week but had to go on the side of the road a lot which was a bit dangerous, this way I can use the walkways now I know where they are (y)


This is useful, thanks.


The codes are in newer maps (post 2015 according to os) indicated by a blue banner on the front cover: The code itself is under a scratch off panel inside the cover:

Free "don't be a Space Invader' car and van stickers
Refreshed 13th MayRefreshed 13th May
Free set of car stickers for your car or van (plus free postage). UK only limited number per household. The government's Space Invader ‘Tailgating’ campaign aims to reduce the num… Read more
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Good luck in a Prius.


(shock) (shock) (shock) If you have good eyes then you should be able to spot speeders in your mirror too...


Ordered, thanks op, and voted hot


Doesn't seem like there is any limit on the order so ordered 4 car and 6 van stickers for family.

Best start grant - Scotland Only - £250 for each child to support families on low income (if you qualify)
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
2. Early Learning Payment You can apply from your child’s second birthday up to the day your child is 3 years 6 months old. If you can get the Early Learning Payment, you’ll be pa… Read more
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This is Shameful ! familys should be getting enough money that it doesn't need to topped up with grants and gifts. One wage was enough to keep a whole family, how low have we sunk . have ten kids , become a Millionaire (strong)


Scotland also pay for it.


But paid for by england. Maybe we should all vote on Scottish independence you might find the rUK might actually want it too.


I often wish I was Scottish.


Can I add that there will also be a school age payment for children starting primary 1 in Scotland see here but they aren’t taking applications until 3rd June so keep your eye on it. It’s the same low income criteria as the best start grant.

Earn 50p for every £1 you save over 2/4 years if you are getting Working Tax Credit OR Child Tax Credit OR Claiming Universal Credit
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Not sure if posted before but it would be beneficial to someone, not only save some money but also get 50% Bonus from Government on your savings. So that 50p for every £1 you have … Read more
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That is correct. Unfortunately Child Tax Credit on its own is not a means to getting this.


You can easily check it by clicking on the link and putting your NI number. It will tell you if you qualify or no


Sorry just to clarify. So if u get child tax credit only, you dont qualify for it? We get some child tax credit due to disability. But not working tax credit.


Lol. I can quite assure you that nobody would want to be the double of me. I'm quite sure you are a far better person than me.


Possibly us then. We have 2 accounts open with combined £1400 with £700 bonus. I also had a brief look and appears you have a young family and also mortgage. Us2. So we drive nearly the same cars , are home owners, and earn relatively modest incomes. Are you my double in disguise???

Volunteering in your local community - lots to choose & do
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Ok, we all love a deal and I've posted a few freebies of late. But often these events need people who give a bit of time for something they enjoy doing... All for nothing more than… Read more
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Thanks OP, heat added, this should help out a lot of people (me included), this "blessed" month.


Then you should have reported it. It's theft. I'm sure there's at least an anonymous whistle blowing method. Posting on here is pointless. Are you implying all charity staff are thieves?


If she was paying I wouldn’t bother writing a comment. #notpetty


You do realise volunteering happens at all levels within organisations. The equivalent paid role would necessarily be "low paid". You have CEO, Manager, Professional level volunteer roles which would be high salaried (and would need someone full time not a few hours a week...). Volunteering doesn't actually reduce jobs.


Unless they weren't paying for it (aka stealing), who cares? Obviously you are going to look through the stuff you need to put out. Charity shops are first come first served. It wouldn't make since to put things you'd like out on the shop floor, wait a bit, then take them off to buy them. Staff are customers too.

Free sunflower seeds to Broadland Council residents / community groups
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Free sunflower seeds for locals to Broadland council 1500 packets available - 1 per household Sunflowers are perfect for attracting pollinators – they are nectar rich, brightly … Read more

This deal has now expired - it was only available while stocks last and, due to popular demand, the free sunflower seeds are currently unavailable.


Expired now..


Thank you, ordered.

Free Practice Driving Theory and Hazard Perception Test @ GOV.UK
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
This is a great help for anyone who is planning to take their driving test in the near future and has no idea about what will be in the test. To begin your free test, click the l… Read more

The hazard being the muppet close behind etc is true, that's why when you see the problem ahead nice and early you can start to react to it gently and a lot sooner which controls the muppet behind from coming in the back of your vehicle. And although it would be the muppet's fault safety is more important right? In the hazard perception test the clicking of the mouse signifies checking the mirrors which all ties in. Whether they explain that well enough or not is a different thing and as a driving instructor I have found that there is a lot of misunderstanding with pupils when it comes to the hazard perception test until I explain it. As for you not knowing any cyclist checking over their shoulder, then that's just subjective and it's not everyone's experience. Many don't of course but also in my experience many do. I never said they all do to be honest anyway. I was just trying to be helpful to some of the commenters. Also the test being pointless might be true but it's what is on offer and needs passing along with the other tests to be a passed driver in the UK. I do believe it can be quite hard to change some peoples' attitudes with regards to driving though.


In UK there should be a lot more practical test (some proper driving schools would be helpful (popcorn) ), and a lot more parking cases on the exams. I've passed my driving licence outside UK and then PSV and HGV here... and I must admit the test here is a joke :D A lot of safety, careful driving etc (that's good) but unfortunately most of the drivers passing the test are unable to show basic driving skils (Efficient driving, motorways!!, reverse parking seems to be a task beyond capability of most drivers :D. To cheer you all up.. Ukrainian or Lithuanian lorry drivers are still leading in the world's most likely reckless drivers competition (embarrassed) (at least in this part of the world)


yes but mostly the hazard is the muppet that is behind you who cannot see more than 2 feet in front of there car,the cyclist in front of you is normally not the problem,and no cyclist i know ever looks over there shoulder because they think they own the road,unless you mean motor cyclists and that is different,as i say a pointless test that does not reflect everyday driving-looks good on a computer screen and nothing else


which goes to prove these test are worthless and just for pen pushers


A lot of people who drive around me on my commute would benefit from trying these out again!

Free Highway Code Book for Children (7 - 11) and other informative material @
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Some good educational and informative material can be ordered for free, on the website which should come handy to raise awareness in general. A comprehensive A5 booklet covering … Read more
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As a parent sending my kid to school and observing the behaviour of other children I've come to the conclusion that people above the age of 10 seem to forget how to cross roads safely...


Bus drivers are the worst(not all but many pf them)... no manners with passengers. They are paid to be behind the wheels along those routes so no excuse for the bad behaviour.


Thanx Op forwarded to my niece for her boy(y) Heat


Thanks OP - ordered for my nephew.


Perfect for my 6 year old. I get worried when I send him down the shop to pick up my beer and cigarettes. And yes, before anyone asks, he does have false ID

Claim damage to your vehicle from potholes/damaged roads @
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Not a new one, but something that often goes unclaimed as not everyone who is affected is aware of it, so hopefully this raises some awareness and also pushes the authorities to so… Read more
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This is not quite true. If they don't know about it then they can't be held liable. That was my first issue. Once they are aware, they are given 28 days to act on it. Only after that, you are eligible to claim. Also only if it is over a certain depth. Think about an inch. I'm sure some councils may vary, but my experiences are both with Nottingham City


Speedbumps cause more damage, can i claim for those there is loads of them....


Pictures of the holes that done the damage is essential, put like a can of coke inside the hole and take the picture and this will show how deep the hole is, and if the hole has a yellow line sprayed around it then you will not get a pay out as they know about it and or in process of fixing it but if there is no yellow line and your pictures prove this then they have to pay out.


I supplied a quote for the replacement parts.


You talk sense regardless of being able to drive or not. A council will try their hardest to shaft you and not pay for their negligence.

Know Your Traffic Signs Free PDF
Refreshed 14th AprRefreshed 14th Apr
Should come in handy for those preparing for their driving theory test and also a good refresher in general in case some of the signs and their meanings aren't clear anymore. Am… Read more
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The Highway Code (rule 163) says to give them as much room as you’d give a car. That may sound a lot, but they won’t necessarily be able to travel in a nice straight line, because of the road or weather conditions. If there isn’t enough space to pass a cyclist safely, then don’t attempt to do it. Cars don't really wobble and fall over due to having 4 wheels, it's not the same for bicycles unfortunately!


This is, like so much of the Highway Code, ambiguous and contradictory. Does it mean that you should treat the cyclist as if it were as wide as a car and THEN pass with a margin appropriate for this imaginary car, or just pass with the room you'd give for a car? If cars need to give cyclists a six foot wide piece of road to themselves when overtaking, shouldn't cyclists therefore give the same respect to cars and lorries and only 'filter' (weave in and out) through moving traffic if the gap is at least six feet? So many 'road warrior' cyclists take the middle of the lane these days anyway, making them impossible to pass in moving traffic. And don't get me started on pedestrians walking onto zebra crossings and across junctions without even looking, or too impatient to wait for the green man at pelicans and other light controlled crossings. Pedestrians REALLY need to learn the Highway Code too.


Is there one to teach people what fog lights are for?


I could do with this and I drive already :/


Maybe something for the motorists too. I would start on the page that says amber doesn't mean "accelerate wildly just in case".

Musical instruments VAT-free for state school pupils receiving instrument tuition at school
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Check out the guidance, and ask your the school, but (from personal experience) this is well worth the hassle factor on many instruments, bearing in mind how expensive they can be.… Read more
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This scheme also covers parts like mouthpieces - all decent music shops are aware of it and have the paperwork plus will speak to your school if the school is not sure of the process


Here’s the link for info of VAT free sale of other educational goods to state school pupils the goods and services must be closely related to the education provided, they must also be for the direct use of the student and necessary for delivering the education to that student the pupil must receive education from the local authority in either a maintained school or in connection with some other local authority run educational activity, such as an orchestra the goods and services must be purchased from the local authority who must hold title to the goods and transfer ownership to the parent, guardian or pupil purchasing them (although the delivery address and point of distribution is a matter for individual local authorities to determine) payment for the goods must be made either to the local authority or to the school so long as it is paid into the school’s official funds some evidence must be kept, such as an order form (the style of which can be tailored to the needs of the local authority) to show that the recipient of the goods and services has been receiving education and that what has been supplied was essential to that education, and the price of the goods and services must be at or below cost, there being no intention to make a profit (for this purpose ‘cost’ means the full overhead inclusive price of supplying the goods and services to the pupil which, in the absence of any clear and compelling evidence to suggest an intention to make a profit, can generally be accepted as having been met). In some circumstances goods may be leased, in which case the same rules apply.


Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme AIPS can be run directly by schools and you don’t have to go through the local county schools music provider. Schools may tell you different and that you must go via the local ‘music hub’ but this is not the case. I’ve had a senior county accountant argue that a junior school can’t run the school directly but this is not the case. I teach in state schools, junior and secondary that run the AIPS themselves. Get the facts before you go to the HT or the governors and explain how it works with all the legal caveats. Pupils I know used to be able to buy computers VAT free under a version of this scheme . I am unsure if this is still the case and probably shouldn’t post this fact because if parents abuse this scheme then the instrument purchase section of this might cease and it’s the only way several of my pupils are able to afford musical instruments. This is not a new scheme the AIPS has been running since about 1991. The supply of musical instruments is standard rated for VAT purposes. The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS) enables pupils of local authority and academy schools to purchase musical instruments through their school net of VAT providing the sale to the pupil meets the criteria below. If the school sells the instrument to the pupil at a profit this is a standard-rated supply. The scheme is described below. Here are the facts, Rules and definitions for AIPS For the purposes of AIPS the following definitions apply: “State education” includes the following: Musical tuition at a local authority school; Musical tuition at an academy; Musical tuition in either a school orchestra or local authority orchestra; and Musical tuition in a local music hub. “Musical Instruments” includes replacement parts. For the purchase to qualify for the AIPS, the following criteria must be met: The instrument or item must be sold to the local authority or school and then supplied onto the pupil or their guardian; The pupil must be receiving state education; The instrument must be used as part of their musical tuition; The instrument must be appropriate to the pupil’s needs; and The price charged to the pupil for the purchase of the instrument must be at or below cost (please see VATGPB7815 for a definition). Schools or music hubs often charge a nominal admin fee for the extra work resulting from AIPS purchases. The rule about collecting the instrument from the school or hub is often impractical and there’s usually some common sense taken by schools regarding this.


This would have been awesome for me, started when I was 6. So happy foe the students out there now, hopefully more will be able to start music, not enough did when I was in school.


That old chestnut, im so hurt ;( ;( ;(

National campaign to raise awareness of the Silent Solution system
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
A national campaign to raise awareness of a system to help people alert police when in imminent danger but unable to speak, is being launched by the Independent Office for Police C… Read more
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Thieving gits! :D


Someone's nicked your d. Crime's getting really bad! :)


Fairly certain liking one's self on a forum is weirder! (lol)


Replying to week-old comments is weird.


You've made 22 comments and you've 22 likes - all of your own doing. Some would say you like yourself too much (lol)

Check if a vehicle is taxed and MOT
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
You can check your vehicle's CO2 emissions and tax status by entering its registration into the Government's Find out if a vehicle has up-to-date vehicle tax or has been register… Read more

Correct me if I'm wrong but legally I think you are only allowed to check a car you own and I know when my tax/mot/insurance are due as I get reminders. As other comment if you start checking/reporting cars in the streets police are just not interested


Useless for reporting got told by the police they can only get involved if caught whilst in use on a public road


Use this to check two cars that where dumped on the street. Cause they weren’t taxed got them taken away


This isn’t a deal, this isn’t relevant to this site!


Know your car app is better tells you when your tax, mot and insurance is due. Also tells you your mileage and previous Mots and if it's ever failed. All free of charge and can add as many cars as you want.

Check to see if your car has an outstanding safety recall online for free
Refreshed 14th AprRefreshed 14th Apr
Did you know you can check to see if your car has an outstanding safety recall online for free? All you have to do it enter its number plate on (link: https://www.check-mot.serv… Read more

Brilliant Thankyou (y)


Great :), now a days genuine garage and dealership are getting rare


I am grateful that My local Mazda dealership is on the ball with there recalls and customer service.


Just because few said(to which there is no evidence) that doesn't qualify.. 'Possibly'


Sure.. But as many are saying no info, the first word in the title should be 'Possibly' 😁

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