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Free and fully open Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (settled and pre-settled status)
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme The scheme is open - you can apply now if you’re eligible. You can also choose to apply later depending on your circumstances. The deadline for… Read more

Have you been reading my diary? (ninja)


And got my refund this morning (party)


I think this is incorrect. The chap above was saying that this was done "a few years earlier". I applied 2 years ago (and was denied) and reapplied when the new process was implemented (which included scanning the passport with my android phone etc) instead of sending 80+ pages of documentation. I was never promised a refund on the earlier attempt, but I have had an email today re the refund for this "new" attempt.


They did say a few weeks back that anyone who applied earlier will be refunded


A workmate from the EU had already shelled out about £300 in fees a year ago as he was panicking to get his whole family settled before Brexit Day. Told him 6 months ago not to bother as there would be a fast track and free method on it's way (realpolitik). But one of his kids had a status issue due to location of birth being in EU 27 etc. and a certain age. Hence he was in a hurry. I wonder if there will be refunds for those who started too early with the process.

Deposit Protection Schemes Tenants & Landlords
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
With most of us renting as property is so expensive & deposits for a place being sky high, I thought people may wish to know that this exists and if your landlord does not prot… Read more
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Because it isn't a deal maybe?


i think the reason is that this has existed for years. Yes, its good to know and be reminded, but its far from being a deal, never mind a hot one...


May not be a deal as such but good info not sure why its getting voted so cold Heat from me


its a leagal requiment to provide tennents with proof of where the deposit is lodged.


Good info OP that everyone needs to be aware of but shouldnt this be in misc section not the deal section?

Free sanitary products will be available in schools & colleges in England from this September
Refreshed 20th MarRefreshed 20th MarLocalLocal
Free sanitary products will be available in schools in England from this September, the government confirmed today. Chancellor Philip Hammond made the announcement in his Spring … Read more
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When were you at school? When I started college I got £30 per month because I lived at home, if I lived away I got £80 a week, and my school didn't give out condoms in fact I had one once more out of curiosity and it fell out of my bag, and a girl teased me for it and told a teacher, I got in serious trouble for it and I was around 14 at the time, the implication was because I was from a benefit family I was sexually active and a benefits stereotype. KellyHarrop14th MarLike I said you can talk to and teach girls and they will understand in theory but you can't control what other kids say and do. And it's mostly the boys who need to be better behaved about the subject it's usually them that cause the upset and embarrassment (not always). And no matter how good the parents are sometimes kids are just little sh!ts who don't care who they hurt or even like that they cause upset.. I disagree, when I was at school the girls were as bad as the boys for noticing things, a common thing with me was I started puberty early and was hairy (by adulthood it came far far worse) girls would tease me for having hair, the boys did too, girls stated it looked like I had a bulge in my trousers, girls were worse for talking about both male and females body odour, I was called a freak by the girls for my body hair and other nasty names 0ddball8014th MarThere's one easy answer to that. Don't rely on the benefit system!Funny how some people seem unemployable, but others walk from job to job with no issue. It's like there is some underlaying differentiating factor that I can't quite put my finger on. Luck, area you live, background, stigma, disability, mental health, there can be many things individual and combined I was out of work for years, I have autism, was close to a nervous breakdown and wasn't even taken for interviews then got a job coach and helped me get interviews but I kept getting turned down even when he would give me mock interviews, I got feedback from interviews. quite a few times I was outright told it was due to lack of experience, someone more experienced/qualified came along (Even for entry level jobs) admitted my gap in employment was a red flag, even got told a few times they don't hire people out of work more than 2 years. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Its a shame that whilst people have differences of opinion, its the fact nasty comments aimed at men in this thread are seen as ok, its somehow ok to shame men. Not looking to stir but as male I had certain growing pains in a certain area that were so bad I could barely move (before anyone gets crude I don't mean what people might think) I got no support for it, I have no problem with giving out to those in need as such, just the one sided argument for it and shaming of anyone who has a problem with it and the genderisation of the insults back and the double standards of it. Finally its contradictory to expect sympathy on one hand in the sense that we give special treatment to one gender a week or so a month then expect the other gender to just get on with life and act like nothing changes.


Sorry but an already struggling government this will cost them a fortune it's max £2 a month government millions


When I say reusable, I mean things like the moon cup.


No it really hasn't bothered me. I have never claimed infants is 9-13.

Warm home discount credit can be withdrawn to your bank account
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Warm home discount credit can be withdrawn to your bank account
If you get the WHD contact your supplier and get them to put it in your bank account. I know someone who receives the WHD They was in credit and have just asked the supplier why t… Read more

If you join one of the other big 6 then you can apply for the WHD with the new supplier. Depends when you switch. Also the WHD wasnt paid to the energy company before winter started so thats another strange thing about the system.


My friend has recieved the money into their account. I cant see it just being 1 company Scottish power who this works with.


Bore off? really. Its obvious that there is no point anyone telling you to grow up as you think calling people names is a mature thing to do. If your 30 and havent mentally matured by then, then you never will. Tell me how long have you had sociopathic tendencies. Maybe you should see a GP and get some help. Its obvious i have a better life than you do. I was correct you was wrong. Deal with it. Any reply by you won't be read. Its finished.


Looks like several people reported your comments and they was removed. I guess that answers several questions then.


Just keep telling them you want your credit paid into your bank account. The reason they want you in credit is to make money off the interest of your credit. If they wasnt making money of it why would they waste far more of their time talking people out of it instead of tapping a few buttons. Who is your supplier. Your entitled to a fair DD if they are not going to change it go to the ombudsman. It wasnt my credit it was a friends, I helped them with it and it wasnt credit from the DD as we requested the credit from that before the WHD was paid to the supplier. No idea why the Government doesnt make the suppliers use the credit first like the vast majority of other DD paid industries. If this was any other industry they wouldnt be getting away with it.

Tax Free Childcare for working parents up to £500 per child every 3 months
Refreshed 31st MarRefreshed 31st Mar
Tax Free Childcare for working parents up to £500 per child every 3 months
Sorry if this has already been posted - couldn’t find it anywhere. Recently found out this was available (maybe everyone knows and I’m late to the party?!) Basically - make sure y… Read more
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Hello mate - I applied and my child isn’t 3 yet. Got accepted for the 30 hours a week and going to be giving it to provider this week. Only issue though - is that my missus work (0 hour contract) are completely messing her around and not giving her the hours (7 this week, 4 next week!) meaning we may drop below the required amount of hours she needs to work to be eligible. We can only claim it for September term time start (the first term after child turns 3y/o — 6 bloody months away) But thanks for saying we could apply early. It’s a bitter sweet that we’ve finally been accepted (been looking forward to this for over a year) but that my partners employer is now completely messing us about


Yup that's this current government for you


The HMRC childcare website is dodgy sometimes. Also, remember if you don't opt for this at the time of reconfirmation for 30 hour free childcare you have to wait for 3 months more. In my case the website did not give me an option to choose the tax free child care and I am stuck with CCV for next 3 months. The customer care is not helpful. Looks like it's been rolled out without proper planning.




sorry not quite 2.5yrs my bad or perhaps it used to be 2.5yrs but still you can apply before 3years and it takes up to a week to get 11 digit code which you give to provider.

16  Cadw sites to visit for free on St David's day (1st March)
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th FebLocalLocal
16 Cadw sites to visit for free on St David's day (1st March)
Free site entrance to many cadw sites on st David's day (1st March) good for all the welsh half-termers!! North Wales sites Beaumaris Castle Caernarfon Castle Conwy Castle Cri… Read more

Is it racist to insult wales/the welsh? Is that why there’s no comments?

Claim tax relief online for laundering uniform.
Refreshed 30th MarRefreshed 30th Mar
Claim tax relief online for laundering uniform.
Not seen it posted here so feel free to correct me. But you can now claim tax relief directly from government gateway website if you launder your work uniform, or have to buy safet… Read more
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Did you hear back?


Should be for school uniforms too lol


Same here. Received bill for underpaid taxes 3 years ago for around £400. The other day received another bill for further £300. £700 so far. They agreed to cover my expenses at around £10.60 per year. (lol)


You may lose money, I claimed, magically I recived a letter from them saying that I haven't paid enough tax a few years ago, you just make them know to have a deep look into your income / tax, they don't care about your claim they just want to penalised us earning too much money in anyway, that's ridiculous


Told my mother-in-law about this a few years ago. She's a nurse at a nursing home. She did it but they discovered she had been under taxed for years so she ended up with a big bill. To this day she still associates the uniform allowance with costing her £££.

Transfer Your Tax Allowance to Your Partner (£1,190 Per Annum) Via Marriage Allowance
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Transfer Your Tax Allowance to Your Partner (£1,190 Per Annum) Via Marriage Allowance
Marriage Allowance lets you transfer £1,190 of your Personal Allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner - if they earn more than you. This reduces their tax by up to £238 … Read more

Just the usual accounts but £500k in cash generates over £500 :(


To be fair I pay tax as though I work all year,but only work 9 months so I get it every year ,comes in well handy cus usually pretty skint by then (y)


Mine looks rubbish now. Bet that was a nice surprise


Nice one,I also got £2200 rebate 10feb (y)


After 4 days I done the online for I got a cheque back for £228 for tax year 17/18 not bad for 5 mins filling a form out. Heat!

Lifetime ISA - Get Bonus of £1000 from Govt every year till you're 50
Refreshed 28th FebRefreshed 28th Feb
Thought of posting this as we've now around 2 months left for this financial year and those who wants to buy a home in future or want to get extra 25% from government, this is no b… Read more
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Nop.. even with £1 you will get 25p from govt. maximum you can contribute £4,000


It will just lie down there unless you want to invest in somewhere like shares or funds etc. But otherwise it will just lie down there for 10 years!


No can be any amount up £4000. E.g. Pay in £100 and get £25 bonus or pay in the maximum £4000 and get the full £1000 bonus.


Great thanks for your advice


Well said... These are something to consider seriously...

2 Courses for £10 - All Pubs and Restaurants Across Darlington - 25th Feb - 3rd March
Posted 12th FebPosted 12th FebLocalLocal
2 Courses for £10 - All Pubs and Restaurants Across Darlington - 25th Feb - 3rd March
Not a deal for everyone but if your around Darlington a large variety of town centre restaurants will be hosting a special offer of 2 courses for £10 of less from 25 Feb - 3 March(… Read more

I’d second Uno Momento and Al Forno. They’re good Italians. Reema is a great Indian place, and Old Yard Tapas is good too. I’m from Darlington but don’t live there any more, but family still does. I haven’t tried the others or heard anything about them from friends/family. Stable Hearth is an amazing pizza place but might not participate as they’re always busy anyway. If they do, you should definitely take advantage.


From those on the list I'd recommend Al Forno, Uno Momento, The Chinese Buffet and The Pennyweight. Not sure how a 2 course deal works at all you can eat (Chinese) buffet. There are plenty of others on the list that I have fancied visiting - think I'll give a few a go!!


It'll be my luck just to be a starter and dessert. No inter course.... ....some things never change!!!


Meze or Old Yard Tapas are great


Fab thankyou, does any locals have any recommendations or where to go?

Free “Don’t Be A Space Invader” Car sticker
Refreshed 1st MarRefreshed 1st Mar
Please be aware that stickers may take up to three weeks to deliver Stickers will not be delivered outside of the United Kingdom



I honestly have not seen blinding fog lights and i would know doing 15-20 k per year travelling across the country. There are other things that that are more troubling than fogs..


If you have ever driven at night and been in front or behind a car when the fog lights are unnecessarily left on you would know the blinding effect they can have. They may have positive effect by reducing the amount of large animals that are killed however it is not a big problem here


Ok, let's not get hung up on terminology...regardless of whatever you term the middle or third lane they are both overtaking lanes. There are plenty of 'entitled' numpties that stay in the 'fast lane' tailgating anyone that has moved over from the middle lane to overtake those that should not be lane hogging.


There is no "fast lane". It's an overtaking lane. You shouldn't be travelling in it. If people want to overtake, let them; even if they're breaking the speed limit.

Get Free MOT reminders
Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
Get Free MOT reminders
Sign up to get free reminders by text message or email when your MOT is due You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT.

Heat from me.


AA reminded me when i broke down. It was expired 2 months ago


Find a cheap labour garage, they are a lot arround


Next time try to find a deal on Groupon (as I did, paid 17£) then once you find one see on google if the garage have a good amount of high reviews so you won't complain about their poor service


I hate mot time always costs a bomb

Set up your own limited company for £12 at GOV.UK
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Set up your own limited company for £12 at GOV.UK
Some of you guys do not know this but you can set up your own Limited Company for the grand total of £12 direct with the Government. It takes about 15 minutes. You could try &a… Read more
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Plenty both Tory and Labour Governments offer their own vested interests or rich mates in other words very good deals. ;)


I recently set myself and wife up as ltd company as IT contractor, having previously been a director elsewhere. I really recommend getting an accountant. Mine charged £55 to do the paperwork, register for VAT and give me advice re. IR35. Guess this might be useful for wannabee landlords.






I really dont care who you are what you want or what bothers you - You are insignificant and totally dont matter to me or anyone on hukd and are probably just venting your home/work frustrations on here. good luck to you. you or your opinion dont make the blindest bit of difference to me - so go donald duck yourself Help To Save Account - save up to £50 per month for up to 4 years
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan Help To Save Account - save up to £50 per month for up to 4 years
So this morning I come across this, if you are on low income you can open up an account with and you can put in up to £50 per month for up to 4 years. At the end of the 2nd … Read more
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Why not just download the app and see if you qualify ?


What is classed as a low income and do they take savings into account? Thanks!


So I’m on state pension and get £8476 per year but this doesn’t count because I’m at the limit and can’t claim anything


48x£50= £2400 plus half of this as a bonus =£1,200 so all in all £3,600


Only on saving over £6,000

Apply for travel card discount - 50% off (Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit) via Job center plus
Refreshed 8th MarRefreshed 8th Mar
UNEMPLOYED workers are being urged to take advantage of a railcard that gives them half-price train travel. The Job Centre Plus Travel Discount Card knocks 50 per cent off the pri… Read more

Of course its free.........they know eventually you'll be getting a job and paying them 5k a year from the suburbs to the city ;) This is just business for them, they aren't doing it out of the kindess of their hearts!


Years ago the job centre did a 'better off' calculation with me and it came out as £30 better off with this warehouse job (skeptical) I almost burst out laughing but they were being serious that this was a good thing. I was also pushed towards an NHS admin' 'apprenticeship' even though I was 24, and I worked out after travel I'd be effectively working for JSA. Luckily I found a job that paid properly otherwise I probably would have had to do it. Generally this is where the government have miscalculated, people don't work to "pay taxes" and aren't going to be shamed off benefits, they'll work if they're financially better off.


I'm unemployed but Is this a genuine category? I feel like being better off is the minimum bar to set for taking employment. Otherwise why not just remain on benefits? Sense of pride / self worth keeps people from doing that maybe? Even so you can get that from remaining on benefits and doing voluntary work.


There are some negative comments here in regards to this offer, which really is a helpful one so I thought I'd add a bit of perspective. Not a lot of people realise that Universal Credit for someone over the age of 25 is roughly £80 per week and is £60 per week for those under 25 for, erm, ... reasons? So, imagine if you had to chose between going to an interview and potentially not having anything to eat for the next week or so, and not going to the interview and being called lazy, job shy, a job snob, and a scrounger for it. And then having to try and defend yourself to a society who, for some reason, thinks that you live a life of luxury... on £80 a week. Somehow! I added heat because it is genuinely useful. If you (not you personalty @iknowwhere2look - just those responding negatively) think that you are being hard done by because you do not qualify for this, then go get yourself sacked. Sign up for Universal Credit, and I'll see you are the Jobcentre in 2 weeks. ;). Easy as pie.


Who are these people? Are you talking about very specific people in very specific circumstances? I only ask because I claim Universal Credit because I am unemployed. I get £317 per month, which works out at just £2.26 per hour (my claimant commitment states I must look for work for 35 hours per week). If people in full time paid employment are worse off than me then I would encourage them to speak to HM Revenue & Customs immediately.

Donated to charity & higher rate tax payer? Get money back from HMRC!
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Donated to charity & higher rate tax payer? Get money back from HMRC!
Are you a higher rate tax payer and donated to charity in the last 5 years? I am, and had made a number of ad hoc and regular donations to charity over recent years. I contacted H… Read more
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Your head's in the sand, pal. It's as if you don't know that millions are in poverty, or you just don't want to admit to it. More tax breaks for the rich make people on the poverty line puke. You just keep on supping your champagne and driving your Porsche. If you think that giving more money to people who already have a load of money is ok, you crack on. You're just not a person that I'd choose to mix with.


Funny how someone claiming to be on minimum wage can make such bets okay 10k bet loser gives it to charity and doesn't claim anything back (lol) I think your just upset with those that have so I would suggest you learn to live with it you making a big deal about it won't change anything those that have earn it and work for it so we have as much right as everyone else


I bet you ANY money that I make bigger donations percentage wise when it comes to my earnings than you do. You keep on patting yourself and your friends on the back for giving to charity, but don't think that people earning minimum wage will give you any plaudits because we know that you do it for show. And now you've got an extra tax dodge to take advantage of.


It seems to be one sided as you seem to be in the handful that have a problem with this if they are giving to charity that is good enough


That's your opinion. But it is my opinion, and the opinion of many others, that more tax breaks for the wealthy are WRONG.

Prevent your house from being fraudulently sold without your knowledge - free alert service from government Land Registry
Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Prevent your house from being fraudulently sold without your knowledge - free alert service from government Land Registry
I've just had my own 6-monthly report, so it feels like a good time to post a reminder about this excellent service from the Land Registry exists - fraudulent transfers of property… Read more
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Im not sure this even works! I signed up to this, and have now sold my house (the property I'm monitoring of course). Title deeds have been requested and received by the solictors, we are in the very final stages of conveyancing now, but I didnt get a notification about it.


Yeah I have a number of property so thought it wise to go for this, but it keeps timing out so I have to sign back in again and again and then to make things worse it won’t find 7 of my properties from the address I put in so I can monitor those....after having the willies put up me with the news that fraudulent persons can sign your property over to them it doesn’t I still much confidence in me. :o


No? Although I'd be worried if you're weren't declaring income to HMRC.


Excellent, thank you


I've heard of this happening, but the householder had his post box separate from his house, so they were accessing his mail before they got to it. I guess it could happen though, so signed up, costs nothing anyway, cheers (y)

Sit in a higher tax band and pay into a personal pension plan? The government will give you additional tax relief (essentially free money)
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
I couldn’t see this posted on here so thought it could help people who were not aware (like me)! Not something I would normally post but free money seemed like a good deal to me :… Read more

Hopefully pensions are good bet and would help during retirement!


OK, so I am about to retire and have been looking into my options for 4/5 years now. Independent Financial Advisor's, you must see more than one as I have received conflicting advice from them. Most of my retirement income has come from a personal pension which I ran alongside any work pensions, which I have only had in the last 15 years of my working life anyway. So I have been careful with my spare money and invested it in my personal pension since I was in my mid thirties. Any spare money was first put into a savings account and at the end of the year my spare cash was put into my pension as increased payments in the following year. Doing it that way guards against redundancy and any unexpected bills. Money I have saved by NOT buying gadgets, I've either waited until they dropped in price or done without. I look at this extra cash as free money that I would not miss and I put it into my personal pension. So I won't get my State pension until late 2021 but plan to live off the tax free lump sum from my work pension until then. You need to keep your pension income as even as you can over the retirement years to reduce your income tax bill. I am retiring 26 months early despite having my State Pension age increased to 66. Just think of all those days you will not have to get up and go to work. I do realise this is off topic, I just wanted to share what has worked well for me.


Good for you. You're exactly the type of person this thread was set up to help. Too many naysayers around.


Yes I’ve got a private pension and they automatically give you a 20% tax rebate but I’ve been paying the 40% tax so you have to tell them.....they won’t just do it automatically. Therefore I’ve been owed 20% on my pension contributions....they go back upto 2014 so I get that as a lump sum and going forward my tax code has been adjusted so I’m better off by £23 a month as well


This is awesome news - well done!

Always Room Inside, Liverpool. Support For All Rough Sleepers
Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
Always Room Inside, Liverpool. Support For All Rough Sleepers
Thought id spread the word that Liverpool has a policy that no one needs to sleep rough in Liverpool and help is always available. Not sure if this is only available in Liverpool o… Read more
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I know what you mean. Came in here fearing the worst.


Nice to see some considerate posts for the vulnerable and poor, Heat, OP :)


Yes, we have tories smiling while they open food banks. Smiling! That there are food banks at all is a disgrace. Great Post OP. Have some heat.


So many amazing community initiatives in Liverpool but so sad that they even have to exist.


Scouse Spiderman helps the homeless (y)

Free Highway Code Book for Children ( 7 - 11 ) PLEASE SHARE You Never Know Who It May Help
Refreshed 18th Dec 2018Refreshed 18th Dec 2018
Free Highway Code Book for Children ( 7 - 11 ) PLEASE SHARE You Never Know Who It May Help
Tales of the Road - A Highway Code (replaces Arrive Alive) TINF1305 A comprehensive A5 booklet covering pedestrian safety and the Green Cross Code, cycle safety, travelling in th… Read more
Avatardeleted2096335Get dealGet deal



All of the items are on the website are free, I’ve ordered the max of everything that’s in stock and I’ll keep them for childcare placements and maybe give some to the local schools and police


Thank you!!


Great post, thanks!


Thanks for sharing...ordered

View or share your driving licence information
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
View or share your driving licence information
You can use this service to: view your driving record, for example vehicles you can drive check your penalty points or disqualifications create a licence ‘check code’ to share you… Read more
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Yeah, in the old days the car hire company just took a photocopy of your counterpart licence. Which of course was a completely safe way to share your information.


I agree.


Upvoted, it seems most people posting here incorrectly think you are sharing with world + dog. Not so. This is just an online replacement for that messy old green counterpart document that was always lost when you needed it. In rare instances HMG gets e-government right.


Not trolling, how very dare you. Very cold deal means rubbish deal. Too simple to just show your DL card like we've always done. I dont want to be a lemming. No one can be trusted with our personal details these days. The less you give the safer you are imho.


Don't be silly. (lol)

Free fishing licence for 13-16 year olds
Posted 28th Nov 2018Posted 28th Nov 2018
Free fishing licence for 13-16 year olds
Just noticed that 13- 16 year olds can get a free fishing licence. Environmental agency sent me an email a few days back. Might be of use to someone
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Children under 13 do not need a licence. Licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free. You’ll still need to You may also need: permission from the landowner if you’re fishing on private landan additional licence to fish in must when freshwater fishing with a rod and line in England and Wales.


This is amazing . My 15 year old has been under strict instructions about how far up sea estuary/ rivermouth that he can go so he doesn’t end up in river area that requires and risk a fine. This news is going to make him so happy. Re Hunting / fishing : After being vegetarian for most of my life I’ve recently started eating responsibly caught fish. You can’t get more free range than a rod on a pretty much unfished river since the fee went up.


I dont need a licence to fish. A licence is when the government steal your inherant rights and sell you them back.


Because that's my choice but I'm not being a hypocrite by saying one blood sport is fine and another is taboo.


You are permitted to take course fish if you look at local bylaws.... However catch and release is practised throughout the UK.

Seasonal Reminder?  Have You Checked Your Tax Refund Status - you could be owed £££!
Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
Seasonal Reminder? Have You Checked Your Tax Refund Status - you could be owed £££!
For all it's worth (and you HUKD "this is not a deal" folk - have a bit of Xmas glee for once as it gets more noticed in the deals section and we can't take umbrage at taking away … Read more
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I didn't know about this service so thanks for the heads up. Another useful feature on it is you can see an estimate of how much interest you've earned for the year across all accounts. Useful seeing a total figure when you have to spread money across multiple different accounts to earn any interest these days!


Thanks that’s what I thought


If you are not going to be receiving any more income for this tax year (Until 5th April 2019) at all, and are going to get no benefits whatsoever then you can either call and tell them this or fill in a P50 form and send it through the post or fill out a form online and could get the tax back earlier than the end of the tax year. I think you have to have not been working for at least four weeks until you can send in the request though.


I see the same. No mention of it :/


On mine it says I don't owe money and then it says I do?!?

Claim damage to your vehicle from potholes/damaged roads @
Posted 14th Nov 2018Posted 14th Nov 2018
Claim damage to your vehicle from potholes/damaged roads @
How to make a claim - Contact the organisation responsible to tell them: What the damage was Why you think they are responsible the specific location where the damage took pl… Read more

Try driving a motorbike it's really fun


wasn't refering to the speed but... oh well


Heat added, thanks. I has two occasions 3 years ago where my tyre burst due to the pot hole. Didn't know I could claim at that time!!


Nope,Speed limit was 60 I was well within it.......can’t all driver like Sunday dodderers


Cracked my alloys blew my tyre made a complaint show them pictures of potholes didn't get nothing from them waste of time

View your driving license online (and make changes if needed) @ Gov.UK
Refreshed 4th MarRefreshed 4th Mar
View your driving license online (and make changes if needed) @ Gov.UK
View your driving license online (see if your details are correct, if you have any penalty points, when they will expire, etc.). You can also make changes online to save the hassl… Read more



Make changes it says on this site. View and share it says on DVLA site......... Who is talking rubbish?


Received in the same week!


saved me filling in a long ass form and posting for a change of address, thanks!



FREE Parking - Hillingdon Council
Posted 10th Nov 2018Posted 10th Nov 2018
FREE Parking - Hillingdon Council
Hillingdon Council is providing free weekend parking to all residents during the month of December! Visitors can also park for free (in council parking areas) on Christmas, Boxing… Read more

You do know that your so called public transport is subsidised to the hilt!


Fair play. Unfortunately with crap public transport there is no incentive for people to not drive.


May not be ideal for everyone - useful for those who can’t make use of the reduced public transport services during the festive period :) Every little helps! (angel)


That is exactly what I said about subsidies distorting true costs. If car owners are subsidising folks like me, then I agree that isn't right. At the same time, raising council taxes just because property prices went up also doesn't make sense. The reality is that the tax system is badly broken and no politician has the courage to fix it, unless he / she has no plans to stand for election later.


Cold. Shouldn't be encouraging people to use their cars.

Check the MOT status of a vehicle @ GOV.UK
Posted 14th Oct 2018Posted 14th Oct 2018
Check the MOT status of a vehicle @ GOV.UK
Enter a vehicle’s details to see whether it has an MOT certificate and when it runs out. This service is also available in Welsh ( Cymraeg ). Enter the registration number of the… Read more

Insulting ones intelligence is one thing, calling someone who “pays” his taxes an idiot I suggest you look up the definition in the Oxford dictionary. obviously you need to remove the vehicle off the road hence the reason for SORN’ing the car


I doubt any of us are if you live in America.


I found this very helpful this week as my car failed it's MOT. I could look this up and see all the details before getting back to the garage, Also garages are notorious for not calling when they have finished with your car. The MOT updates as soon as it is done so I could check online and find out if it was done or not.




*Sigh* This can only be used by the dealer who registered the vehicle in the first place and MUST be received within 7 days of the registration taking place. Try again Freeman.

Warm Home Discount is now live for all suppliers. £140 credit for all those eligible
Posted 8th Oct 2018Posted 8th Oct 2018
Warm Home Discount is now live for all suppliers. £140 credit for all those eligible
This is great for families on low incomes or disability benefits. Link is to the website with links to each suppliers application forms pages You could get £140 o… Read more

My credit as been and gone! My friend is with BG and applied same day as me his was only applied last week x


Update: Just got letter from my supplier. Thank you.


Why's this expired?


I applied for mine the day I posted the deal. I have received a letter the other day off SSE to say it’s being processed and I should look out for the letter with the voucher. Also if I wanted to have it put on my gas account to ring them up on the day to get it switched which is what I’ll do as these cold nights are costing a fortune in gas x


A lot of people aren't aware of what sort of things they are entitled to,so heat added for letting folks know about this

Free Basic (or Possibly More) 'Dr. Bike' Servicing, Possibly National, But in Barnet For Sure
Posted 4th Oct 2018Posted 4th Oct 2018
Free Basic (or Possibly More) 'Dr. Bike' Servicing, Possibly National, But in Barnet For Sure
It seems that Barnet Council, at Least, have Dr Bike Days once a month now. I was just at one today. It's the kind of thing they have during the Ride London event every year. I h… Read more
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Here are all locations. Scroll to the bottom of the page:


Good old Brent. You can always jump over the border to Barnet, they don't ask where you are from etc, for a service.


Anyone know if it's near Croydon as I can not see it on line anywhere as I have a trycycle as I can not walk to far




Winter is coming - save £'000s with free insulation for most (and boilers for some) for eligible customers
Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Winter is coming - save £'000s with free insulation for most (and boilers for some) for eligible customers
TL;DR - Energy companies are giving away free cavity wall insulation, and in some cases free loft insulation and free boilers. Installation is also free unless additional pipework … Read more
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Not all houses have gable ends, plus insulation will fill the cavity and just with a cavity surely there would be more chance of water ingress unless you have internal tray to drive the water out through weep holes in the brick. Theres probably cracking in your wall somewhere else thats causing a leak, instead of googling get a good builder to undertake an inspection and i am sure you will be surprised.


Really, I thought all disability was visible. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Do you actually know people who are fraudulently claiming DLA? If so, please report them. Or are you just making a sweeping statement backed up by nothing? There are such things as invisible disabilities. Not everyone who is classed as disabled is in a wheelchair.


I meant the "home service" cover plans, which will gladly take somebody's £10/20 a month for boiler breakdown cover for an old back-boiler. When the boiler breaks down they will say the part isn't available and it "must" be replaced. The average customer will unfortunately believe this and YES I definitely agree people really do need to know that they can just call a reputable heating/boiler/gas engineer who will usually happily use an aftermarket part to keep an otherwise reliably boiler running. The cover plans are usually a waste of money on older boilers, they are only good for the annual service, which would be cheaper to just buy separately.


Really sorry to hear of your experience. Sounds very much you had a cowboy company and then cowboys trying to sort it out. benefits. It should have been fixed by the original fitters or you should consider taking them to the small claims court. If anyone is in a similar situation with DAMP after cavity wall insulation, consider a roof under-tray and gable-end re-done at the same time as it is a much cheaper solution plus keeps the energy efficiency.

Highways England - Space Invaders - Free Sticker Pack
Posted 17th Sep 2018Posted 17th Sep 2018
Driving isn’t a game. Tailgating causes accidents – and you don’t get an extra life in the real world Driving too close to the vehicle in front is dangerous and can make it impos… Read more
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It doesn't matter what speed you drive. I always drive the speed limit if not slightly over and it will always be too slow for someone of that mentality.


Requested mine thanks fab 8)


Can't read the article as it's registered users only. I can probably guess at its contents anyway. I know drivers speed, run lights and everything else in-between. What I don't agree is cyclists (commuters in particular) are good law abiding citizens. :) I have even seen cyclists have a go at other cyclists when they actually stop at red lights for blocking there way. Two wheeled commuters are a savage bunch!


Fixed that for you. Same as a minority of drivers jump red lights and speed, eh? Anyone got (popcorn) (I'm a driver too)


Well aren't you a model citizen then. Sadly the rest of the cycling community don't follow suit. Of the list above the following were observed this morning. tailgating (but cyclists like to call it slipstreaming), close passing, overtaking through solid whites (they like to call it filtering), overtaking on mini roundabout approaches, overtaking on zebras, jumping lights, speeding (over 20mph in 20 zone), no lights, indicators (they have arms but not one used them), using phones, not looking at junctions." We can also add to that list 'wrong side of traffic bollards' As for rule 169 I never claimed it applied exactly to you but "Probably worth you having a read" as a good road user you may use common sense and follow it if holding up traffic. Much like your suggestion on rule 163 and in particular the part "give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car" I'm quite happy overtaking a car and giving 2ft space, doesn't mean I'll only give 2ft to a cyclist.

Help to save finally launched by government for those on low incomes - save up to £50 each month.  Good interest rate
Refreshed 17th Oct 2018Refreshed 17th Oct 2018
Help to save finally launched by government for those on low incomes - save up to £50 each month. Good interest rate
Please follow link for details. The scheme, administered by HM Revenue and Customs, is open to UK residents who are: entitled to Working Tax Credit and receiving Working Tax Cre… Read more

True. But for hypothetical sense it’s 50%. There are no terms and conditions except you just top up the account each month and don’t withdraw it


It's not 50% interest as it's over 4 years and it's not free money, it's a bonus that's received by following the terms and conditions over four years. It's still a cracking deal.I'm just being pedantic


Now that's a good idea :D


Yes correct. Leave it untouched to get the maximum return (a whopping 50%!) Yes your correct - you have to leave the original amount in after 2 years - for another 2 years - to get the maximum. End of year 2 free money: £600 End of year 4 free money £600. Total amount: £600 free paid to you at year 2. £600 free paid to you at year 4 - plus investment of £2400 = £3000. I qualified, along with my partner. So... £1200 free money at end of year 2. £6000 (includes £1200 free)) at end of year 4.


I don't qualify, but a few relatives do so I'm helping them sign up. To get the maximum benefit in 2 years you'd have to leave it untouched though right? Also intially I thought at the end of 2 years they would be able to take the nest egg and start dripping money into the 2nd phase.. I guess that won't work. Not so bad though as 50% of the investment up til then will be returned.

Up to £2000 towards childcare @ GOV.UK
Posted 11th Sep 2018Posted 11th Sep 2018
Up to £2000 towards childcare @ GOV.UK
So I'm not really sure on how much this is a deal but there was an advert at my workplace regarding a national childcare campaign where if you have children aged 0-11 (or 0-16 if d… Read more

If both Parents are employed you can apply for childcare vouchers now, you don’t have to wait till your child starts nursery, just speak to yours and your partners employers to join the scheme. Vouchers give you more money than TFC (only a bit) and you can use them to pay for after & before school clubs whereas TFC stops the moment they leave nursery for school.... another sneaky cost cut by the conservatives (annoyed)


I’m not sure if you are having a dig at the original post or the comment on it from grex9101. But if it’s the former, just letting you know you can get help through tax free childcare scheme so long as neither you or your partner earn over £100,000 per year.


Under labour everyone got 15 hours free childcare 52 weeks a year for children over the age of 2. The conservatives scrapped this and parents got nothing for years until they offered 30 hours childcare for 3 years however this is only term time which amounts to just 38 weeks and it only starts from the term after their 3rd birthday so if you toddler turns 3 mid September you’ll have to wait till the next term to qualify so you get even less. The reality is this, it costs £775 for my 1 year old to stay in nursery 5 days a week and with the 30 hours discount it costs £467 for my 3 year old. We also get 20% off the total thanks to the TFC scheme so the total bill is £993 a month. My wife earns minimum wage which is about £1130 a month so she makes just £130 a month, she also doesn’t get sick pay. For these reasons she’s not going back to work. Fortunately I can support my family as I earn plenty however I’ve no idea how 2 adults on a low wage can survive. We live in an incredibly expensive country and those who complain about spongers need to get a calculator out and stop reading the “headline”.


I was reading it then thinking, we work full time so i bet it wont apply to us (mad)


The cut of date is in October but most employers have a cut off date of about 1 month in advance, depending on payroll date. Mine had it for first week of September as it takes some time to contact the relevant provider. My OH was on maternity leave when the deadline was back in April and her employer offered to pay £1 a month until she joined payroll again so she could join the scheme. I think the old scheme is better but it depends on the circumstances of each family.

Check the MOT history of a vehicle
Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Check the MOT history of a vehicle
Check the MOT history of a vehicle................
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MOT testers don't remove anything from your car, certainly not wheels. They don't even remove kids car seats, that's why if you have a kids seat in they will do an advisory saying they couldn't check the seat belt. They should only be checking the things they can see.


You can check the MOT of any car via Alexa / Echo.


BTW I know this website from around 2 years , what is new here?


someone must drive loads on reverse gear ;-)


I use the Knowyourcar app. Similar thing.

Warm Home Discount (Live @ British Gas) £140.00 Discount.
Posted 22nd Aug 2018Posted 22nd Aug 2018
Its that time again to start claiming for Warm Home Discount. (If you entitled to it) British Gas is Live. I claimed for the person I care for today at 10.00am. Ive read about bo… Read more
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Anyone received this yet?


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve just come searching for this thread as I’ve not received mine yet (y)


Just a heads up. BRITISH GAS. Paid out today 8-1-19.


I couldn't agree more. A few years ago I also had cancer (unrelated) and had to wind down my small business and go onto ESA. I was grateful for the money but appalled at the pettiness of the benefits system. Especially the 0845 numbers and being on hold for hours. How humiliating to wait while your precious money was being swallowed by the system that was supposed to support.


I ran a successful company and was a high rate tax payer until I had a bout of illness which meant I couldn't work for a bit. This meant I learnt the wonders of going on the benefits system. What an awful experience. I don't think people know that most people aren't good for nothings ,who are scrounging on the state. That's a small minority that the media helps gain publicity and the gullible lap it up. This is the cause of Brexit and other forms of xenophobia.

Local Council (non-repair testing station) MOT test with free re-test £40 YMMV
Posted 20th Aug 2018Posted 20th Aug 2018LocalLocal
Local Council (non-repair testing station) MOT test with free re-test £40 YMMV
My local council Bolton (Lancs) does a MOT test for class 4 vehicles (cars up to 8 seats) for £40 with a free re-test within 10 days. Since they themselves don’t carry out repai… Read more
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Oooh, I have my first stalker.




IT DOESN'T HAVE INSURANCE, YOU DO ! How many times does it need saying ;) Yes, I agree that once the insured driver leaves the vehicle on public property it IS illegal.... but the theory started about driving to an MOT station, so that wouldn't happen.


I use my car to drive my family about. Knowing it is safe ranks highly on my list. Once had an MOT tester charged by VOSA for passing my car, when it had a blatant failure. This was done at KwikFit. If your car is borderline enough to fail/maybe pass. Then I’d suggest better maintenance and care of the vehicle.

Free Reusable Nappies.
Posted 19th Aug 2018Posted 19th Aug 2018
Some councils are offering free samples or starter packs of reusable nappies in a bid to discourage unnecessary waste going to landfill. These are seen to be kinder to the enviro… Read more
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It's Real Nappy week this week, happens once a year and most Nappy retailers have discounts and deals. Good time to stock up on your favourites or try some new ones.


That's a huge shame.


Good for you, but NONE of the parents I had to work with thought that far.


At least your genetics wont get passed on (y)


I use them for nursery, they never have a problem, with a good wet bag like Planetwise the smell is contained and I put them in the wash bucket at the end of the day, doing it for 2 years and 2 nurserys so far with no complaint from us or them. And the ones I send in are all in ones, so similar to disposables you can't go wrong, with cloth wipes too.

Borrow a telescope for free with a Westminster Library card
Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Borrow a telescope for free with a Westminster Library card
Exciting opportunity with a Westminster Library card (you don't need to live or work in Westminster to get one) as you can borrow a telescope from Westminster Reference Library (WC… Read more
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jamie15 Didn't get it the first time, but this time I did!


time someone did Uranus joke.


Why don't you surprise me? ;)



This telescope uses a mirror and you should be able to see Uranus with it

Know Your Traffic Signs free PDF
Posted 14th Aug 2018Posted 14th Aug 2018
Know Your Traffic Signs free PDF
“Know your traffic signs” PDF can be found online for free and I think it is the same as the “Know your traffic signs” book which Waterstones sell from £4.99.

It’s okay. :D Hope it helped.


I know someone would say that. :D but yeah it’s good if you need a refresher.


I’m not too sure but they sell books digitally that cost so thought this was good for free which is why I shared it.


Also useful to current drivers, there are far too many out there who have 'been driving for years' but have no idea how to drive


It’s okay. :)

GOV.UK Warm home discount scheme/Utilita  that gives you £140 for eligible customers 2018/2019
Posted 8th Aug 2018Posted 8th Aug 2018
The Warm Home Discount is a Government scheme helping lower income and vulnerable households with their energy costs during the winter. If you meet certain criteria, you may qualif… Read more

Unbelievably - we’ve been accepted onto this! I would never have applied had the OP not posted this. So thanks from my family to you - OP!!!


Anyone heard if they been successful yet?


Apparently yes, you can switch suppliers with a Smart Meter but it can lose its functionality as they are the 1st Generation Of Smart Meters and when you switch suppliers your Meter reverts back to a ‘ Traditional ‘ Meter. This is on Ofgem’s website. Your choice, but legally you DON’T have to install a Smart Meter. There are a lot of reports of it affecting people’s health too. Just Google! 8)


OFGEM 2018 - I have a smart meter. Can I shop around and switch supplier? If you have a smart meter, you can shop around and switch supplier as you did with your previous traditional meter.


I DO Not think there’s a need to name call people and to slag them off. I am an educated person, not a chav and it’s truly nasty to pre-judge people. It is true that some people abuse the system but Name Calling is Nasty and nasty comments just show up the person who writes them. Have a conscience & be kind to others.