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Posted 3 December 2022

Govee Flow Pro Light Bar, WiFi RGBIC TV LED Backlights with Camera - £35.99 with voucher, sold by Govee @ Amazon

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  • Enhanced Entertainment: These smart light bars stylishly add depth of colour to your home theater creating a more impressive entertainment system. Upgrade your home lighting decor and give yourself a more ambient viewing experience.
  • Alexa Voice Control: Use simple voice commands to create different movie or game atmospheres through Alexa or Google Assistant, adapting to a variety of scenarios. (WiFi module is built into the camera, Alexa only works when the camera is connected)
  • Intelligent Camera: The camera captures colors on your TV screen and automatically applies them to the lights. Enjoy immersive viewing and gaming experience. (No hub needed)
  • Music Mode: The light bars sync with your music and sound. Bring you an extraordinary experience in four different modes, which include Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, Vibrate.
  • Intelligent App Features: Enjoy access to an intuitive timer function, customizable DIY colours and light effects, plus zestful music and scene modes. With these features, transforming how you watch paintings, artworks, pictures is easier than ever.
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    Anyone attached these to the back of the TV?

    I wonder if they will work on a 55"...
    I have mine attached to the back of my 50" hisense. Mine are attached more to the top of the TV due to the design of the TV itself preventing them from being centered but they look fantastic and have quality immersion with whatever I'm watching. For the price they're well worth it
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    Anyone have this know of the extent Alexa can control it - is it just on/off, or can you directly control the lighting?
    I'm just getting the hang of these atm but you can set your lights up and save it as a "snapshot" in the Govee app. You can then create a routine in the Alexa app to specifically activate a certain snapshot. So e.g I've set up a snapshot called "backlight" (just sets the lights to cool white) and one called "movie mode" (turns on the ambilight effect), and just say "Alexa, activate backlight/movie mode". You can also set up your "dreamview" where it connects to any other govee lights you have and set that up as a Scene in the Alexa app - tbh I have no idea what the difference between a scene and a routine is, but it works.

    Final point worth noting is that it might be tempting to whack the saturation straight up to 100%, but I've found that as low as 15%, combined with reducing the white balance down to the low-mid end gives the best experience.
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    Bought this kit the other day , arrived yesterday but mine won't connect to the camera and I can't calibrate it to pick up the colours correctly . Anyone knows how to calibrate the camera ?
    Make sure usb is plugged in fully. You need to connect it to WiFi as well in the app. Set mi E up tonight and those were the parts I errored on at first
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    Ordered thankyou was going to buy the other day at this price but when I went to order the voucher wasn't there anymore
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    Yeah not showing for me . Will check again in 10 minutes but thinking it's done
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    Doesn't the camera put you off your viewing if it's on top of the TV aiming at the TV screen? (edited)
    From what I read on the thread the other day, you can put the camera underneath the TV/monitor
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    anyone know the difference between this (Govee Flow Pro Light Bar) and the very similar DreamView P1 amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1
    I think someone in the other thread said they have both, and they appear to be identical products.
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    Is this as good a price as it looks?? There's been so many govee deals lately that I've lost track!!!
    They aren't Philips hue level of light output.
    They need an account for you to use the app to control the lights so they can get your data.

    Other than that they're fine.
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    Does anyone know if these will link to the backlight as one? :/
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    does this work without the camera? I just want to back light my two monitors?

    what app does it use? Will it work with the smart life app? (edited)
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    No reviews on this though
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    Do they work with Alexa?
    Yes the do 
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    Still showing 59.99 for me? Where is the code please?
    same, looks like its expired
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    Thanks for posting, just ordered.
  15. Avatar
    Anyone received these and tried them? 40% off again so tempted
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    Had my eye on these. Got the strip ones with camera on my 55 inch tv, they look really cool. Will get these for the bedroom tv. You can control them with govee app or can even link to Google home to turn on and off. (edited)
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    Missed the first round of 40%, had them grudgingly in my basket at 30% off yesterday, just got them for 40% off

    Thanks for posting
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    cheers , tempted at 40% off
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    Just received mine, but they sent me just the lights with no camera and it looks like you can’t purchase the camera separately so definitely watch out for that 😏 haven’t tried them yet as they’re a Christmas gift.
    The camera comes with it
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