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Govee LED Floor Lamp, Smart RGBICWW Floor Lamp £99.99 Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Govee UK

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About this deal

This was £150 when I looked 2 days ago, now reduced to the same price as the other cheaper model

  • This one had better LED’s and a remote versus the other one

added by @sigorney :

About this item
  • RGBICWW Technology: Savor multicolour displays as customized from 16 million total colours, 2200k-6500k warm/cool whites, and 1500 lumens of brightness. Upscale atmosphere for hosting get-togethers, watching movies or reading and relaxing.
  • Futurist & Modern Design: Minimalist design that infuses sophistication into home decor. With a textured satin aluminum finish and compact base unit, this art piece elevates your space even before its light begins to glow. (Dimensions: 1450mm x 137mm)
  • 64+ Alluring Lighting Effects: Select a moving lighting effect with just one tap and instantly transform your space to different vibe, no matter for parties, gaming, watching movies, or just relaxing.
  • Get Creative with DIY Mode: Using Govee Home app, finger-sketch your own custom colour effects, plus show off these creations to the community where others can add your DIY effects to their own Lyra floor lamps.
  • Voice Control & Installation: Change colours and effects by using Alexa, Google Assistant or other voice assistants. Correct installation(refer to video tutorial) can solve problems like top or bottom lamp beads do not work, and achieve better lighting effects.

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    Good deal, voted hot.

    If anyone wish to go DIY route, check this out
  2. Avatar
    What happens when the LEDs get stop working on these?
    There will be no light
  3. Avatar
    We have two and can recommend them....
    Do they get hot or warm to touch?
  4. Avatar
    This is great, bought mine for £10 cheaper during Black Friday but this is a very decent price.
    Mine sits in the corner of our lounge, providing very nice background light for when we're watching the TV.
    The only slightly annoying thing is that the cable comes out of the front, not the back, which is a very weird judgement call from someone!
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    49355122-qb0dP.jpgWhat's the difference with the second one with the 20% off voucher?
    WW - basically they’ve got colour LEDs, a warm white LED and a cool white LED

    Personally for lamps it’s a massive difference. If you’re going to use it in disco mode all the time it’ll be the same
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    I like Govee products. I have a table lamp and the TV Immersion kit and I'm pleased with them.
    However, £100 for this seems to me way too much. It looks like a pole with a LED strip in it. Yes, it may have some good features, but I think it is well overpriced. At £50 and I will still have second thoughts. (edited)
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    49352738-yTjfc.jpgThe lyra lamp is a great piece of kit ,this was taken just after assembly just over a year ago and never had any problems with their product
    49352738-8Qyy7.jpgThese are their portable lamps and they're awesome too (the one one the right is a hue living colour and they're OK but much prefer the govee lights
    Did you really take screenshots of already saved images?
  8. Avatar
    Lightsabre in the style of a toilet brush. Don't think it'll fit with my decor heat for Govee though. Always had good products from them (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Bought this last time at this price and its great.
  10. Avatar
    Bought cheers
  11. Avatar
    Govee doesn't work with samsung smart things which is a pain.
  12. Avatar
    My 18 month old loves ours
    Our 4 year old gets more enjoyment out of ours than anyone else
  13. Avatar
    Been looking at this so took the plunge and bought it
  14. Avatar
    I want a floor lamp like this but already have many hue products in the house. Do you think this will be as good? I'm afraid to risk it but the hue floor lamps are £300+
    I bought 2 of the newer hue floor lamps for £345 in November on a deal to sync up with my ambilight and I'm really pleased with them.
    Not sure about these but can always send them back if not to your satisfaction.
  15. Avatar
    love Govee products, have had no issue with them
  16. Avatar
    Bought two of these for the lounge. They sync with my Govee TV lights. 10/10
    How does this work? The colours and rhythm sync?
  17. Avatar
    I thought It was a toilet brush lol (edited)
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