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Posted 12 December 2022

Govee Smart Light Bars with Camera, RGBIC LED TV Backlights, Work with Alexa & Google Assistant £39.99 Dispatches @ Amazon Sold by Govee UK

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Apply £8 voucher to get this for £39.99. Down from £79.99

Govee Envisual: The light bars sync easily with your TV screen images and sounds. Enhance your gaming, movie, and musical experiences with vibrant lighting, 16 million colours, and 23 preset modes.

Intelligent Colour-match: The 1080P camera captures colours on your TV or PC screen and automatically applies them to the lights. Enjoy efficient synchronization without needing an HDMI cable or being restricted by streaming services.

Sync Your Music: With a built-in mic, this light bar sync smoothly with your music or ambient sounds emitted from your TV. Choose from four modes (Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, Vibrate), all great for live concerts, karaoke nights, or gaming worlds.

Voice Control: Create the ideal movie or gaming occasion using simple voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. (Our WiFi module is built in the camera, WiFi Alexa function works only when the camera is plugged in and only support 2.4G WiFi)
Smart App Features: With Govee Home App, you can enjoy much more scene modes and DIY your own lighting effects. Moreover, you can get fantastic DIY ideas from millions of worldwide Govee users and share your unique DIY lighting effect with them.
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    If you are not keen on sticking the orange pads to your screen, there is a video on you tube that has the pads in position for you to use.
    Im surprised Govee didnt do this in the first place. Goven the target market. It could be expected they would have means to feed video to the screen
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    Does calibrating these actually make much difference? I cant get it to work and not sure if it's worth the bother
    Calibration makes the world of difference. I found setting the markers just outside of the tv screen gives the best effect. Setting it on the markers directly was hit and miss
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    Will these pair with the Govee tv light strip that also has a camera? Or is it one or the other? Cheers.
    One or the other. They do do a double pack, strip and bars with one camera. You could of course get this and have one camera top and other bottom of screen
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    These are great, I have some. They were £35.99 earlier on today, although that's now ended.
    The deal is still on49024205-PneSG.jpg
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    Got these on black Friday deal and love them, easy to set up when following the instructions and using the sponge sensors. Easy to link with Alexa and operate. Would be a great addition to any smart house .
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    Anyone used one of these on a larger TV , 55" or larger
    There is another version on amazon, similar priced which is for larger screens/TV's
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    I bought them about a week ago and they are a nightmare, can't connect the camera to calibrate the device , I have had a replacement sent from govee and still doesn't work , the app is useless.

    The device connects to Bluetooth and WiFi but when I try to calibrate the camera it tells me that the camera is not connected ..
    I had the exact same problem, the way we got them working in the end was to set them up with another phone as the WIFI/Hotspot. worked first time after that
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    I have these and they work great**, I have the camera stuck to "shelf" under the TV pointing up. I will have a go at setting them up using the video above as I'm not sure if I setup my current tv with the "orange" blocks.

    When I say they work great, they work best @ night if the ambient light is low / off (eg. room lights). They flood my wall behind the tv with blue when the Disney logo is showing (it's a great test) at the start of a film. Then mimic the colours on the screen. It doesn't turn off the light for dark scenes thou' so the wall behind the tv would still be lit (just not very brightly). Controllable with Alexa (turn on/off) or Bluetooth from your mobile phone

    In daytime, room lights on, they generally pick up the room light and show yellow/orange regardless of whats on the screen. So perfect for night watching, not so great during the day.. (edited)
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    I dont see a voucher?
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    Got these - they're GREAT, but I don't have data to compare.

    I have them mounted on the back of a 49", facing a matt white wall. At night, it really changes my movies and gaming sessions - to the point I probably couldn't live without them now... Spiderman films are another level during action scenes!
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    Please can anyone assist on how to get the voucher please
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    Not sure I’m too impressed with these when using the camera. They often show red for dark colours, the left and right bars only seem to show the same colour, even if screen has different colours being shown left to right. It also doesn’t seem to use multiple colours per bar, just a gradient in camera mode. I thought the camera would do a much better job at making the bars light up like the picture, it just seems crude.

    Anyone got any tips, or if this just the way they are?

    I’d be gutted if I’d paid full price.
    Scrub that, looks like a firmware update has fixed the above! Works quite well now 👌

    One concern though has been replaced with another: What was a bit concerning is after installing the app on my phone I got this email: Your Apple ID was just used to download Govee Home on a computer or device that has not previously been used. You may also be receiving this email if you reset your password since your last purchase.

    I called Apple and they couldn’t understand this (as it was my normal phone). Apple went in to the App Privacy options in the Privacy settings (in main iPhone settings menu) and said they were concerned about where the app was communicating with as it wasn’t being made clear on the App Store. They said it shouldn’t be talking to all those servers. They couldn’t explain why I got this email saying “a device not previously used”.

    Anyone else noticed the Govee Home app is talking with every man and their dog?