Goylegate - Hilarious children's book paperback £8.32 delivered or download for £1.72 @ Amazon
Goylegate - Hilarious children's book paperback £8.32 delivered or download for £1.72 @ Amazon

Goylegate - Hilarious children's book paperback £8.32 delivered or download for £1.72 @ Amazon

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A laugh out loud children’s adventure that is imaginative and fast paced! Ideal for Christmas!

The world stands on the brink of annihilation. While the unknowing masses go about their daily routines, the Gargoyles have been watching.
It is time…

Over the last century the Chimera has been growing a terrifying army of Grotesques in the desert. She intends to obliterate the world’s cities.
Time to destroy humanity…

Davina and Ghost have entwined Gargantuan destinies that lead to an epic adventure to save the planet. Unfortunately, Davina just can’t remember…

The truth is Davina’s mind is blank, she just can’t remember. The only memory she has is automatic knowledge, the information repetitiously drummed into her during her training to enter the outside world - earth. Her initial memory loss occurred when she left Gargantuan, an inner world of inspiration, a place of dreams and the original home of the Gargoyles.

Unbeknown to Davina, she is on a quest to save her father, the king of Gargantuan; he was captured by an evil creature known as the Chimera. The Chimera is cultivating an enormous army of Grotesques, the ugliest creatures ever created. Their creation is for the sole purpose of obliterating the human race - the Chimera’s revenge for the years of slavery inflicted upon her and the goyle race.

Davina, through her journey, teams up with Ghost, a boy who is known to be dangerous. The pair meet at the Nadim naughty children’s home, a place where ‘bad’ children are sent because they have been disowned. Unfortunately Ghost has a reputation: he has a tendency to attract trouble. That tendency proves to be a hindrance during the journey that enables Davina to determine her true identity. When Davina learns who she really is she also discovers that the very survival of the planet is down to her.


£1.72 what a bargin!!!!! Love it. Worth a read

omg - hilarious read - get all over it

Who could ever come up with this!? So funny, a little bit of wee came out.....

Where has this one come from... Read the sample - on Amazon - and I actually was already engrossed! Fab - bargain to download @£1.72

How did a book make someone go to the loo? That is an amazing feat!

Hillarious, my kids loved it and so did I ! BUY IT NOW !

Just had another look and it seems that it is published in the U.S - probably why Britain has not picked up on it yet... I love finding something before the crowd!
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