GPX Navigator Camera Detector - £19.91 in-store @ Staples

GPX Navigator Camera Detector - £19.91 in-store @ Staples

Found 15th Jan 2007
Yes, you guessed it (or maybe not!) this is for detecting speed cameras. We all experience the frustration that the government has created by making UK roads ever more stressful. Well here is your answer. Grab it now! Vrooom Vrooom! But please don't use it as an excuse to drive fast. No one wants to die or lose a loved one so let's all have consideration for each other. Because if you lose a loved love, it will probably hurt you more than it hurt them. Cheers.


Is this in-store or online? Welcome here blanco.

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Hi, in store and thanks

Thanks, I'll add that and the price to the thread title. There's a link inmy sig with help on posting deals

The link just goes to the main page. I cant find it on the site anywhere. Any ideas?

yeh read preceding posts... its in store only


:? Doh!
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