Graco Junior Maxi Car Seat £25 +cashback sites @ ASDA

Graco Junior Maxi Car Seat £25 +cashback sites @ ASDA

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They are back again if some one want one u can pick it up from store or order online and pick up in selected store.

Graco is one of the leading companies for exciting new baby products. This Graco Junior Maxi Car Seat, is a customer favourite and we've had some great feedback about this product. Its simple and easy to use, which is great when you've got little one's running around. The high back booster seat has an integrated seat belt guide in headrest to always ensure correct position of the seat belt. It has an easy to use height adjustable back rest and high adjustable armrests to give good hip support. And just in case you do have any in car spillages, there is a removable and machine washable cover and cup holders on each side. It can be converted into a booster seat by removing the backrest.


got 1. very good.

very hot me thinks. Shame I recently had to buy one at short notice from Halfords for about £50! Ho Hum...U win some .....

Got one in store yesterday :thumbsup:

looks smart for £25

I'd highlighted it in the general baby/toddler event here:…=39
There are a number of other items in that thread which may be of interest.
(didn't post on it's own as some people can be a bit negative about posting deals individually, so thanks for osting it)

Bought a couple before from Asda for this price and they are very good.

i got one at 25 squids from asda lasty year

sorry i mean 12.50 lol they gave a discount...

Ours arrived today just assembled it, really nice car seat with some good padding for LO's bums.

Also got 12 pack of Pampers wipes and 99 pack of Pampers nappies all in £50 delivered

we got these this time last year,
when it comes to the end of the event they reduce them to half price,
so, I bought 4 for the price of two so, they can stay in grandma's car too, saves so much hassle


What age child is this suitable for? My son is 13 months.

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What age child is this suitable for? My son is 13 months.

4 years+ :thumbsup:

dk143: What age child is this suitable for? My son is 13 months.Mackokoma;8437201

4 years+ :thumbsup:

It also depends on the height of your child, our daughter is 3 and a half and she has been in one of these for the past few months as she was getting too big for the baby car seat.


How tall then? My little man is big for his age.


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How tall then? My little man is big for his

Age Range 4 years+
Brand Graco
Type Group 2 and 3 child car seat
Minimum Age 4 years
Maximum Child Weight 36kg
Minimum Child Weight 15kg
I don't know the hight but I am shure u'r son not 15kg yet. is he?

this is such a good car seat - we bought this the last time in the baby event and my 2year old looks very comfy in it, plus the cup holders are a great added extra heat added..

I got one of these last time, I love it. Am definately buying another for grandads car this time round. Not waiting til they are half price, worried they might run out!


got 1. very good.

Hi there,

Has this car seat got recline position?

Thank you


Hi there,Has this car seat got recline position?Thank you

The back of the seat goes all the way down until its horizontal so its flat if you wanted to keep it in a boot but it wont recline and hold the same position. I usually end up changing mine for a reclining one if i think hes going to fall asleep because these seats don't look very comfortable for them to fall asleep in. But it is light weight and easy to fit if your changing over cars. It can also be a pain to connect the back to the base when you first put it together unless I was doing something wrong?

nice. will have to get one.

Looks like its expired it showing as 39.97 for me
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