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Grade A Refurbished - Dell Latitude 7390 - i7-8650U / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD / Backlit Keyboard / 1080p - £266.34 With Code @ Dell Refurbished

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Thought this was worth a share at this price. The CPU is the i7-8650, which is a 4 core / 8 thread model, which is fine for those not needing a laptop for super CPU heavy tasks. For general home and office work it should be speedy enough for most folks. It's got 16GB RAM in there and 256GB of SSD storage.

Note -This is a Grade A Refurbished laptop

Use code - 45DELL7390

Delivery is free

Base specs
  • Grade A
  • 13.3" FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • 1x Intel Core i7-8650U (4-Core, 1.90 GHz)
  • 16 GB (1x 16GB)
  • 256 GB (1x 256 GB SSD)
  • Integrated Graphics
  • No Optical
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T)
  • Wireless 802.11 ac
  • Webcam Included
  • UK Backlit Keyboard
  • 64-bit Windows 10 Pro

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More on the Warranty:
Dell Financial Services Limited Warranty Policy
You have statutory rights in relation to the Product(s) sold to you. For example, Product(s) shall be of satisfactory quality and conform to their Product Description. Those rights are not affected by this DFS Product Warranty. DFS warrants that a Dell Product shall: (i) conform to its Product Description, (ii) be free from material defects for a period of 180 days from date of delivery, and (iii) that spare parts shall be free from defects for 180 days from the date of delivery or for the remainder of the applicable Services (Limited Warranty) or statutory warranty period, if longer. Subject to reasonable conditions, DFS shall repair, replace or offer a refund on the Dell Product if it develops a material fault in the period of 180 days from date of delivery.

Every system we sell must pass stringent DFS refurbishment specifications at an authorised DFS refurbishment partner in accordance with monitored DFS processes and procedures. This includes an extensive functional test to ensure systems meet factory specifications and a thorough cleaning and wipe down. Refurbished systems may have some cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect the performance of the system.

What is covered by this Limited Warranty?
This Limited Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in the hardware products sold by DFS on a part-by-part basis.

What is NOT covered by this Limited Warranty?
This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • Software, including the operating system (if any), trial software (if any) and pre-loaded software (if any)
  • Problems that result from:
  • External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, or problems with electrical power
  • Servicing not authorised by DFS
  • Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions
  • Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive measures
  • Problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by DFS
  • Products with missing or altered Service Tags or serial numbers
  • Products for which DFS has not received payment or are being disputed
  • Products damaged by misuse, abuse, riot, vandalism, theft, fire, flood, wind, lightning, freezing, power failure, power reduction, telephone failure or acts of God
  • Cost of installation, removal or re-installation of this product or any component of the product
  • Expendable items such as batteries, toner cartridges, projector bulbs and other operating supplies
  • Purely cosmetic scratches, dents or other similar damages
  • Vinyl skins applied to the product by DFS
Dell Refurbished More details at Dell Refurbished
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  1. Avatar
    Price is Ok but f you don't mind i5 8th gen (marginal difference between i5 & i7 8th gen) then look on ebay and save £50 to £80
    Dell refurbs from them direct tend to be in pristine condition whereas Fleabay one will look like they've been fished out of a dumpster.

    I'd happily pay the extra and but it from Dell.
  2. Avatar
    These are terrible laptops, we actually bought 130 of them for work a few years ago, I would say 40% needed to be returned or repaired during their short life. Whether we got a bad batch or dodgy version of the chipset, i'm not sure, but the experience was so bad I wouldn't touch Dell again.
    Maybe these are them!! Yikes!!!
  3. Avatar
    No deals on 14"? 13 is kind of very small screen.
  4. Avatar
    These 7000-series laptops are pretty nicely built, not quite XPS materials, but still good enough.
    Considering that the 8th gen Intel CPU's (such as in this deal) allow for Win 11 install, this computer still has some years of life in it yet.
    This is overall a pretty good deal for someone with light needs, who wants portability.
    EG taking away on holiday, rather than full-time at home, perhaps. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    One of the things I like most about the Thinkpads is that they're easy to upgrade and repair yourself. Not sure about the Latitudes
    Depends on what you mean by upgrade , changing SSD or RAM modules is dead easy, usually a WIFI module is ok but anything else you're looking at the wrong forum
  6. Avatar
    What's not to like. Series 7000 built quality, 8th gen CPU, 16GB RAM, I think this is more than a reasonable deal. Hot! (edited)
  7. Avatar
    How long warranty?
  8. Avatar
    you're a graphics professional or a web surfer? don't know why you want a MacBook/surface Pro level performance/hardware from a cheap laptop.
  9. Avatar
    Interesting. How good is a 7390? I'm a Thinkpad user and looking for a refurbished business spec laptop for around £200 - was hoping for another Itzoo Thinkpad T480 deal
    I like Think pads as I am a big fan of the Track point. I've had a couple of Dell's and Think pads (and HP) business laptops. I was impressed with my Dell 7480 and think it has a better screen than the Think pads. The colour gamut on the T490 is poor on reds which annoyed me. However, if you like Track points, Dell's are pretty poor in comparison. Almost like they have some sort of arrangement not to equal Think pads!
  10. Avatar
    How does this compare to a Dell - G3 15.6 " Intel core i7 8th gen GTX 1050Ti Gaming Laptop 1TB HDD & 128 GB SSD?
    Totally different. One is a gaming laptop, one isn't.
  11. Avatar
    How much would it cost to upgrade to Windows 11?
  12. Avatar
    Perfect timing! Need a decent, small laptop and this fits the bill very nicely... Thanks Ken
  13. Avatar
    Anyone have any experience running Linux on these, any incompatibilities?
    No issues
  14. Avatar
    Does this have a touchscreen?
  15. Avatar
    16gb nice … looks a damn solid workhorse for the money
  16. Avatar
    Good spot OP…
  17. Avatar
    not bad but i dont like left right clickers on touch pad, another others without them clickers for sale similar cpu spec.
  18. Avatar
    Is the SSD upgradeable ie is it easy to unscrew the 256GB SSD and upgrade it to a 1TB SSD. Spec looks good but kinda need a bigger hard drive.
    I've had a few of the 7290s open and this looks very similar, should only take about 15 minutes to swap the SSD
    Here's the iFixit instructions for how to do it:
  19. Avatar
    Seems like a very good price for a reasonable spec.

    Just ordered one, if it's crap or doesn't work can be sent back.
  20. Avatar
    Is this a Ips screen? (edited)
  21. Avatar
    I am interested to know how you got the special voucher code . I am interested on the desktop version and would like to see any further discount.
  22. Avatar
    What does refurnished mean exactly? They just reinstall windows or replace any parts?
  23. Avatar
  24. Avatar
    To cheap! ... cant resist ...
  25. Avatar
    Link no longer working...all gone?
    When I ordered it said 16 left, when I checked after it said 6 left, so I expect so.
  26. Avatar
    Yeah looks to be gone, I can get to the page which shows 30+ in stock but neither model of 7390 adds to basket.
  27. Avatar
    Ordered one - serial number says it shipped in April 2019, and build sheet indicates it has a touchscreen and cellular! Czech QWERTY keyboard only minor downside but I can live with that!
    Ach, it’ll be QWERTZ. Still, can swap it out…
  28. Avatar
    All gone
  29. Avatar
    I've got a Latitude 7390 for work (but with touch screen and i5-7300U processor). That one deals well with office functions vba processes etc.

    I really like the build quality... so hopefully these are similarly solid - as I just bought 2 of these for my family's not-for-profit music tutoring business.
    They'll be used for photo and music editing - and maybe video editing but probably doesn't have quite enough processing power for Lightworks.... but we'll see!
    Seems like an amazing price - if you don't mind it being a refurb (which I don't!)
  30. Avatar
    It says 30+ in stock but unable to add in the cart.
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