Grade B-refurbished 250GB Apple iMac 20" with Wireless Keyboard & Mouse - 12 Month Warranty £279 @ Wowcher

Grade B-refurbished 250GB Apple iMac 20" with Wireless Keyboard & Mouse - 12 Month Warranty £279 @ Wowcher

Found 12th Nov 2017
250GB Apple iMac 20” with Wireless Keyboard & Mouse - 12 Month Warranty for £279.

I have no idea about this?? I’ve never used Wowcher but this seems too good to be true. What’s the catch? I know it’s refurbished but still!
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Very very old model. 20" was discontinued 7-8 years ago I believe. This will be painfully slow and may not be eligible for many updates. It would make a nice ornament though!
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Veeerrrryyyyy old, wouldn't hold up to more than casual web browsing
How does this work any help never bought from them before

Can you pay upfront
What’s grade B condition like
Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2GB RAM

It's not "too good to be true" not even close.
If it’s too good to be true then it probably is
For those who are looking for a decent desktop computer then this is a good price but for those who know their computers this isn’t that good a deal
Terrible deal. 10 years old maybe?
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Save 77% on the 10 year old retail price! Take my money! 👲
Good to know! I didn’t realise at first it was so ancient!
Bought one of these for £50 in an eBay auction a few weeks ago. Yup - internet, office and iTunes only. Nothing more.
What what what I just ordered this and now all the bad comments how do I cancel it
You lot say all that BUT my wife quite happily uses Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop etc on an old G5 1.8Ghz DP cheese grater they're not slow and work plenty well enough for professional use and the printers etc never moan about file versions.

Yes it's stuck on 10.5.8 and there's no updates to any apps etc but it's plenty fast enough only upgrades used are an SSD and plenty of RAM.
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You could tell how age by looking at the design and thickness
We’re offering you a grade-B refurbished Apple iMac with keyboard and mouse for £279, saving you 77% offMegamax's price of £1190 (correct as of 11.10.17).

surely that's like saying my 256kb usb stick is worth £100 (correct as of 12/11/17) such a bad thing to say in order to trick those with little knowledge of hardware
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