Gran Panettone (Half Price) 85p @Tesco

Gran Panettone (Half Price) 85p @Tesco

Found 2nd Nov 2010
Imported Italian Christmas Cake. Maina's traditional Panettone is soft, delicious, and rich with raisins. It owes it's excellence to the naturally leavened sour dough and 60 hours of work that goes into each and every cake.

Use this mini Panettone to decorate your holiday table, offering each guest their own cake, or even as your own quick personal snack. Also makes a wonderful holiday party gift.


It's not Gran , but Mini ( 100g ), the larger one start at 4.50.

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Hi vadim it is gran even though the website says mini which is only because they do sell larger one's which cost more. If you click the link you can see for yourself
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