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Posted 1 January 2023

Gran Turismo 7 - £19.17 PS4/PS5 @ Playstation Store Turkey

£19.17£43.3956% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Cheapest deal I could find and I'm hoping it'll get a free PSVR2 upgrade next month!
*Edit - Free PSVR 2 upgrade confirmed!

You'll need a way to purchase (Crypto card seems to be the current preferred option, plenty of useful info on here alreay for that) from the Turkey store. The 'Digital Deluxe' version is also available for £26.91

From the store -

Edition includes:
- Full Game
- PS4™ & PS5™ entitlement

Experience the complete Real Driving simulator… 25 years in the making.

Get behind the wheel of over 400 cars from day one – with each classic motor and bleeding-edge supercar recreated with unparalleled detail – and navigate over 90 track routes in dynamic weather conditions.

With the reintroduction of the legendary GT Simulation Mode, you can buy, tune, race and sell your way through a solo campaign as you unlock new cars and challenges.

And if you love going head-to-head with others, hone your skills and compete in GT Sport Mode.*

PlayStation®5 features:
- Catch sight of the driver in your rear-view mirror and watch the sun glint against the curves of your car’s body, with support for 4K and HDR at a targeted 60fps framerate.** You can also take stunningly realistic photos with the power of ray tracing on PS5™.
- Feel the vibration from the anti-lock brake system and wheel spins, and variation in the braking resistance of each different car, all through the adaptive triggers of your DualSense™ wireless controller.
- From the subtle bumps of the tarmac to the grooves of the kerb, feel your position on the road through immersive haptic feedback.
- Sense the position of other cars and drivers on the road with unparalleled clarity through the PS5 console’s 3D Audio.***

*Requires internet connection and PS Plus membership. PS Plus is subject to recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms: play.st/PSP…rms
**4K and HDR features require a compatible 4K and HDR TV or display.
***3D audio with stereo headphones (analogue or USB).

If you already own the PS4 version of Gran Turismo 7 standard edition, you can get the PS5 digital version of Gran Turismo 7 standard edition for a discounted price, and you do not need to purchase this product. Owners of a PS4 disc copy must insert it into the PS5 every time they want to download or play the PS5 digital version. PS4 game disc owners who buy the PS5 Digital Edition disc-free console will not be able to get the PS5 version for the discounted price.
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    Can I buy this with my existing 🇬🇧 account and still play it in the UK?
  2. Avatar
    Is the deluxe version worth it?
    Not for me.. you get some in-game credit and an exclusive car, but I'd rather save a fiver.
  3. Avatar
    PSVR2 free upgrade officially announced. Makes this deal more tempting, just not a massive racing sim fan
    £18.86 Just bought it ready for psvr2
  4. Avatar
    Nice, pretty sure I bought this for £50 6m ago.. Sad times.
    Don't feel too bad mate, they're still asking £45 on the UK store in their 'Sale'!
  5. Avatar
    For all the messing around buying from Turkey (waste of time) this game still ain't worth the price! Save your time and money people!
    It’s a good game. Absolutely worth £20. Don’t listen to the above.
  6. Avatar
    I would bite but find driving games so repetitive
    You have to want to become an expert. It takes patience, time and dedication.
    Kinda wrong to call it a game really🙃
  7. Avatar
    Aye, but no chance finding them now.. plus this is a tenner cheaper for PS5.
  8. Avatar
    Great game, bought at launch so a bargain for this price. Only recently created a Turkish account, but worth the effort setting it up. Takes seconds to top up £20 and everything is cheaper there. Picked up the latest jackbox games for £8 instead of £18+ and GoW half price.
  9. Avatar
    I recently registered with a Turkish PSN account, however for the life of me cannot seem to use a cryptopay virtual card not a crypto.com physical card to successfully complete the transaction.

    Tried both via the mobile PS app and also straight via ps5, but still no luck.

    Would appreciate any help.

    I used the following info to register hotukdeals.com/sha…645 (edited)
    I had this problem but if you add funds and use your Cryptopay as a payment method. That way you can add 200TL at a time and just keep adding.

    This way it lets you buy games on the Turkish Store.

    I cannot however work out a way to buy a PSN Plus subscription, so hoping someone can help (does not let you buy even if you have enough in your wallet). I also used cryptopay virtual card.

    Any help would be great! (edited)
  10. Avatar
    I have a PS5 but I only play on Samsung 1080p TVs that I think max out at 60hz. I don't plan on getting a 4K TV for a short while unless a crazy deal falls into my lap.

    So, is the PS5 version different other than anything visual or framerate related? Will I notice anything on my 1080p TVs?

    Any advice would be helpful.
    Graphics will be better in the PS5 version and it'll have faster load times. Not sure whether this will be the case of you're playing the PS4 version on a PS5 though.

    Surely you'd be better off future proofing and just get the PS5 version?
  11. Avatar
    150 hours since release date. Worth it imo
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