Gran Turismo 5 (Brand New) £29.97 @ Asda
Gran Turismo 5 (Brand New) £29.97 @ Asda

Gran Turismo 5 (Brand New) £29.97 @ Asda

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I bought this last week from Trafford Asda, they had plenty in stock. Hope this is a good deal for you gamers.

The ultimate driving entertainment experience, complete with cutting-edge technology and online multiplayer.

This is no demo or spin-off, this is the game every car enthusiast has been waiting for as the legendary real driving simulator finally rolls off the production line. The result of four years work by a team of hundreds, this is the game the PlayStation 3 was made for.

It goes without saying that the new game looks astonishing - far better even than Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - but as ever the beauty of Gran Turismo is that it drives as realistically as it looks. With the 950 different cars modelled to a higher degree of accuracy than ever before this also features more manufacturers than any other game - including, for the first time ever, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

Other fan demands that have finally been met too, including fully realistic damage-modelling, a 16-player online mode, dynamic weather changes and night racing. Any more realistic than this and you'd be knocked out by the petrol fumes.

Key Features:

Real simulator - The definitive version of the most realistic driving game ever finally hits the PlayStation 3 with more cars, tracks and features than ever before.

Virtual showroom - Photorealistic graphics simulate hundreds of cars in exacting detail - from the smallest nuts and bolts to the unique handling of every model.

Stig friendly - New official licenses include Ferrari, WRC and NASCAR - as well as the test track from the BBC's Top Gear show.
Damage control - For the first time new damage modelling lets you see the damage your car - and your opponents' - endures throughout the race.

Gran Turismo Live - Race online with fans around the world in the brand new 16-player multiplayer mode.


One of the most disappointing game releases ever..
Good price though, i guess

truely amazing game.
one of the most enjoyable game releases ever. great races added monthly for those who have finished everything that game comes boxed with.

I'm a Gran Turismo Fan and vet of every one that was released (Except prologue). I have to say though there were some really curious choices in this one. The recycled tracks from the PS2 version (Trial Mountain looks particularly awful), and the low quality 'Standard cars', I have no idea what they were thinking.

That said it's the game I keep putting back in the PS3 everyday.

I also bought mine from Asda (before I got my PS3 as it happens) for this price, seems one of the best over the counter prices for a new one.

Voted hot for the price, but anyone considering this should look up the reviews on gamespot and gametrailers to get a good look at the visual problems people are talking about.
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I was a massive GT fan but 5 dissapointed me. More because of the stupid system of doing races and knowing that to complete the game you will have to race 24 hour races with no saving during them etc.

Also the game is too easy (as usual with GT) once you have a decent car you can slaughter the AI and theres little competition besides the challenges.

Still the game engine is pretty impressive jsut wish they hadn't wasted 5+ years releasing what is just an update of previous GT games with no change in the poor progression system. I get sick of doing the same race 5 times just to earn money for a car I need to take on the next race.

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-66, wow I'm suprised at that!

Looks like some people are voting if they actually like the game and not that its an excellent deal.

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