Gran Turismo Prologue ps3 game now £8.49 @ Argos save £9.50 rrp £17.99

Gran Turismo Prologue ps3 game now £8.49 @ Argos save £9.50 rrp £17.99

Found 15th Jun 2011
dont know if so has already posted this but i think its a really good offer
gran turismo prologue ps3 game was £17.99 now £8.49
good game
bought it 1 month ago and cost me £18 wish i waited now..
70 cars and 5 songs
can play with up to 17 gamers online

Online play till 30th June only.

- Bully


£2.99 at gamestation

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£2.99 at gamestation

seriously i should of waited then..

Even £2.99 is a lot of money for an extended demo of a game.

£2 odd on amazon as well.Servers are being turned off june 30th.

Must admit I wasn't a fan of this at all, but loved GT5.
Not even worth the £2.99 tbh, instead put that towards the full game! Lol

Yep, get the full game. Prologue was just to top up the development fund I think hehe

Whats point buying this now that the full GT5 is out? Also cheaper elsewhere.
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