Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £14.99 delivered (used) @ Boomerang on ebay

Gran Turismo: Sport (PS4) £14.99 delivered (used) @ Boomerang on ebay

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Found 11th AprEdited by:"deleted1023990"
Free 1st Class UK delivery.

Perfect case with a 'good condition' disc.

Contains "That's You!" - free download code is included inside the box.
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Really good find! Smart game in hdr 4k or vr just wish more modes in vr! Heat added!
I find this game good... But theres just something not right about it, I think its the lack of movement in outside the cars - I feel like Im just moving around the screen sometimes! They need some effects going on at the side, some fans maybe, a bird flying past, some trees moving! The city tracks are the worst, just a dead environment! When they try to do something like this its really bad too, a plane will fly over your head at the same part of the track every lap, like come on?! Is this the same plane just going in circles? Or a new plane? Because the laps aren't that long, I really find it hard to believe that the air traffic controllers are allowing planes to fly on the same route so close to each other! If they just added rain it could help? The rain in driveclub was amazing, and because it would sometimes start off sunny and then start raining you felt like something had changed and you weren't just doing the same thing over and over again! Still, its worth buying Ive put in enough hours to make it easy worth £15
OOS now, not surprised at this price, great game.
Definitely worth it at this price with all the new content, not quite the game project cars 2 is but I've been enjoying it somewhat, especially the one make online races, everyone in the exact same car duking it out.
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Definitely worth it at this price!! Plenty of content to get through... Heat added!
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