Grand Canyon 10cm deep camping mat £19.44 (from £90) £24.19 non prime from Amazon

Grand Canyon 10cm deep camping mat £19.44 (from £90) £24.19 non prime from Amazon

Found 12th Jan
I bought this mat a couple of years ago and it's very comfy due to its 10cm depth - used it for festivals and almost got some sleep on it!

I paid £54 for mine two years ago and went back to buy another and they are now £19.44. For £54 it was pretty decent vale - for less than £20 it's an absolute steal!

The Amazon description says it's a kid's mat - it definitely isn't. It's almost two metres long for a start,

Cheapest it has ever been (apart for the 6p difference a couple of days ago!)


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Great deal for a 10cm mat. At 3.7kg though it's not for through hiking.
As spoon says, good value for car camping or even impromptu sleepovers at home, but too heavy for backpacking. A good demonstration of the old backpacking maxim - low price, low weight, usability(/durability) - you can have 2 of those, but never all 3!
Still, can't go far wrong for £20. Hot.
Proper heat. These can be very expensive!!!
Doesn't ship to NI. ...
Has anyone found that this is too thick and becomes uncomfortable when arms/legs are dangling off it? I'm skinny but just thought about this.
Gone up now but still purchased at 22.18
£24.64 now
Bought 2,arrived today.. Great for the price, not sure how long they'll last before leaking
Thanks OP. Taking Scouts camping in a couple of week as this will help keep me warm and comfy! Bargain at under £20 (was price as in OP) for me just now.
Gone down again to £17.82 if anyone is still interested
It's now £85.46!
Lol bargain!
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