Grand Theft Auto IV PC Edition - £24.99 Preorder @  Game

Grand Theft Auto IV PC Edition - £24.99 Preorder @ Game

Found 18th Nov 2008
In 1997 Scottish games developer DMA Design released the first Grand Theft Auto on PC and PlayStation. A top-down, free-roaming crime-em up, GTA gained controversy and acclaim in equal amounts for its violent gangster gameplay, car-jacking focus and superbly risqu?oundtrack.

A decade later, the now renamed Rockstar Games is responsible for changing the face of gaming. PS2 Grand Theft Auto III gave gamers a fully 3D playground in which to explore, play, and affect utter mayhem, and each new GTA on PS2, Xbox and PSP has upped the size, scale, style and sheer attitude, cementing the series as one of the iconic gaming brands of its time.

Rockstar has now returned with the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Experience a new story, fresh missions and gaze upon Liberty City in high definition glory in whats all set to be the series' biggest and best release yet.


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"Pre-Order - despatched as soon as it becomes available from the manufacturer"

With Game you get the game on release day morning.
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