Grand Theft Auto IV @ Tesco £29.71

Grand Theft Auto IV @ Tesco £29.71

Found 20th Mar 2008
Just been flicking through the new Tesco Catalogue, and came across GTA IV in there for £29.71. Item code 203-0977. I dont know if this is a mis-print, as Tesco extra website is showing the game for £37.97. I apologise if this has been posted before, but i couldnt find it on here.
Page number is 983 I have tryed to take a picture but my camera on my phone is 2 blurry, can sorta make it out anyway.…jpg


There's probably a disclaimer somewhere to say prices may change though? They probably just thought that's the price it would be when the catalogues were printed.

Good spot, but unfortunately "prices can change since printing".

gotta be worth a try though! and if you get them to scan the catalogue in tescos u get a fiver off voucher :thumbsup:
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