Grange Hill : Complete BBC Series 1 & 2 (5 discs) Box Set or Series 3 & 4 (6 discs) Box Set [DVD] £9.99 @ Amazon & Play
Grange Hill : Complete BBC Series 1 & 2 (5 discs) Box Set or Series 3 & 4 (6 discs)  Box Set [DVD] £9.99 @ Amazon & Play

Grange Hill : Complete BBC Series 1 & 2 (5 discs) Box Set or Series 3 & 4 (6 discs) Box Set [DVD] £9.99 @ Amazon & Play

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Remember Tucker Jenkins? Benny Green? Trisha Yates?

To celebrate Grange Hill's 30th anniversary, the BBC releases the first four series of Grange Hill.

This DVD box set contains the trailblazing series 1 and 2 of this ever-popular BBC teen drama set in the fictional comprehensive of Grange Hill. With its wonderful mix of actors and actresses and entertaining coverage of teen issues, Grange Hill has become an institution. The show is one of the longest running on British television.

Originally broadcast between 1978 and 1981, the original four series revolve around Tucker Jenkins and his motley crew, his rivalry with Benny Green and run-ins with the staff and school bullies. During this time, the show's creator Phil Redmond was also its executive producer before moving on to set up Brookside in 1982. Colin Cant directed the first nine episodes in 1978 and produced series 3 and 4.


OMG I can't believe they have brought this out on DVD - that makes me feel like a school kid again. Worth it just to reminisce - loved this programme with Tucker etc. Heat from me!

heat and rep.

God...........I feel old..........................thanks..... I think........!!
Voted hot.

Just say NO!

The best kids series ever, (besides the one that had Hazel O Conner running a club!), A real trip down nostalgia lane. Great price and worth getting just to see the Eastenders future cast!

Wow 'old skool', school, gotta be worth a watch after all these years, but god it makes me feel old thinking that I used to watch this!

Watched this when i was a kid.Great stuff!

Original Poster

i know..........it was 'the' programme to watch - don't make them like these anymore !

'flippin Eck Benny'!!

superb ! :thumbsup:


Who could forget Roland or Zammo!

Zammo takes hard drugs in this episode of grange hill. Earlier, Roland … Zammo takes hard drugs in this episode of grange hill. Earlier, Roland lends money to zammo out of the arcade machines at the arcade where he works at. But Roland needs the money paid back to the arcade before fergie his boss gets back otherwise roly will get the sack.


"i'm Only Tryin' To Help You Ro-land" Lol



'flippin Eck Benny'!!

Leave it out Tucker!

What toupee :roll: Voted hot :thumbsup:

I was a little too young to understand these 2 series' but I remember my sister watching.
My favourite and series I understood were with zammo, roly, gonch, ziggy, imelda Davis, mauler mcall etc

Don't mean to be a damp squib, but his is probably best left in the memories

Pure epicness! I'm tempted to buy it but as 'spaceboy07' says it's probably best left as memories I fear I'd watch it now and it wouldn't stack up to the memories and ruin it for me...

These have been out sometime now, I got them when they first came out and watched them all again back to back, it was great watching them again and when 1 episode finish you just want to watch another one until there are none left.

Im after them putting some more out but it could well be that they won't.

Got this at home brilliant and well worth a watch

best kid show by a mile although I was not even born when the original series came out
this is a must buy thanks

There were numerous adverse comments about these DVDs at the time of the release. Not only have they been cut but they have been "filmised" to give very poor picture quality. This led to low sales and there were no further releases.

Whole lot were reran a few years back on BBC2 on a Sunday morning, I watched them religiously.


Great find lucerysmum! This deal has been featured in Bitterwallet's ]daily deals!

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