Granite chopping board £7.99 @ Argos

Granite chopping board £7.99 @ Argos


It's full price

got them for a fiver back in the summer

Rubbish chopping board, sold as a worktop saver but better as a speaker plinth.
Were £6.99 in Aldi recently and are £4.99 in B&M.
Not voting.

Great for blunting knives on first contact

Why would you do this to your knives? It'll be as bad as a glass board. Go for wood or plastic and sharpen your knives regularly.

Definitely not good for your knives, so I have no idea why these are marketed as 'chopping boards', but makes a wonderful surface for rolling pastry :-)

It's also really good for attaching gadgets such as mincers that use suction and need a very flat, smooth surface.

Wouldn't be without my granite board


Granite chopping board 7.99 at argos

and this one in granite setts
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