Grape Nuts (580g) £1 @ Poundworld

Grape Nuts (580g) £1 @ Poundworld

Found 23rd Jun 2015
Went into Poundworld today and they are now selling Grape Nuts (580g) for £1. The best before is October 2015 ..

Tesco £2.99
Sainsburys £2.99
Asda £2.98
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Never heard of these before Despite the name, the cereal contains neither grapes nor nuts; it is made with wheat and barley. Post believed that glucose (which he called "grape sugar") formed in the baking process. Might just try a few boxes thank you xx
I seem to remember them being as hard as bullets to chew.
grape nuts are awesome! just let them soak in milk for a few minutes so that they are crunchy but not rock hard. these is a great find, thanks op!
I thought these sounded great too. until I tasted them!
they look nice, they sound nice, they taste bad.
These remind me of my childhood! My dad always used to have these sprinkled (coated!) with sugar. Yum
I used to have them as a kid too. They are great and have been looking for then for ages. Saw then first time in my local Asda store so bought 2 packs. Yes they are great as I remembered.
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