Grass Trimmer £6.50 @ Tescoo in store (Leicester)

Grass Trimmer £6.50 @ Tescoo in store (Leicester)

Found 28th Jul 2014
just got a strimmer decent size reduced to 6.50 instore.
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Do you have image / product information / which store this was from?
i have a photo now new to this how to upload it? it was from leicester but think it should be everywhere as they are clearing out garden stuff so lots on sale.
Was it this one? Oos online though…602
hi it was this one i cannot believe it was only 3.25 online oO even tho sold out there 6.50 instore here's me thinking i got a good deal lmao.…ass still loads instore .
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Thanks, image added and OP updated
thanks hb22 X) i will get the hang of this lol.
BLeys, Hamilton, Wigston??
hamilton jough,,X)
It wasn't £3.25 online it was £6.50 and hasn't been in stock since
ive just used the link,it says 3.25 but oos,,,just glad i got one needed one and 6.50 is still a gd price
Yeah it's £3.25 online however it's been OOS since it was £6.50 so don't know why they even reduced it. I bought one for £13 in store and just went and bought it again for £6.50 and returned it to get my £13 so heat from me as saved me £6.50
A few in store at stairfoot Barnsley
Some In Eggy (locals will know what that means) tesco the other day.
Some in Ballymena store NI.
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