Grassington's frozen veggie food £1 a pack at Sainsbury's

Grassington's frozen veggie food £1 a pack at Sainsbury's

Found 17th Apr 2008
Grassington's seem to have relaunched their frozen food range. New packaging and new recipes. If you haven't had these before, they're really tasty vegetarian frozen food. So if you're veggie, got a veggie in the family, got one coming to visit, or just fancy a change, it's worth stocking up on these.

My Sainsburys had:

Sweetcorn and Sweet Potato Waffles.
Vegetable Quarter Pounders.
Cauliflower Cheese Grills.
Multigrain Vegetable Bakes.
Vegetable Sausages.
Vegetable Burgers.


They sell some of those at farmfoods and they are even cheaper there. Didn't know they were popular but bought some hash browns and sis in law likes the mini waffles.

The waffles are very nice. Good way of sneaking some veg into kids actually who are fussy.

Yes, I back up the claim that the waffles are lovely! They are! :-D

hot hot hot

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Had the Multigrain Vegetable Bakes last night, very nice. Kind of spicy, and full of pulses.

the cauli grills are lovely and my quite fussy 8 yr old wolfed them down, also the cheese and onion sausages are delicious:-D


named after a nice village round the corner from my parents, too (malham)!

And me born just round the corner in Skipton

Only a real vegetarian would understand the true beauty of a Grassingtons Cauliflower Cheese Grill. They're NOT like those lumps of mush that you can buy in Aldi - they're not proper Grassingtons! Grassingtons Cauliflower Cheese Grills, chips and beans is the mainstay of student cooking! Without Grassingtons, our bones would perish, and our hair would fall-out! Grassingtons SAVE us! Blessed be the name, of Grassingtons!
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