Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) £20 Delivered @ Tesco

Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) £20 Delivered @ Tesco



Any good?
This ^
First one was bloody fantastic. Bought it on Vita and ended up being one of the best titles on the handheld. Got it again on PS4 for the re-release. I'm sure the second game expands on what made the first game so fun
Good price, but online features will be time-limited; they’re being turned off from 19th January 2018. (Source: PSN listing)
There really is no excuse now...


Because it's Gravity Rush. Because it's a great game. And because it's one more reason for why I'll never have to invest in that half-baked under-powered rip-off called the Switch.
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Great game, for me it wasy goty just because its quite unique and interesting gameplay. I much prefer it to the first one and it has a more developed story and just when you think the game is going to finish, they throw in a twist and you're off chasing some other objective. Some very interesting levels towards the end.
Added to basket. Went to checkout. Checkout wouldn't load. Refreshed page. Spent the next half an hour waiting while their Black Friday queue page refreshed itself every 30 seconds. Given up now...

Good price for those who can get it.

Best price for new? i think so. Might have to pick it up 2nd hand though because even at £20 its still a little rich for el cheapo.
Well that sucks. Got stuck on a loop of refreshing nonsense and finally ... it’s OOS.
Back in stock Amigo
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