Gray Matter - £4.99 (PC) £11.99 (Xbox 360) Delivered @ Game

Gray Matter - £4.99 (PC) £11.99 (Xbox 360) Delivered @ Game

Found 26th May 2011
Looks like Game have been updating their latest offers and this is another good pick. Cheaper than other places by over £10 from the looks of things, for both formats.


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Noticed they slashed the Xbox 360 version way down in price too. Clicky

hot, been £15-£20 for this everywhere else

great deal, i forgot this existed, i remember seeing it advertised on release and wanted it.
No brainer now at £4.99!

ordered thanks, heat!!

Been after this - great price!

xbox is OOS

Missed it again ! Why all the games I want become deals while I am at work ?
please restock the 360 again!
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****,, missed it again ... anyone know if its this price instore ?? guess when its back in stock the price will be up again .

Back in stock for those still wanting this. Just ordered a copy. Still comes with the 1000 points bonus!
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