Graze Nuts half price @ Tesco £1.49

Graze Nuts half price @ Tesco £1.49

£1.49£2.99 50% Tesco Deals
Found 26th Nov
Various different flavours of graze nuts at half price.

Decent price considering how much the little grazing pots go for.


Half price vs 26% off.... cold

Not sure where Tesco got their top line price from, but this is a good price for these - they're lovely. A much better snack than sugary things, so thank you for the heads up.

Expensive when compared to Lidl's mixed nuts 200g pack for £1.59.

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Expensive when compared to Lidl's mixed nuts 200g pack for £1.59.

Its a different kettle of fish! Try these. Different kind of flavourings. Not knocking lidl they're great for their price point but these are different in comparison. Love the bbq flavoured ones

I initially thought this was a deal for a Raleigh Chopper when I spotted the Graze nuts title!

Better off with plain mixed nuts, these are full of yeast, why, I have no idea.

These are delish... And I normally buy the lidl nuts - but these are a refreshing change. Tesco also had some mixed Planters nuts with mini honeycomb bits in them for a similar price (randomly in the bakery section!) Heat added
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