Great Beauty Bargains at 99p store inc L'oreal eversleek shampoo (£5.99 @ Boots) and 360 cleansers - 99p

Great Beauty Bargains at 99p store inc L'oreal eversleek shampoo (£5.99 @ Boots) and 360 cleansers - 99p

Found 1st Feb 2014Made hot 2nd Feb 2014
L'oreal eversleek shampoo currently £5.99 on boots, the sulphate free premium shampoo.
L'oreal 360 cleansers with scrublett (rubbery handheld thingy to help clean), 3 varieties, cucumber, sensitive and a cleansing scrub.
L'Oreal revitalist UV block, SPF35.
Herbal Essences Intentive conditioner pots.
Sen showergel's and spritz's.
L'oreal Intensive conditioner pots


Wow; brilliant! I suppose there's a "new, improved" version on the way. I'll definitely be looking out for these - thank you!

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It's got some Japanese on the back with a sticker over it. English French on the front. Made in USA, maybe excess stock. The front looks exactly like the UK, 250ml. I've seen it around but really like Dove pro-age shampoo the burgundy one and I don't want to get into a habit of paying £6 a bottle, but at 99p I bought a few.

The red herbal essensces pots are worth getting too, they're good but not too heavy as long as you don't add to roots. Will cost you £3-4 in Tesco etc.

Worth also grabbing the revitalift, only tried on hand but went on very well and absorbed very quickly. It goes over your moisturiser in the thin layer, provides SPF35 and acts as a makeup base. quite heavily scented though.

Great prices for items that are much more elsewhere!!

Amazing deal - top spot!!!! heat added

Great post! Saves me loads of money

Heat added!

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Surprised this went that hot. It's been a bit barren for a while the beauty section of 99p stores so was surprised yesterday, managed to spend over £30 in the store but will have saved much much more.

Tried the sensitive 360 cleanser last night - it's not super milky soft moisturising (I use garnier's pale blue bottle milk cleanser with a microfibre cloth and water, it's fantastic, leaves skin clean and soft without leaving a film or over moisturising, highly recommend and there's always 2 for £4 offers on somewhere) . So if you have really dry skin forget it, it does have alcohol in it and did make my skin feel a little tight but normal and even oily skin should be fine. Scrublett thing is a winner, especially if you've got makeup on, helps dislodge it but it's very gentle. Worth getting just for one of those.

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Eversleek shampoo is a winner, you do need to rinse thoroughly but I think it's better than the dove pro age red bottle I was using and I thought that was very good. Off to go and get some more of these.

none in derby store and I love this

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It sold out very quickly, I went back two days later and all the shampoo had gone. some cleansers and conditioners left though.
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