Great for Xmas and New Year - Drinking Games From Around The World - £14.95 (+p&p)
Great for Xmas and New Year - Drinking Games From Around The World - £14.95 (+p&p)

Great for Xmas and New Year - Drinking Games From Around The World - £14.95 (+p&p)

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A collection of 31 of the most popular drinking games from around the world!

This is all about the international art' of getting pissed!

When you are ready to select a game, grab your bottle (or bottles) of booze spin the arrow on the multi-coloured spinner and choose a country corresponding to the continent indicated on the spinner!There'll be several games to choose from.

There are a huge variety of games included, including: Hockey Popular in Canada, El Se?Del Tres Popular in Spain; Freckles Popular in Lithuania; Matches Popular in Germany, Secret Slip Popular in Scotland; Up the River, Down the River Popular in the USA; and many more!

Examples of the Drinking Games included:

Six Shooters Popular in New Zealand

Game Pieces:

6 Shot Glasses (or small cups)
A die
A Pitcher of your favourite beverage
How to Play:

Place a pitcher of your favourite beverage into the center of the table.Arrange the six shot glasses around the base of the pitcher and assign each a number from 1-6.

Players take turns rolling the die.After a roll, if the shot glass corresponding to the number rolled is full, the player drinks the contents and returns the shooter empty.If it is empty, the player fills it up.End the game when the pitcher is empty.

The Dreidel Game Popular in Israel

Game Pieces:

A Dreidel
A Cup
How to Play:

Place the cup in the center of the table. Each player should have a full beverage. Players take turns spinning the dreidel and carrying out the following actions:

SHIN = Pour some of your drink into the center cup.
HAY = Half.Drink half of what's in the cup.
GIMEL = drink all but one sip of what's in the cup.
NUN = Do nothing.

31 x game rule cards
2 x dice
1 x deck of poker cards
1 x spinner
1 x plastic game chip
1 x dreidel


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