Great HP laptop 4GB RAM only £399.99 @ ebuyer
Great HP laptop 4GB RAM only £399.99 @ ebuyer

Great HP laptop 4GB RAM only £399.99 @ ebuyer

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Bought a couple of these last week and the spec is great for the price


Alos ordered at 9:30pm and they arrived 7:30am next morning


but half the memory

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OK you are getting a Intel chip set but still only 2GB RAM and the 2GB you have is only running at 667MHz insted of 800Mhz and the max in the Lenovo is 3GB anyway. The build quality also from Lenovo is not as good as it was when IBM built them. The HP build is great and performance for this price excellent.


two of these will still leave you lots of change

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Yeah but max the mobo supports is 3GB anyway and not sure if the mobo would even support 800Mhz

you will never make full use 4gb ram with vista anyway
the hp chipset will never make use of the full 800Mhz either- they are just cheapest form of ram at the mo

i bought this laptop aswell and its perfect, it does everything including playing games such as pro evolution soccer 08 with no problems at all.

I think the price of this laptop is very cheap the specs are brilliant and you wont find anything like it around the web for this price.

I did a little research on the graphics card and it deffo plays hd and i think it also allows blue ray

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Well I'm running several virtual PC's at the moment and perfmon is indicating physical RAM utilisation at 3.75GB so I am getting the use, also even if the mobo doesn't get the full use it's still faster than 667Mhz. I'm very happy anyway

unless ur running 64bit vista or linux, >3gb is not poss... 3.75gb prob includes virtual mem
i dont doubt the hp is a great machine. just the lenovo is better deal at the price imo.
buyers can compare...


unless ur running 64bit vista or linux, 3gb is not poss... 3.75gb prob … unless ur running 64bit vista or linux, >3gb is not poss... 3.75gb prob includes virtual mem

Do some homework before repeatedly propagating misinformation :-(

i bought this laptop from ebuyer last week for £10 less. its a good laptop although a bit slow (probably all the rubbish you get with it) as for the lenovo i would definitley give it a miss. i have a friend who works with computer components and says hp are great laptops.

Got 2 of these HP laptops, fantastic PC's for the money..... far better than anything around that price IMHO

Great price for that spec. Hot hot hot...

Got the ]XP Pro version of this model a few weeks ago, superior OS, and £10 cheaper. (and as others have pointed out, the extra 1GB is almost pointless)
It's an excellent machine.

Regarding the comparisons to the cheaper ]Lenovo, it's a tough one to call.
The CPUs are approximately comparable with perhaps the Intel being a little better.
However the Intel 4500 gpu in the Lenovo is a long way behind the Radeon 3200.
Guess it depends what you are going to be using your laptop for.

This was posted before Xmas, when it was £10 cheaper.
Reason I remember... I went and bought one!
Great machine (if a bit heavy), also usual great Ebuyer service - delivered by 10am on Xmas Eve.


wow this deal is doing well...

Now £420
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