Great news. Virgin media most package prices held . Line rental only £11.99
Great news. Virgin media most package prices held  . Line rental only £11.99

Great news. Virgin media most package prices held . Line rental only £11.99

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Just got an email from Virgin ( the old NTL world company ) confirming that most prices held with only 99p increase in line rental from April 1st.

"Were writing to let you know that some of our prices are increasing on 1st April. But the good news is, most will be staying exactly as they are. The top of this letter sets out your package details so, when you have a moment, why not take a look and see how the changes may affect you. If any of the products you take arent mentioned below, dont worry, it means those prices are staying as they are."

Probably the best and most competitive provider of Phone, TV and internet services in the uk, as was their predecessor NTL World. Great service with great price. Fastest broadband generally available.


You actually got a letter saying your bill is going up. How is this is an offer or good news?

By the way I,m your wallet inspector.Please mail the contents for checking to....

So presumably £11.00 to £11.99 = ie "only" 9%

Fortunately other inflation isn't yet at "only" 9%


Good deal if you want your packets scanned so you can recieve targetted advertisements ]HERE
Or if you dont mind being capped at 2mb for a big chunk of the day when paying for a package 4x faster.


Not sure how a price increase can be a deal, I'm dumping the Virgin phone as soon as i'm out of the 12 month contract.

I can't imagine a worse company to deal with - good luck.
One thing to note though is V's current call charges of 6.5p a minute (i'm not sure if that includes the VAT, therefore 7.6p) and on some packages like talk weekends there is a 10p connection charge whether you chat to somebody or not.
Do you really need a landline?
Go and get an Asda sim and you you will get what equates to 150mins of talk time 24/7 to mobiles and land-lines for the same price as just the line rental on this deal.
And you will never have to deal with outrageous billing systems - of the most hated telecoms provider around.

Virgin Media are getting worse. They should be putting prices down. Now that would be a good deal.
Used to get TvChoice on demand then they took it away from basic tv. That`s as bad as a price increase.

Hope this "deal" gets really cold.

You think it's a hot deal that a deceiving and lying company is raising your prices ??.....

If this is their customer service...then god help you.

Makes you wonder if the OP works for Virgin?

But hey thanks to the government no competition in the cable marketplace or the satellite marketplace come to that. Give the supermarkets cable and satellite and we may see some value!

How would you organise competition in cable TV?
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